ICO’s: SAPIEN, social news platform Web 3.0 on the blockchain

Sapien is a Web 3.0 social news platform that uses the blockchain to return power to users.

Sapien is launching the ERC-20 compliant SPN utility token that will be used to share ad revenue and reward content creators. SPN will form the backbone of Sapien’s tokenized, reputation-based economy that rewards users with tokens using an innovative Proof-of-Value protocol.

The Sapien crowdsale will begin March 28, 2018 with a rate of 1 ETH to 6000 SPN.

During the token sale, 225,000,000 SPN tokens will be sold. 70%+ tokens have already been sold in the pre-sale. Less than 10,000 ETH worth of SPN will be sold in the crowdsale on March 20th.

SPN is a utility token that can be used to access the reputation-based Sapien platform and decentralized marketplace allowing users to buy virtual and physical goods, advertisements, premium content and services. SPN tokens need to be staked on the platform to receive rewards for quality contributions and to increase the portion of ad revenue a user can earn.


The Proof-of-Value protocol is Sapien’s method for identifying and rewarding quality content while diminishing the influence of trolls and reducing the spread of fake news. Sapien’s reputation system provides the backbone for the Proof-of-Value protocol. User’s reputations change as their contributions are evaluated by the community. Reputation is specific to communities within Sapien, allowing users to accumulate a score that reflects their domain specific expertise. Content posted by users, utilizing Sapien’s stance detection algorithm, is weighed by their reputation when evaluating for fake news. Sapien will also enable storage and verification of user identities on the blockchain, greatly reducing the ability of malicious agents to spread misinformation.

Create a Democratized Autonomous Platform

Sapien will give users a voice via our proposal system in organizational decisions, feature developments, and marketplace rewards and will have a significant influence in determining the direction the project will head. Our platform will enable communities to reach consensus and reward users for contributions that align with community values.

Returning Control to the User

Sapien gives the user complete control over their experience. They will be able to completely disable advertisements on Sapien or to enable advertisements thus receiving a portion of generated ad revenue. The Sapien platform is feature-rich and gives users total control and customizability over their social experience.

White List

You can join the white list for the Sapien crowdsale by joining our Telegram group at http://t.me/SapienNetwork.

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Jose Felip

The difficult thing is not to learn, the difficult thing is to know how to teach.
Editor and coordinator of the free book “La era de las BLOCK punto COM”
CEO of bitcoiner.today

Jose Felip

Jose Felip

The difficult thing is not to learn, the difficult thing is to know how to teach. Editor and coordinator of the free book "La era de las BLOCK punto COM" CEO of bitcoiner.today