ICO’s of the week: January 29 to February 4

Last days of January and starting February with more than 130, with attention to February 1 that only that day start more than 80.

Some of them have been analyzed before, and others we will publish their analysis in brief, but as you will understand, it is quite difficult to follow and analyze them all.

Below we list the “we have” found for this week that we enter, may be missing, and that of the listed, some are not reliable, so:

Investments in ICOs are high-risk investments, you may lose all or part of your investment. Consult with an investment specialist before you act. Dates can be modified without notice, or even canceled.

You have a reference manual here: Manual de como comprar y gestionar tokens: de fiat a token y de token a fiat, herramientas necesarias

And another investment manual and recommendations here: ICO’s, do I invest safely?

January 29:

Acorn Collective Acorn is building a blockchain based crowdfunding platform that’s the first to be free and open to any legal project in any country
Allpublicart (Pre-ICO) ALL PUBLIC ART uses the power of blockchain as a regulatory function
Altair VR (Pre-ICO) Altair VR is the first VR platform for world discovery built on blockchain technology
Apex Next Generation of Consumer-Brand Interactions
Artis Turba A trading platform for cryptocurrencies
Astorgame An eSports and online gambling platform.
Biometrids A platform for mobile facial recognition identification.
Bitbliss An E-Commerce, Lending Platform, And CryptoBookStore Revolution.
Dadi A new era of cloud computing services, powered by blockchain technology.
Daneel Daneel is an intelligent personal assistant based on “Watson”, the most powerful Artificial Intelligence.
Docademic Providing FREE basic healthcare to the world.
gn compass A platform for loans backed by cryptocurrency
Hero (Pre-ICO) The first application in the world that lets you create your personal cryptocurrency
Mossland (Pre-ICO) Mossland is a location-based AR (Augmented Reality) mobile game. You can find and check-in to the buildings and properties around you.
NaviAddress (Pre-ICO) A unified digital ID for any place and object in real and virtual worlds
Sharder Protocol (Pre-ICO) cross-chain distributed storage protocol
Trevi Token (Pre-ICO) The only app that lets you set rules for saving, powered by micro-transactions. Set aside money for saving every time money leaves your bank account. No de
Wawllet A multi-asset wallet and personal financial passport.

January 30:

Adamant An anonymous, encrypted, blockchain based messenger
Armpack First decentralized eco-system created to protect against counterfeiting and to communications “B-to-C”
Bioritmai (Pre-ICO) A modern system of biorhythm monitoring with the most sophisticated tools for analysis and real-time diagnostics.
Darico Darico is the ideal easy-access gateway for crypto investors, offering the exclusive access to all Darico investment tools, including the wallet, terminal, liquidity pool, exchange, debit card and index fund
Eticket4 (Pre-ICO) Eticket4 is an international secondary ticketing platform developed by Israeli entrepreneurs in 2015.
Globo Brining machine to machine communication to the globe
IQeon The first decentralized gaming PvP platform allows monetizing your intellectual and other in-game achievements.
Labrys bringing bonds to blockchain
Lujo Coin The Smart Asset Blockchain Backed Cash
Pentaxcoin Decentralized CryptoCurrency
R_Block R_Block’s vision is to create an ecosystem in which workers can easily own, manage and monetize their proven skills and experience data.
Royal Cash Lending, gambling, staking platform
Vestarin (Pre-ICO) Marketplace of goods and services for cryptocurrency

January 31:

Adhive (Pre-ICO) AdHive is going to be the first social video advertising platform with AI and Blockchain technological solutions.
Flyingmoney (Pre-ICO) Global Tokenization of Financial Assets
HermesChain (Pre-ICO) a one-stop sports platform based on blockchain
Kodakcoin a revolutionary new image rights management and protection platform secured in the blockchain that seamlessly registers, manages and monetizes creative assets for the photographic community.
LiveTree Adept At LiveTree we exclusively support creative projects so your chances of success are much greater.
Pharmabit (Pre-ICO) A platform which aims to change the medical industry
Pinnacle brilliance (Pre-ICO) Brilliance is a Stellar based token that will be used within Pinnacle, a full featured investment app, that will connect all major exchanges and brokerages into a single access point for the first time in history.
Sapien (Pre-ICO) Sapien is a highly customizable, democratized social news platform capable of rewarding millions of content creators and curators without any centralized i
STK The STK token will provide instant crypto payments at point of sale at any merchant, whether it’s for your morning coffee or your weekly grocery run.
Successlife (Pre-ICO) The World’s First Global Decentralized Marketplace for Premium Personal and Business Development Content
Wys Token Blockchain-powered mobile shopping

February 1:

0Chain Move your off-chain {code, data} to our blockchain for free compute & storage
Acomobase The Uber of Hospitality for the Blockchain Era
Ad Funnel Established brand known for cryptocurrency analysis
Agro Tech Farm Home appliances for cannabis and various crops cultivation
Aktie Social (Pre-ICO) Aktie is an enabler and platform itself that helps you earn revenue from the other platforms as well which integrates its enabler.
Armor Ceramics Bringing blockhain technologies to the heavy industry
Automotive 65 Renting classic cars, payed by token, based on the blockchain.
Axpire blockchain basedspend management system
Balehu Bucks Ethereum-based ERC-20 digital token that are easily earned and exchanged between participating merchants and consumers using blockchain technology that ensures user privacy, complete transparency and lower transaction fees
Beeasy All-in-one user account providing services for working with crypto currency
BitPaction The world’s first intelligent digital asset exchange
Brixby Brixby is a marketplace that brings together people who want to rent, park, and charge their (electric) cars and asset owners of any size who are ready to offer those services, in one easy-to-use Brixby app.
Chain ID Platform for keeping personal diplomas, certificates and licenses in blockchain
CoinPlace CoinPlace is multi-currency P2P market. Here one can buy and exchange any cryptocurrencies or tokens into fiat money.
Coinzai payment provider, with an integrated cashback solution, supported by an merchant marketing system
Corusblock Next generation cryptocurrency
CREDITS  CREDITS Cryptocurrency and Blockchain platform for the financial industry with more than 1 mln tx/sec and 0.01 sec for a transaction.
Crymix Project New blockchain plattform and ecosystem
Cryptobite The next most promising cryptocurrency is Built on the Ethereum platform. The people’s decentralised booking platform.
Dolos Dolos is an automated crypto currency trading application
EBCoin EBCoin seeks to disrupt the global tax refund market for international travelers, making the process instant, transparent and convenient.
Egold (Pre-ICO) he ultimate eSports betting cryptocurrency
Ellcrys (Pre-ICO) Blockchain-based version control system for building open source software products and organizations.
Emu Project EMU application account already has your bank cards, a crypto-currency wallet and other payment systems
ENVIENTA The affordable and self-sustaining living space of the future
Erotix reward for content creators, as well as a payment method for premium content and for products in the Erotix Store
Etcetera Etcetera will bring cryptocurrency to the masses, through gift cards sold in stores, worldwide
Faceter Сomputer vision surveillance technology powered by fog network of miners
Foodimus Share the food you love, connect with foodies around the world and save recipes. All in one place.
Fusion Fusion is a blockchain based inclusive cryptofinance platform
Genie Business Loans Asset Exchange
Giftcoin The world’s first cryptocurrency for charitable giving and good causes.
Gimmer Gimmer offers easy-to-use advanced algorithmic trading bots that require no programming skills & no previous trading experience.
Global ICO Fund Actively managed ICO and cryptocurrency investments.
Gold Bits Coin Gold Bits coin is a trending crypto with Real Gold Backing
Hashgains HashGains offers ICO (Initial Coin Offering) in order to establish green data centres in Rajasthan (India) and Quebec (Canada).
Hero The first application in the world that lets you create your personal cryptocurrency
Hurify The decentralized blockchain platform disrupting IOT marketplace.
Ink Protocol Decentralized reputation and payments for peer-to-peer marketplaces
KahnChat (Pre-ICO) One Stop Payment + Social Media
KickCity Connecting people through reward-based communities on blockchain
KPR Coin Medical Solutions & Renewable Mining Australia
Legolas Exchange Fair and secure by design
LevelNet First Distributed Cyber Security Platform
Medicalchain Medicalchain is a decentralized platform that enables secure, fast and transparent exchange and usage of medical data.
Meet Luna An incentive-aligned dating app built with QTUM.
Millennium A decentralized community network to design, customize, buy, and invest in Real Estate
Nuvus (Pre-ICO) Merging the two fastest growing industries: Cannabis & Blockchain
Omnitude connectivity between blockchain technologies & enterprise systems
OnPlace (Pre-ICO) become an investor of private companies with us
Opporty (Pre-ICO) Opporty: The first decentralized service marketplace with Blockchain-enabled Escrow
Patron (Pre-ICO) the sharing economy for influencers
Pecunio (Pre-ICO) Decentralized investment platform
Persona Zero Knowledge Identity Blockchain
Piych Token Reshaping recruiment with AI and blokchain tech
Raison RAISON provides you with the investment opportunities which were available only to professional investors.
Razzom platform for writing, executing, arbitrating, guaranteeing the standardization of smart contracts with the application of artificial intelligence, usable and simple graphical interface on all types of os, helper (question-answer system) in natural language, with its own “ecosystem” and messenger
Safekeet simple smart secure digital safe deposit box for everyone
Shivers Shivers is an ERC20 token which fuels an innovative platform for financing and distributing horror films.
Shopcorn turning everyday consumption into profit
SmartCity Blockchain platform for Smart Cities, where any city in the world can simply launch its cloud platform with dedicated name, design, options and smart modul
Smartgenie (Pre-ICO) Decentralized and Distributed Network Sharing
Srcoin Decentralized health information platform
Synapse (Pre-ICO) Decentralized Data and AI Marketplace
Synthestech Synthestech is a scientific research center engaged in technology development for synthesis of precious metals and valuable isotopes.
TheKEY THEKEY is developing an Identity Verification solution on the NEO platform, and it will also be an indispensable element of the NEO Smart Economy.
TradePlayZ Platform for competiting in skilled video game com
TraDove The first B2B token offering in the global markets that opens up corprate demand for cryptocurrency for their sales, marketing and trading needs.
Una Project scalable blockchain based cryptocurrency for Africa, built on the CryptoNote protocol
Velix A Global Platform for Frictionless Identity Verification
VeriME VeriME is a decentralized Verification-as-a-Service (VaaS) ecosystem operating on Blockchain and Customer’s mobile application, using the most advanced biometric technologies and machine learning tools to identify and authenticate the Customer during purchase of goods and services.
Vice The Vice Industry Token represents a profound change in the adult entertainment industry.
Vinchain VinChain is the world’s first decentralized international automotive data marketplace that will reveal the full history of any vehicle
Water Tech affordable clean water for everyone under the sun
WePower Blockchain and smart contracts powered green energy trading platform where everyone can buy, trade or invest in tokenised green energy.
Winding Tree Travel distribution without intermediaries – A distributed autonomous organization.
Wizzle (Pre-ICO) buy and sell ether and bitcoin
Zenome decentralized market of genomic data and services

February 2:

AlchemyByte For an investor AlchemyByte is the only cryptocurrency you need. It has ALL the major cryptocurrencies in JUST ONE asset.
Paymon Paymon is a blockchain platform that connect all market participants through new scalable blockchain – Hive.
Quantum1Net (Pre-ICO) Quantum1Net plans to meet the threat to traditional cryptography that Quantum cryptoanalysis poses with quantum empowered encryption keys.

February 3:

Arcblock Blockchain 3.0
TEND Life-enriching investments powered by blockchain

February 4:

Adblurb A blockchain based advertising platform
Crypto N’Kafe first coffee trading ecosystem entirely supporting small-scale farmers, traders, roasters and retailers
HoToKeN A high-utility token used to bid the best lifestyle deals and promotions in Southeast Asia
KahnChat One Stop Payment + Social Media
Ztrust ZTrust is the worlds first anonymous reputation protocol powered by Ethereum and ZK-SNArKs
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