ICO’s Passed: ARKER manages to overcome its $ 70,000 softcap

After the 50-day period of ICO (Initial Currency Offer), the Spanish project “Arker“, the first video game that rewards the player with its own cryptocurrency, has achieved its funding objective that will allow it to carry out the project. Congratulations! 😉

The video game has made use of Waves Platform blockchain technology -a platform that is increasingly being welcomed by its ease of use, its great speed and its low cost- to create and distribute its own virtual currency.

The distribution of the currency “Arker Coin” will be effective in the coming days, being the distribution proportional to the contribution that each participant has had in the ICO, distributing a total of 3,500,000 tokens.

From the Arker team we are very happy with the great interest that the project has aroused. The wide participation has allowed us to get enough revenue to be able to carry it out, for which we are very grateful to the community.

Without a doubt we have been helped a lot not only by the people who have participated in the ICO but also by all those who have helped to promote and disseminate the project through the networks. We have also received many comments and ideas that we intend to include in the game.

Thanks to all these people, this project could be a reality very soon.

– Nelson Marco, CMO of Arker.

As we explained in other articles such as “Introduction to Arker” or “Arker, a new business model“, this project wants to attract all players who are forced to the traditional business model, in order to continue progressing in the game have to go making micropayments.


Arker wants to change this model thanks to its reward system that will offer a way to monetize the time that the user devotes to the game so that it will give a 180º return to the models consolidated up to now.

In addition to this, the other key is that the player is the sole owner of the reward so that he can do whatever he wants with it at any time; You can exchange it for another type of cryptocurrency, sell it for money or even transfer it to a friend.

The objectives

Open a gap in the community of players

So far the project has focused on the cryptocurrency community, but once the beta of the game is ready, we will be known in the community of players, both digitally and in person.

Consolidate and expand the cryptocurrency community

We will continue with the marketing in this community to reach users from all over the world, as well as possible investors who may be interested in this currency when it reaches the market.

Browser Arker Coin at the exchanges

One of the most important points, because thanks to this, users will be able to buy and sell their coins. The greater the number of exchanges that you list us, the greater the exchange community and the better prices you can reach the currency.

Make Arker reach the most used platforms

Our goal is to reach the largest possible audience, that is why we will not focus on a single platform, but we will reach the largest number of these, such as iOS, Android, Steam and even web browser.

Implement the rewards platform for other applications

The most ambitious point of the project. Finally, our intention is to create a platform that allows any other project to easily implement our reward system, either through Arker Coin, or with its own cryptocurrency.

Spanish WebPage: https://arker.io/es

English WebPage: https://arker.io/

Telegram Spanish: https://t.me/ComunidadArker

Telegram English: https://t.me/ArkerCommunity

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ArkerCommunity

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ArkerCommunity

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