ICOs: youtweak.it, how to convey your idea to the giant brand through the blockchain

Companies that create products are always interested in selling their goods to the consumers. But in order to increase the chances of buying their product, firms are trying to better understand their buyer, “take” consumer information from him and anticipate his desires. Nevertheless, the receipt of such commercially important information about its customer does not guarantee the success of the company – the bet that the product “will take off” is often not justified, and the cost of an unsuccessful product leads the business to leave the market.

The creators of YouTweak.iT thought about how to combine two interests on one site – on the one hand, to reduce companies’ costs of finding quality ideas and reduce the risk of wrong choice, and on the other hand, to enable consumers to directly convey their business ideas to clumsy bureaucratic brands.

The YouTweak.iT team proposes to create a special database in which all the production ideas of the participants (tweakers) would be preserved. The database is provided with blockchain technology, so the authorship of ideas is carefully guarded – no participant cannot assign someone else’s concept. To identify the tweaker, the project uses a YTI token, which is issued in the form of a smart contract.

The work of the site looks like this: Tweakers transmit their production ideas to selected companies for a fee that they set themselves. The company can pay for the idea, or, interested in it in more details, employ the author-tweaker in a startup within the company. The YouTweak.iT project receives a commission of 1% of the reward of the tweaker – a constant circulation of ideas and the growth of the internal token.

Developers of YouTweak.iT expect that the project will be interested in active, not indifferent people from 18 to 40 who participate in social projects and just create, but do not find an outlet for their creative energy. Large brands will be able to increase customer loyalty, as consumers can directly influence the production of products and services.

Now the YouTweak.iT team is raising funds for the project in the course of pre-ICO and ICO. In total, during the fund raising, the team plans to issue 6 million YTI tokens – of which up to 50% can be bought during pre-ICO at a price of $ 10 per token, with a discount of up to 50% on preliminary registration on the project website, the remaining 50% are available during the ICO at a nominal price.

More info: http://youtweak.it/

BitcoinTalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2128778.msg21264748#msg21264748

Medium: https://medium.com/@youtweak.it/youtweak-it-pre-ico-upcoming-af2a61960569

Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/DAhwjgx1bZM3rhvRs3Bxpg


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