ICO’s of the week: from May 28 to June 3

We closed May and started June with almost 200 ICOs, 100 of them on June 1st.

Some of them have been analyzed before, and others we will publish their analysis in brief, but as you will understand, it is quite difficult to follow and analyze them all.

Below we list the “we have” found for this week that we enter, may be missing, and that of the listed, some are not reliable, so:

Investments in ICOs are high-risk investments, you may lose all or part of your investment. Consult with an investment specialist before you act. Dates can be modified without notice, or even canceled.

You have a reference manual here: Manual de como comprar y gestionar tokens: de fiat a token y de token a fiat, herramientas necesarias

And another investment manual and recommendations here: ICO’s, do I invest safely?

May 28:

BeepBeep (Pre-ICO) The BeepBeep Nation mobile app for both iOS and Android provides an all-in-one solution for our users to solve their daily problems very quickly, by enabling them to help each other out when help is urgently required.
BENCHMARK Gives users the opportunity to participate in global projects.
Bigbom Decentralized advertising ecosystem for all parties in online advertising.
BITSONG Music platform based on blockchain, where users listening to music earn funds.
Blockchain Of Things Token The ultimate layer two integration technology
Conduit A quantum cloud-computing service and remote marketplace.
CRYPTICS A public crypto forecast based on AI.
DINO Platform (Pre-ICO) In blockchain world, there is a huge knowledge gulf between non-computer professionals from different industries and smart contract development.
Distributed Credit Chain Distributed Credit is a carrier serving financial service providers in distributed business rather than a blockchain version of traditional bank.
Eventboost EVA (Pre-ICO) Eventboost (EB) is reinventing the way event organizers and ticket buyers currently handle ticket sale and purchase. EBT, the revolutionary Eventboost Blockchain-based Ticketing Platform will usher in a new era where ticket frauds, scalping, and insane credit card rates will be eliminated.
Greenish (Pre-ICO) The world’s first Fixed Monthly allowance plan platform bonding with cryptocurrency assets, powered by smart contracts & advisory team.
HEALTHMEDI (Pre-ICO) Blockchain social network platform for healthcare professionals.
Ideal Data Memory Providing a decentralized distributed cloud data storage system.
IDM IDM has its own patented data protection technology called SIZE and is preparing to launch a new service – a global decentralized ecosystem that connects users who want to store information safely and miners who provide memory on their devices to generate income
IQB Turn your intelligence into wealth, share the joys of live-streaming.
Kasko2go (Pre-ICO) Blockchain community for safer driving.
Liqnet LIQNET is a cryptoexchange, which combines the liquidity from different platforms and solves the problem of market fragmentation.
MetaMorph The All-in-one Coin & App to Secure, Manage & Exchange Cryptocurrencies!
NAGRICOIN A project of an international biotechnology company, NagriTech.
PChain PCHAIN is the first native multichain system in the world that supports Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), which consists of one main chain and multiple derived chains.
Pixel Charity Opportunity to help those in need without donating money.
SHOCOIN allows compensation for sharing of identity data.
TRADELIZE An ecosystem for pro traders and investors.
TUTELLUS Reinventing education through blockchain tech.
TYDO A cryptocurrency trading platform emphasizing usability and direct interface with existing exchanges.
VERV Live energy and data trading protocol
VideoTorrentSystem Decentralized CDN and social network.
VLUX VLUX integrated P2P energy trading solution, which combines cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology with blockchain, will allow consumers who have renewable energy supplies and battery storage to sell surplus power directly to neighbours.
VTOS Decentralized CDN and Social Network.

May 29:

AirPod (Pre-ICO) The AIRPOD is a luxurious and fully functional sleeping pod, which is designed to accommodate overnight and short term stays.
Bitlumens (Pre-ICO) Brings solar power to areas without a power grid and connects them to the blockchain.
BloomX Connecting neighborhood moneychangers with the Stellar DEX and teaching people how to use crypto safely.
COMEDYCOIN (Pre-ICO) A comedy sharing and streaming platform based on the Ethereum blockchain.
CryptoPolice Decentralized community based police force on blockchain.
CRYSTALS (Pre-ICO) For the customer, CRYSTALS is a modern, safe, and user-friendly website platform offering one of the biggest and up-to-date models’ catalogs.
Dench Music (Pre-ICO) Music industry on the blockchain. Chris Brown as first confirmed project.
ExoLover (Pre-ICO) ExoLover is an innovative collection of sex toy devices that allow users to experience the full range of sexual sensations with a virtual partner or remote ones.
FTEC An ecosystem for conducting effective trading activities on cryptocurrency markets.
Game Loot Network Game Loot Network™ will champion developers and gamers by creating a virtual platform that rewards players with real-value and facilitates ‘any-budget’ game design.
Gese (Pre-ICO) Gese is a unique community of ordinary consumers who want to ensure quality of the purchased goods, local establishments advancing within the platform, and brands that use the platform to get access to their target audience.
HPQ Real industry – Production of High Purity Quartz, the highly demanded material for modern industry.
HydroMiner H3O (Pre-ICO) Hydrominer is a pioneer in the field of green cryptocurrency mining, utilizing hydropower from small to medium sized hydropower stations.
NOIA Network A decentralized content delivery network.
Opu Labs Opu Labs is the blockchain solution for the global skincare industry.
TOTIPAY NETWORK A new online remittance business.

May 30:

AI CRYPTO Adapting blockchain technology to the field of AI researches worldwide.
AISI Coin AISI is the first Georgian cryptocurrency generated with the investing environment. B2B in the world of Blockchain technologies.
Anything App Anything App is a search engine which gives you a list of people who can help you as the result.
CASPER (Pre-ICO) Casper is being created for your DApp to store information from your users more efficiently and reliably.
CoTrader (Pre-ICO) CoTrader aims to become the world’s largest investment funds and trading marketplace by democratizing, decentralizing, and disrupting the archaic and opaque $85 trillion global funds and trading industries with the transparency, security, and power of the blockchain.
Cube Chain An e-commerce platform with a 3-dimensional blockchain architecture.
Genuine coin Gcoin is the token that will be used on the Gride platform for payment settlement by our drivers and passengers.
Lightstreams Designed for Decentralised Applications that require SPEED and PRIVACY when sharing content.
MOVIECHAIN An innovative and decentralized movie distribution ecosystem.
PAYERA (Pre-ICO) A new era in the crypto world through simple shopping and easy payment.
PEP NETWORK Decentralized & Personalized Content Ecosystem for personal expression
RightMesh RightMesh is a distributed network that incentivizes people to share mobile device resources, such as Internet, data, and storage, with those who lack access, thereby increasing global connectivity and facilitating international communication and commerce.
Trustlogics (Pre-ICO) In a highly complex and competitive workforce placement marketplace, TrustLogics is the missing link that not only bridges the gap between jobseekers and potential employers, but also aims to build a verification and reputation building blockchain platform for both: Professionals and Independent Service Providers (ISPs). By utilizing Hyperledger Fabric, Ethereum smart contracts, data encryption and ERC20 standard Tokens, TrustLogics aims to transform the modern-day $428 billion recruitment industry along with how ISPs are perceived.
Zed Network (Pre-ICO) Connecting a network of global money transfer operators.

May 31:

ARTIS Smartcontract blockchain with Tendermint POS.
BELOTTO Decentralized standard for lotteries.
Check-Car (Pre-ICO) Check-Car.io is the first decentralized serverless platform, which solves all market problems through the use of Blockchain and Smart Contracts technology.
CryptoHIT CryptoHIT intends to create a transparent and entirely decentralized platform for various gaming projects using the power of blockchain technology and smart contracts on Ethereum.
Delicia (Pre-ICO) The Delicia team is creating a universal decentralized food network powered by Blockchain and artificial intelligence.
Equaliser Creating affordable homes for all powered by blockchain technology.
FENIX.CASH Direct connection. Privileged access. Exclusive content merchandise & tickets. One connected cryptocurrency.
Humanscape (Pre-ICO) Humanscape is working to establish its namesake platform Humanscape, a decentralized patient network based on blockchains.
HUMENA Blockchain-based system for synchronous meditation, prayer, and entertainment to amplify human performance and promote mental & physical wellness.
Intellectual.Network BANKllect is a decentralized peer-to-peer bank network. Its main task is to create an unique and new generation bank ecosystem.
IOV (Pre-ICO) Protocol for blockchain and wallets and universal wallet features.
ITOB ITOB is a multicurrency payment platform.
LIGHTSTREAMS A protocol for building blockchain communities
Memority Memority is a blockchain-based platform for encrypted decentralized data storage.
Moveco The Mobility Ecosystem That Turns Your Miles Into Rewards.
Nuggets Transform the way you buy, login and verify your ID.
OPENPOLL Building a blockchain-based polling platform which is anonymous and verifiable.
QURREX Integrating the infrastructure of traditional stock exchanges with a decentralized network.
SAFEIN A wallet which lets you sign-on on any site without registration
SELFLLERY SELFLLERY is a multifunctional social platform that allows you to receive rewards in cryptocurrency for social activities related to publication and distribution of visual content.
UNITEDFANS (Pre-ICO) The First Trustworthy Soccer Team Management Platform
Universal Energy Combining token shield and GEM machines for clean green energy.
URAllowance (Pre-ICO) Bringing families closer together while teaching blockchain technology and how to add value to the world for generations to come.
Weekend Millionaires Club A millionaire experience backed by our innovative business model, in which constant crypto token deflation is guaranteed through traditional business.
ZEALEUM Enabling a global marketplace for health and wellness products, services, and data.

June 1:

3D-CHAIN (Pre-ICO) Global decentralized network directly connecting manufacturers, designers, and consumers.
A7CORE Enables a more direct relationship between brands and their consumers.
ACA NETWORK Aiming to disrupt the online advertising industry from Japan to the world.
ACUTECOIN Multi-income stream platform offering profit sharing with its subscribers.
ADVISORY NETWORK Provides software solutions for service providers and end users.
AGRO TECH FARM The world ecosystem of natural plant food.
ARANEOBIT A blockchain based platform for money transfers.
ARGO REALITY Entertaining space in augmented reality.
B21 (Pre-ICO) Personal wealth management solution for crypto assets.
BCHARITY First unique international charity exchange based on the blockchain technology.
BEAXY EXCHANGE (Pre-ICO) All-in-one crypto currency exchange.
BI_PLATFORM Marketplace for easy smart contracts.
BIT-POINT Purchases of digital currency that reward the investor.
BITACIUM (Pre-ICO) Bullion Currency and Ai Exchange with Cashback.
Bitbose (Pre-ICO) The future of crypto-investment.
BIXTRIM Enabling cryptocurrencies to be cashed out in minutes.
BLOCKCHAIN HOTEL Decentralized from electricity and water sources modular-built hotels
BLUE STELLAR (Pre-ICO) A cryptocurrency especially created for the Blue economy.
BREEZECOIN A medium of exchange.
CALFIN GROUP CGCX offers a state of the art highly sophisticated hybrid exchange platform.
CARDIUM Tokenize your everyday activity
CHERRIO Blockchain Solution for charitable donations.
COIN GRINCH Cryptocurrency Exchange w/ Profit Sharing.
COINPENNANT A social platform where beginners and experienced traders can collaborate.
COINS4FAVORS Building a global decentralized P2P marketplace for mini-jobs and favors.
CONTRACT VAULT Blockchain-powered platform to develop legally sound contracts.
CVPROOF Digital platform to issue blockchain certified professional credentials
DECENTRABRAIN (Pre-ICO) Blockchain powered AI; the ability to rent and use AI services for consumers.
DECENTRALIZED NEWS NETWORK A news platform aiming to create factual content.
DENCH MUSIC Music industry on the blockchain. Chris Brown as first confirmed project.
DONA (Pre-ICO) Charity cryptocurrency attempting to make the world a better place.
DORAE A blockchain-enabled global supply chain accountability system.
DUCATUR Multi-chain oracles framework.
EBYTE (Pre-ICO) Creates an internationally decentralized eSports eco system.
EHEALTH FIRST IT platform for personalized health and longevity management.
ELECTRA VIRTUAL Cryptocurrency-based artificial super intelligence assistant.
ETERNAL TRUSTS (Pre-ICO) Eternal life on a smart contract.
EVOCHAIN Payment processing solution.
EXPERCOIN (Pre-ICO) Protocol to launch AI-powered marketplaces and learning communities.
EXTRALOVERS (Pre-ICO) Blockchain-based e-Commerce platform for the adult entertainment industry.
FOODBLOCK (Pre-ICO) Aiming to revolutionize agricultural activity in Africa.
FUTURE1COIN Future1Coin is a one stop shop platform for Cryptocurrency Education , Trading, etc
GIG9 A blockchain-based skill sharing platform empowering local communities.
GIGTRICKS (Pre-ICO) A Complete Integrated BlockChain based on-demand ecosystem
GLADAGE Decentralized care homes powered by blockchain.
GLOBAL REIT A blockchain-based global real estate investment trust.
GRAB A MEAL Decentralized meal sharing on blockchain.
GTURBO (Pre-ICO) A token option for gas turbine production.
HERO.ORG Tokenize yourself and create your personal cryptocurrency.
HIREGO Decentralised peer to peer car hire.
HYPERION FUND Decentralized energy supply platform.
ICASH Introduces the Proof Of Trust protoocol to enable resolution of social challenges.
ID MONEY A social, global, and public crypto.
IMUSIFY (Pre-ICO) Fully decentralized music platform.
INCREMINT Token for credible ICO discounts.
INTERCOIN (Pre-ICO) Global currency platform that enables communities to issue and manage their own currency.
INVESTA Crypto investment & remittance platform.
INVOLVE Platform for mobile apps enables to reward it users for every second spend playing.
IVYN E-merging Solutions for the Blockchain Economy
KOIOS (Pre-ICO) Marketplace to connect AI developers directly to consumers.
LOCALXPOSE (Pre-ICO) Port forwarding platform using distributed nodes around the world.
MAFIA WARS Decentralized blockchain based mafia themed idle game of accumulation.
MANDALA Digital asset platform focused on security and simplicity.
MB8 COIN Fuel’ for the existing Multibuy loyalty rewards network.
MEETCOIN Decentralized Cryptocurrency for Online Dating Industry.
MONACO ESTATE a cryptocurrency real estate investment fund.
MYDOLLARSDREAM (Pre-ICO) A payment system between consumers and housing finance institutions.
NUKLEUS Masternode Platform | One-Click Masternodes | Masternode Pools
OKM COIN (Pre-ICO) An ERC20 token which represents purchasing and trading of cryptocurrency.
OMMER Decentralized exchange.
OUNA Shaping the future of human resources.
PINGCHAINIO Decentralized application performance monitoring.
PO8 Democratizes and decentralizes the marine archaeology industry.
PROFEDE Bringing power back to the professional user, with blockchain.
RAILZ A language for robot conversations.
REDCAB (Pre-ICO) Transportation solution that decentralizes the ride-sharing industry.
Reger Diamond (Pre-ICO) An ICO and cryptocurrency secured by real diamonds.
REGISTRY BLOCKS (Pre-ICO) Fraud prevention by item and document registration.
SEND (Pre-ICO) A consensus price token designed for everyday use.
SHARELOCK (Pre-ICO) The revolution of bicycling.
SILKCHAIN Improving international trade.
STAY Free Stays, Quality Smart Home Accommodation, Leverage Blockchain Technology.
SURRUS Blockchain insurance for car theft.
SWACHHCOIN Decentralizing Waste Management.
TAURUS (Pre-ICO) Fully decentralized trading protocol for crypto-derivatives.
TIMECHAIN (Pre-ICO) Buy, sell, trade, hold, all in one app.
TOKPIE Peer-to-peer cryptocurrency-fiat and trading exchange.
TRIWER Aiming to revolutionize the way you do shipping.
TRUSTVERSE (Pre-ICO) Wealth Management Platform with an Integrated Digital Estate Planning Protocol.
UCHIT A Communication and Collaboration Hub based on Blockchain Technology.
UMKA Decentralized labor market.
UNIVERSAL RECOGNITION TOKEN Decentralized employee rewards and gift marketplace platform.
WHISKEY COIN (Pre-ICO) Backed by fine and rare whiskey.
WILL TOKEN A Decentralised Crypto Asset Settlement Service.
WINIOTA (Pre-ICO) Decentralized on-tangle fair casino & AI enhanced sports betting platform.
XCOV (Pre-ICO) A smart digital currency trading platform launched by experienced traders.
XDAC Platform for creating and managing Decentralized Autonomous Companies
XENTRA Simplifies and enhances real estate property investment.
XRT (Pre-ICO) ERC20 based token to use blockchain in food sector through it’s mobileApp.

June 2:

DATAREUM Decentralized Marketplace for Data.
VANIG Integrated e-commerce and supply chain ecosystem powered by blockchain.
ZICHAIN Blockchain asset management ecosystem.

June 3:

BARTVAULT Art Assets provenance and Derivative Works Tokens.
BLOCNATION Unlocking the cashless payments ecosystem in Asia with PouchNation.
ETH MARK Diversified operations in Real Estate and E-commerce.
GOLDMA Decentralizing the opportunity to invest in multi-million dollar gold mining projects.
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