John Mcafee advises ICO Transcodium, the decentralized coding platform

Transcodium, the decentralized coding platform, announces that the CEO and founder of McAfee Antivirus, John McAfee, will advise the Project in turn, praising its characteristics.

Transcodium is the first decentralized transcoding platform of its kind. The pre-ICO sale began on January 7, 2018, achieving 100% of the sale. Described as the solution for transcoding, the project has been receiving praise from different sectors, and the latest award comes from the founder and CEO of popular antivirus, McAfee Antivirus, in the person of John McAfee.

John McAfee is a popular and respected name in the IT industry, with its McAfee antivirus ranked among the top ten antivirus software applications in the world. John McAfee will not only advise the Transcodium project but will also add his experience on how to guarantee its effectiveness and how the project’s objectives will be achieved. He described Transcodium as the solution to the high cost of creating transmission networks.

In the words of John McAfee and how he tweeted on his official Twitter account:

“My personal investment of the week: the giants of have the world of video transmission without space for small players Transcodium, a solution at the cost of creating transmission networks, is the first ICO opportunity that investors participate in this field.”

As we analyzed in a previous article, the goal of Transcodium is to be a unique platform designed for the transcoding, editing, and distribution of decentralized media and blockchain based on equal to equal with high quality and reliable computing power at a very affordable price. This will eventually create a global market for users who are willing to rent their inactive machines to be used as workers. Workers will also be rewarded with tokens at the end of the process.

Transcodium is a registered and verified company that has received EV SSL. The company is also proven and reliable, as it already has an existing product on transcoding and media distribution. The transcoding industry is an existing market and is described as one of the fastest growing fields. Therefore, it is not surprising that giant companies like Google and Amazon are taking advantage of this field.

With John McAfee now lending its support to the Transcodium project, Transcodium aims to become one of the main players in the global video transcoding market that is expected to grow from USD 3.25 billion in 2017 to USD 7.50 billion by 2022.

More information about Transcodium and the token sale can be found on Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Bitcointalk, Github, and YouTube as well as on the whitepaper of the token.

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