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The NON central CONF will convert Leon (Spain) during the 23-24 June weekend in a meeting place of great international specialists within a playful environment promoting connections between different international communities.

The name of the event is not coincidental, it is central NON, because León is not a usual place for holding this type of event, and it is NON CONF because the event arises from the invitation to meet our León Blockchain HUB to 200 the most renowned national and international specialists, whom they have met in two years of travel through different countries and events, and once gathered, taking advantage of the enormous knowledge about this technology treasured by the guests, this knowledge is shared through the celebration of different talks and panels of specialists. There are many facts that make this event a NON CONF, to put a small example, all information about income and expenses of the event is publicly accessible and updated in real time through the web www.noncentralconf.com, or the fact of that none of the speakers pay or pay to be present at the conference.

The date of celebration is not coincidental either, since it coincides with the night of San Juan, in which a renewal ritual is traditionally implied, in this sense the organization is working in building a very special symbolism in the so-called Campfire and Night of SanJuanToshi Nakamoto.

The event is not for profit and wants to be inclusive allowing all interested parties to attend with reduced and reasonable prices to cover the costs of the event. During the past weeks the budgets and financing were closed and the prices of the tickets were published, the cheapest, which includes access to conferences and coffee breaks, 42 € the rest of tickets will have that price, plus the cost of the meals, and drinks that includes each of the options. At the opening of the ticket sales and for a time to be determined, only cryptocurrencies will be accepted for the purchase of tickets. At the moment it is only possible to make the payment with cryptocurrencies, but from the association they offer support if this represents any type of problem.

Among the multitude of speakers that make up the program of the event, there are real personalities within the international ecosystem that are not even mentioned because it would be impossible to make reference to everyone, and everyone does an exceptional job, the list of speakers, or speakfriends, can be consulted at www.noncentralconf.com, and those who are somewhat familiar with this new technology will immediately recognize people and projects of great importance in the international blockchain community, which will be present in León.

On the other hand, and in compliance with the foundational aims of the association, in parallel to the talks given on the main stage with popular prices in the so-called “NON TICKETS”, there will be an open and free program aimed at all the curious who want to learn more about this fascinating technology.

On Saturday 23 from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., and within the program of San Juan festivities, a day of introduction to Blockchain will be given in which they will learn from the philosophical and economic bases up to some of the programming principles on which Blockchain is based.

For those who have already learned on their own, and have an interest in the talks on the main stage, the organization has put up for sale the tickets with which the event will be collectively paid together with the contributions of the different sponsors and donors who have wanted support the celebration of this event in León, the various sponsors and their contributions are public as well as the entire budget and accessible through www.noncentralconf.com

Entre la multitud de oradores que componen el programa del evento, hay personalidades reales dentro del ecosistema internacional que ni siquiera se mencionan porque sería imposible hacer referencia a todos, y todos hacen un trabajo excepcional, la lista de oradores, o speakfriends, pueden ser consultados en www.noncentralconf.com, y aquellos que estén familiarizados con esta nueva tecnología reconocerán inmediatamente personas y proyectos de gran importancia en la comunidad internacional de blockchain, que estará presente en León.

The NON central CONF is the second edition of the conference cycle started in Santander last January with the I Northern Spain Blockchain Conference. The collective InNorthVation, has its origin in the “meetups” of Santander, Bilbao, Asturias, Valladolid and León that decided to organize this meetings, as a showcase for projects and initiatives born outside the areas where entrepreneurship and innovation are usually concentrated, and to be able to create meeting and collaboration points between professionals from geographically close areas, with a view to the creation of innovation ecosystems for decentralization, which may be more similar to those existing in areas of greater economic concentration, and suppose an engine of development for cities in which it seems that the starting line for innovation and entrepreneurship is painted a bit more far.

In the case of León, the organization takes advantage of the enormous touristic and gastronomic potential of the province, cradle of first parliamentary courts and the holy grail, and 2018 Spanish gastronomic capital  to offer the community an unforgettable weekend in which sharing knowledge, meet with old friends and make new friends, and enjoy the charms of a city that it has been working for two years to become a knowledge and innovation hub for decentralization.

More information and reservations in www.noncentralconf.com

Jose Felip

Jose Felip

The difficult thing is not to learn, the difficult thing is to know how to teach. Editor and coordinator of the free book "La era de las BLOCK punto COM" CEO of bitcoiner.today