Iranian computer firm accepts payments with Bitcoins

In an interview with, Yasser Ahmadi, a Lioncomputer representative – a computer hardware company that has been operating in Iran since 2004 – said the firm is highly committed to the Bitcoin mining community in the country, saying that for four years they have been supporting the miners through forums and the availability of mining hardware … According to Ahmadi, since 2013 Lioncomputer has been the largest online website for hardware purchases in Iran.

According to Mr. Ahmadi, import sanctions have made it difficult for miners to remain at the forefront of their trade. Lioncomputer spokesman said that right now “there is very little use of the ASIC miners in Iran” since most users are using GPU’s to extract cryptocurrencies. According to Mr Ahmadi, Lioncomputer supplies about 90% of the hardware used in the Iranian mining market, and the lack of goods available for purchase with Bitcoins is the main source of inspiration for the company to accept payments with this asset … on this point, Yasser stated the following to

“The miners were looking for a way to spend their Bitcoins and there was nowhere to spend them in Iran. Therefore, Lioncomputer decided to accept payments with BTC. “

It should be noted that the conference room of the National Library of Iran will host the BTCday celebration, an event designed by Lioncomputer to promote the blockchain and will be supported by and, both Iranian exchanges. Yasser Ahmadi said that the event aims to make Blockchain more accessible through opportunities that allow the Iranian population to explore the most characteristic nuances of technology and that the reception of the event has surpassed all expectations as entries have been exhausted within 72 hours and the organizers are still receiving requests from companies and users who wish to attend. At the moment it is known that there will be 700 participants, 500 in the conference room and 200 online.

Considering that economic sanctions are limiting the financial opportunities for Iranian companies and citizens, it is logical that the decentralized nature of Bitcoin should not stop attracting more users. A good example of the applications of the network in Iran is the one projected by the company Brave New World Investments (BNWI), a firm that, at the beginning of the year, despite not having bank accounts – used Bitcoin as a means of payment to avoid the sanctions imposed on the country – was successfully incorporated into Sweden. This is known because of Madeleine Idvardsson, from the Swedish Companies Registry Office, told the media:

“We examined whether it was possible to use Bitcoin as a non-monetary property and we discovered that it was.”

In June this year, the National Cyberspace Center of Iran (NCC) announced the drafting of a regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies, arguing that the guidelines contained therein could be approved in the next four months. The media The Financial Tribune stated that in recent years “the increasing use of digital coins has led officials around the world to implement regulatory parameters” and that the increase in the Iranian community of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies has been the catalyst for the drafting of the regulatory proposal at hand.