ICO’s of the week: from September 24 to 30

We finished September compared to the previous months, very quiet, with more than 60 new ICOs.

Some of them have been analyzed before, and others we will publish their analysis in brief, but as you will understand, it is quite difficult to follow and analyze them all.

Below we list the “we have” found for this week that we enter, may be missing, and that of the listed, some are not reliable, so:

Investments in ICOs are high-risk investments, you may lose all or part of your investment. Consult with an investment specialist before you act. Dates can be modified without notice, or even canceled.

You have a reference manual here: Manual de como comprar y gestionar tokens: de fiat a token y de token a fiat, herramientas necesarias

And another investment manual and recommendations here: ICO’s, do I invest safely?

September 24:

Arevalor Real estate blockchain ecosystem
ARTPRO (Pre-ICO) ArtPro makes it easy for anyone to buy and sell art over the web.
GAMESTATIX A token to be used as reward within a PC gaming co-creation community.
Genuine Fashion Token Genuine Fashion Token (GFT) is a decentralized platform developed to an eco-system which prevents forged fashion products being spread and sold in the online and physical world, GFT provides a service where High-end and streetwear are authenticated by experts and nodes.
KAMAGAMES (Pre-ICO) Functionality of a standard utility token and can only be exchanged for in-game chips.
LiveTalk Livestream First Channel In The World Combined With Electronic Money Is Legalized In Many Countries.
Nai Nai is a Prediction Market platform based on Artificial Intelligence
PINMO Decentralized social media marketing network that helps advertisers deliver ads content directly to users.
QIIBEE Loyalty on the blockchain with rewards that can be combined and traded.
TradeRiser Decentralized Ecosystem and Research Assistant for Answering Trading Questions
Varanida Building a better Internet through a decentralized advertising and content solution.
Viarium Viarium – a decentralized virtual world for real life and business.

September 25:

AUTO BLOCK (Pre-ICO) Stand-alone solutions set to revolutionize the automotive sector.
BITEUM Social crypto exchange and trading platform.
FINANCEX (Pre-ICO) Trade cryptocurrencies with any fiat, using any payment method, anywhere in the world.
MIMINER (Pre-ICO) Physical space and technology environment to provide a full range of turnkey services for the mining.
NEUROSEED Introducing a new alternative for machine learning market participants interaction by making simple tool.
REALCASINO An Ethereum-distributed global casino that uses blockchain.
ROMAD DEFENCE Offering the next generation antivirus solution.
ROMAD Endpoint Defense ROMAD offers the next generation antivirus ROMAD Endpoint Defence and Defence Token (RBDT).
Smart Refinery Technologies Smart Refinery Technologies Group, the developer of innovative technical solutions and equipment for the production of automobile fuels is creating the world’s first blockchain platform for the oil refining industry.
UNCLOAK Cyber Security Threat Management for Businesses.
WEBUY (Pre-ICO) On-demand platform for buyers and sellers powered by blockchain.
XMaterials Using patent-pending, AI-generated recipes and machine-learning robots, we have created the next generation of building materials.

September 26:

FARASHA The first solution in the world for cardiovascular Monitoring & prevention Based on Deep learning, Artificial Intelligence and Smart Devices
ROBET Platform for crypto sports betting and cryptocurrency exchange.
SilkRoadMining The legal Silk Road of CryptoWorld, be part of the new industrial mining with SRM.
VOGOV Decentralized Interactive Porn Studio & Adult-Industry Crypto Infrastructure.
VOLAIR Blockchain based private jet charter & luxury lifestyle at your fingertips.
YUMERIUM An incentivized, blockchain-based, open gaming platform.

September 27:

ACESO NETWORK Affordable Anti-malware protection.
Blockchain.io Blockchain.io is a new crypto-exchange of Paymium.com, one of the oldest bitcoin exchanges in the world and hack-free since its inception in 2013. Ultra-secure and profitable, Paymium is registered with the French regulation authority ACPR and accounting is certified by external auditors.
GAMERTOKEN Marketplace for gamers to buy and sell unique in-game items. Earn rewards in-game.
Securix.io Securix.io is an operationally ready cryptocurrency mining solution in the Netherlands.
SUAPP (Pre-ICO) Decentralized Idea Sharing and Reward Blockchain platform.
Zuenchain Zuenchain launches the world’s first total decentralized wellness system

September 28:

Alluma.io The first institutional grade cryptocurrency exchange dedicated to the Emerging Markets
NOIZ AI and blockchain ad exchange network providing transparent data to all parties.
Qcity Qcity continues to grow through independent business platform.Trade Qcity on the exchange and use Qcoin in real life.
QUANTLER (Pre-ICO) Decentralizing Wall Street, together by automating investment funds.

September 29:

KOBAN COIN (Pre-ICO) A crypto-gold being launched by Koban Coin Global.
OMNIBAZAAR (Pre-ICO) Shop without middlemen. Pay without bankers.
PHENOMENAL NETWORK (Pre-ICO) Phenomenal Network is the first blockchain-powered affiliate marketing project
SOAR Decentralized platform that allows the monetization of drone content.
THE CLARITY PROJECT Empowering small businesses to take control of their future through Blockchain powered Data Management.

September 30:

8 CIRCUIT STUDIOS (Pre-ICO) We build video games, digital assets and tools for blockchain that empower players and developers.
ADAB Solutions “ADAB Solutions is developing the FICE – First Islamic Crypto Exchange, based on the norms of Shariah. The projected volume of daily trading on the First Islamic Crypto Exchange is $ 140 million and a monthly turnover of $ 4.2 billion during the first one and a half years of operation of the exchange.”
BBILLER Supply Chain Solutions in the Blockchain
BEVERAGE CASH Unifying the crypto and traditional economy
BURATINO Multi-mining system for SHA-256 and SCRYPT
CONVENTMENT Cannabis logistics powered by Ethereum.
CPROP The end-to-end Blockchain solution the real estate industry has been waiting for.
DENCH MUSIC Music industry on the blockchain with Chris Brown single as first confirmed project.
Fetch.AI Fetch.AI is an Artificial Intelligence and Digital Economics company.
FILO (Pre-ICO) Developing decentralized global community connecting service providers and consumers.
FINLOCALE (Pre-ICO) P2P crypto marketplace with unlimited payment methods.
GET ACHIEVE Free decentralized MMORPG game with AR.
HELIX Cognitive distributed ledger for everyone and everything.
INFLEUM (Pre-ICO) Open source brand publishing and marketing agent platform that provides 8 DAPP services by ELSOL COMPANY.
Kimera Combining powerful AI with Blockchain to proactively make P2P connections across ANY industry.
LevelApp Buy and spend crypto with Apple Pay in LevelApp!
MFUN (Pre-ICO) Play & Propel the Local Gaming Industry.
PIXIE TOKEN Fully operational discovery, payment and reward platform that connects independent businesses to people.
Soundeon Soundeon – Blockchain music platform that changes everything
VIRTUSE EXCHANGE Virtuse Exchange bridges cryptocurrencies with the $300 trillion global financial market.
ZED NETWORK Connecting a network of global money transfer operators.


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Jose Felip

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3 thoughts on “ICO’s of the week: from September 24 to 30

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    27th September 2018 at 1:39 pm

    Blockchain.io to me, is the ico of the month, team is great, project is a good one

  • Avatar
    27th September 2018 at 2:03 pm

    I love Blockchain.io because it has a pretty interesting offering. It’s a centralized exchange with decentralized settlement (which is the atomic swap feature in this case). You can choose which one to opt for and whether to give permission to use your private keys. Very interesting model!

  • Avatar
    4th October 2018 at 11:43 am

    All very interesting ICOs but I heard about this #BCIO through Ian Balina and he kind of rates them high along with other ICO rating sites such as icodrops.com and icobench.com rating them way above average. I think they have got good prospects.

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