ICOs: REAL, real estate with Tokens

A new analysis of Carlos Martín, CEO of CryptoBirds, of the ICO REAL Token Sale.

-Topic: tokenize a real estate fund

-Name: REAL Token Sale
-Analyst: Carlos Martín
-Date ICO: 08/31/2017 07:00 am Spanish time

– Of what goes ?: This project proposes to tokenize a real estate fund. With almost all, ICO proceeds intend to invest in real estate throughout the world, at the same time they will create a platform where anyone can invest in the concrete real estate that they want with the REAL tokens bought in ICO. Each property will have its own internal token and can be traded with them. These investments will also yield periodic returns on ETHER when they are rented, and once the sale is made. They have set up the company in Singapore so that the entire property tokenization process has legal backing.

– Relocation, Supply etc?
Fixed Price: 220 REAL (ETHER TOKEN) = 1 ETH.
Collection 200K ETHER, unless in the first 6 hours the ICO is completed, in that case, the maximum cap would rise to 400K ETHER
Depending on the final cap there will be fewer tokens. Unsold tokens will be burned.
51% of the total initial supply distributed during the ICO.

Maximum market cap at the start if you collect all 120 M $, if you do it in the first 6 hours and reach the second maximum market cap could reach the 240M $ approx.

Bonus? 20% and down by collection stages, not time.

– Anything else ?: Team Spanish with experience in start-ups and real estate, quite solid. Pre-ICO on 8/24/17 only accessible to investments greater than 100 ETH.

-Positive: Although investment in real estate is far from investments in crypto, it is undeniable that sooner or later it will come to this world. The idea of this platform is of drawer, in Spain we have a similar platform of real estate crowfunding (there are many) called Housers that has a moderate success. REAL would practically work the same as this one but with the advantage of being able to liquidate the investment as soon as it is wanted in its internal market. Tokens to be backed by real goods should have a floor effect on their price, if there are times when this does not happen it is a great opportunity to invest. A very good project to diversify, with which you will get lower returns than those accustomed to cryptos but more secure and stable.

– Negative: Although the software part is quite advanced, they have not yet defined a good investment strategy, they are still looking for someone to take care of this. There are 29% of reserve tokens that are not very clear what they will do with them. The final Market cap, if successful, will be very high, although it is true that due to the nature of the project this is justified.

-Web and Whitepaper: http://www.real.markets/

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