ICO’s: Open Source University, Education 4.0 with blockchain technology

OS.University is the first decentralized Education 4.0 platform. We provide learners with a digital credentials wallet, which enables them to find the best academic and career development opportunities by being connected to Academia and Businesses via the blockchain.


Son la primera universidad distribuida del mundo que aprovecha la tecnología de contabilidad distribuida para proporcionar adquisición, verificación y validación de conocimientos y habilidades.


  • The lack of trust in the authenticity of certificates gained by the learners.
  • The shortage of information among HR specialists about an applicant’s interests and achievements.
  • The need to prepare and to constantly update CVs according the latest standards.
  • The amount of time wasted on searching for the right job instead of developing new skills.
  • The hassle businesses have when searching for the right employees.
  • The difficulty measuring the actual demand for specific skills and courses in Academies.


L2B Smart Contracts

The Open Source University blockchain is used as a distributed database to store learner certifications & acquired skills. Matching algorithm will handle big data calculations to connect businesses with the right candidates, optimising recruitment costs, sourcing time and precision.

L2A Smart Contracts

Learners have all their degree credits safely stored on the blockchain, allowing them to pick their career paths via course suggestion algorithms based on live data business needs (and skill demand projection). This provides learners with access to a flexible, fast track education model.

B2A Smart Contracts

Allows businesses to access a new generation of Learning & Development marketplace, where learning content providers are filtered according to their disciplines catalogue and academic rating (both stored on the blockchain), while payments are securely managed by smart contracts eliminating the need of middleman transaction processing.

EDU tokens are the fuel of the platform

Fees for transactions between learners, academia and businesses are 5% of the volume for each transaction. These fees will flow to the Open Source University reserve fund to guarantee its sustainability.

Fees will be charged only for transactions with other cryptocurrencies, EDU token transactions have 0% platform commissions.

The OS.University token sale started on June 4, 2018 / 12:00 (UTC) and ended on July 2, 2018 / 12:00 (UTC). During the token sale, we have raised more than $500 000 in ETH and private investments.

This means that they have raised enough to continue the business development as a part of our roadmap and plans to release Beta version.

Currently, your main focus is the OS.University platform development to ensure smooth pilot project launch.

Your private alpha release is now in the hands of our early adopters and actively being tested. You can install and run it yourself, access our Github repo here — https://github.com/OpenSourceUniversity/platform The official public announcement of the MVP is to be communicated soon — this week we are focusing on communicating the upcoming listings on exchanges, bounty and airdrop distribution and KYC procedure.

More information on its website OS.University.

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