ICOs: sexService, a friendly dating service based on a blockchain

Do you believe in sex?

At the moment Blockchain technology is making a vast revolution that goes far beyond our understanding and expectations. And all this was made possible by a great reflection that led to a new type of technology that took its place in our information society in recent years. It is a natural evolution of the human consciousness that makes these things real for time and time again. Cause: Life does not tolerate any lasting stagnation.

We firmly believe that one of these stagnations has the outdated and completely obsolete focus of such important and necessary aspects of everyone’s life as a prelude to coupling. You can call it “appointments,” if you wish. Or a “sex” experience. Most importantly, many of us face a whole new set of obstacles (and even synthetics) through this process “no longer so smooth and easy”. The fact that many people are having this harsh experience on a daily basis inevitably leads to increased stress, anxiety and anger in our communities.

So we believe there must be a reasonable and acceptable solution to make things better and more civil. And that’s why we also believe that now is the right time for the fresh new approach to a sex dating services to make life easier for people and therefore more effective and pleasurable.

It is a matter of working hard to make the World a better place, with a new type of fresh and intelligent experiences, even in such a delicate thing as judicial services and general communications related to sex. All this was made possible by an innovative technology that took its place in recent years in our information society.

From sexService.io they pretend to make the dating service very easy, presenting their ICO for the expansion of services and improvements.

The Pre-ICO offer will end on September 10.

The ICO will begin September 12 at 11:59 PM GMT and, according to the Token distribution plan, will last 40 days, ending 22 October, at 11:59 PM GMT.

The price for that period will be $ 1.7 per SSIO token … then – later two ICOs will run at $ 5.3, and $ 10 respectively, check the Roadmap. The purchase process will be completely transparent, secure and automatic. Payments are available on BTC, ETH, but we are also working on accepting some other popular currencies. Cross rates (such as BTC-USD) are based on Coinmarketcap and Bitfinex (the best rates for the user will be chosen).

27,000,000 SSIO tokens will be distributed, with a maximum of 150,000,000



The wallet, App-Explorer and the Live node infrastructure are now ready. Appointment application is in progress.

Anonymity: No e-mails or other identifiers are required. Nobody has access to your private data, not even the developers.

Safe and secure: Two-step digital transactions drastically reduce the risk of fraud and violence against users.

Decentralization, Reputation System Tested by block chains and feedback.

Rapid Growth Community: Most SSIO tokens will be distributed to the public and taxpayers.

Ease of use: Everyone will find a perfect match. Searching for a partner has never been so direct and easy. The service is simple to use and absolutely requires no installation.

Women: Review the Women’s Rewards and Bonus Program

SexService ICO’s Page: https://sexservice.io/ico/

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