ICO’s PASSED: Crowdholding, an open innovation platform

Crowdholding has announced the YUPIE token, which will be the official cryptocurrency that users will receive for the joint creation of projects, after having successfully completed their ICO with a total collection of 2044 ETH (about 2 million dollars).

Crowdholding is a platform that connects with inspiring entrepreneurs from around the world and helps to grow a revolutionary business. The Crowdholding cycle begins with Crowdholders who create projects in conjunction with entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs share the revenue with the crowd that helped them succeed and continue to innovate.

A Crowdholder provides feedback and ideas to help entrepreneurs succeed, having the opportunity to influence companies and share the benefits.

A YUPIE is the encryption token they are using to enable the Crowdholding economy.

Crowdholding redistributes wealth to the public in exchange for the ideas and support they provide to businesses. At Crowdholding, they see a future where people can work anywhere and anytime to support the world’s economy through crowdsourcing.

“We strive to achieve an open innovation platform in which we become the think tanks of the future, which support the speed of business to new moral and functional heights because when you can put thousands of minds together, society improves. at Crowdholding we want to bring this concept to all people, no matter what country or provenance we are in. We are striving to embrace organized decentralization.This should be the way and should always be the way,” said Crowdholding CEO Ethan Clime.

The next step after success

  • We just had a meeting of minds to analyze the monetary policy of smart contracts and the distribution support, including the approach to managing the people who try to sell tokens in EtherDelta. For those who do not know, our current token will be replaced by a new smart contract, making current tokens obsolete. As a reminder, do not buy YUP on EtherDelta, as they will lose value if you do not get them directly through the ICO.
  • Starting next week, we will begin to place the tasks on the topic of monetary policy (token rules). Coding is easy, the challenge is to solidify the logic that will make the system prosper. From all your comments, in due time we will establish the best intelligent contract, scheduled to be completed by the end of January. Our new token will be commercialized in the stock exchanges in February, until now we have made sure to trade in CoinHub.io. In addition, we are reaching more platforms and negotiating with HitBTC and Kucoin.
  • In addition, we hope to complete the API connections to the Ethereum network this month with our application. This will allow users and startups to transfer tokens to our think tank system to collect important R & D information from the Wisdom of the Crowd phenomenon.

More information in: https://www.crowdholding.com/

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