ICOs: Publica.io met with Publica.la and shook hands with all languages and continents

Two companies of the same name, knowing nothing about each other, set “We are Publica” as their taglines. For the same reasons, but in different decades, different languages, different continents, for different markets. As it turns out, they were made for each other, they found each other, and reached out in a classic hands-across-the-water signal of friendship-in-the-making. Who are they?

Publica.la is a successful digital publisher in the Latin language market. They’re based in Argentina with offices in Spain and  USA.

Publica.io is launching a new kind of digital publishing platform on the hottest technology today. They call it “Gutenberg’s Press Reinvented On The Blockchain.” They’re based in Northern Europe.

What attracted them to each other? Publica.la wants to help its customers join the blockchain revolution, but they’re not experienced blockchain developers. Publica.io has the blockchain experience, but blockchains are too new to have a large digital publishing customer base.

A marriage made in heaven and the two companies already have the same name. This romance story is one for the ages because both companies are making history. Together they can become a digital publishing powerhouse for the globe, bringing new offerings and benefits to publishers, readers, and authors.

Check them out as they are today, and come back to see what they become.

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Jose Felip

Jose Felip

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