Juan Verde, ex-advisor to Barack Obama joins Climatecoin

Juan Verde is a renowned businessman and international advisor to governments and companies. Former adviser to Barack Obama, he now joins Climatecoin as a strategic advisor.

In 2009, he was appointed by Barack Obama Deputy Assistant Secretary for Europe and Eurasia of the US Department of Commerce. UU., Where he worked until 2012. During his tenure, he focused the department’s efforts on solving trade policies and problems of access to markets by US companies, with the aim of growing their commercial operations in Europe and Eurasia.


He was responsible for developing political programs regarding the economic and commercial relations of EE. UU with 52 countries in Europe and Eurasia. He participated as a speaker at the International Conference on Clean Energy in 2010. Juan is one of the biggest players in the fight against climate change through the constant promotion of sustainability, renewable energy, agribusiness and biomedicine; in association with former vice president Al Gore, he founded The Climate Project Spain and is the current president of the Biosphere Foundation.

From the Climatecoin Foundation there are innumerable reasons why we consider it an honor to have Juan Verde as an advisor.

“We welcome Juan Verde to our group of advisors, and we are proud that Juan shares our vision of creating facilities and tools to democratize the global effort to protect the environment, and create a better world for future generations, at the same time We offer attractive investment opportunities, with their wealth of knowledge, experience and contacts, we are confident that Juan will have an immediate and lasting impact on our Community”, James Haft, President

“Climatecoin and its team are implementing a revolutionary solution for carbon markets and against the threat of climate change, I see a great opportunity and a great future for this cryptocurrency and its decentralized carbon portal, its approach to mitigation through its tokens should make it a very recognized currency around the world”, Juan Verde

Jose Felip

Jose Felip

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