ICO’s: TACHAIN, Join the future of travel and advertising

Tachain mobile application will be a marvel in the tech world. The application is set to disrupt the ecosystem, is the first of its kind, a definite leap into the future and a show of dedication from the company as an advertising platform of choice as well as a revolutionary in the tech industry.

Powered by the blockchain technology, the mobile application will be engineered and carefully crafted to not only offer comprehensive viewer targeted advertising but to also to offer effective transportation app capabilities while maintaining high levels of security and transparency to its intended users. However, this only scratches the surface on how effective the application will be.

The application is intended to address the lack of synergy between the advertising and transportation industry. This has been the case despite all the technological leaps that can be seen in both these industries. Tachain will foster an effective marrying between these two industries, as such, ensuring that all the possible benefits from these industries are tapped. Additionally, the application design and functionalities will ensure that Tachain is appealing to its entire target market.

Tokenization of the ecosystem is one of the application’s strongest merit. This move is intended to empower the users of the application, giving them value for the time they spend on the platform.  Tachain users will, therefore, get to earn cryptocurrencies from viewing targeted ads on the app. Additionally, companies looking to advertise on the platform will be attracted by this feature as it is necessary for them to have TCHN tokens to be able to conduct an ad campaign on the platform.

The design of the Tachain mobile application will ensure that its users’ opportunities are widened. This bold step towards making the application more resourceful will be achieved by marrying platforms such as the Transportal, TMARQ and the AdNet, which when brought together will make the application a very unique and powerful instrument.


Tachain brings together the feature of planning time and logistics in one app. Users of the application are able to handle interactions with a range of transportation entities within the ecosystem i.e. taxis, public transport, airlines, and much more. In addition to being the first app of this kind, Tachain will also make it possible to handle payments for all these services using TCHN tokens.


A token market is to be incorporated into the application once the transportal feature has been successfully implemented. This means that all the users of the application will be able to trade their TCHN tokens as well as other cryptocurrencies.


The AdNet is powered by the latest cutting-edge targeting technologies, AI targeting, which ensures that only the ads that are most relevant to a specific user are displayed to them. This will be incorporated in the platform for a more effective ad targeting mechanism.  All the interactions in the AdNet platform will be made using TCHN tokens – advertising will need tokens to pay application users TCHN for watching targeted ads. Such a mechanism will make TCHN a demanded token by many players of Tachain ecosystem.

For more information, visit https://tachain.io/

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