ICO’s of the week: from May 14 to 20

We continue the month of May with almost 200 ICO’s more.

Some of them have been analyzed before, and others we will publish their analysis in brief, but as you will understand, it is quite difficult to follow and analyze them all.

Below we list the “we have” found for this week that we enter, may be missing, and that of the listed, some are not reliable, so:

Investments in ICOs are high-risk investments, you may lose all or part of your investment. Consult with an investment specialist before you act. Dates can be modified without notice, or even canceled.

You have a reference manual here: Manual de como comprar y gestionar tokens: de fiat a token y de token a fiat, herramientas necesarias

And another investment manual and recommendations here: ICO’s, do I invest safely?

May 14:

Activity The guarantee was made without intermediaries between the customer and the contractor
Airchain Network The next revolution in Freight Industry.
AMO COIN AMO is blockchain project to create and operate the AMO Market, a market where car data can be shared and exchanged.
AUTORIZE Powering the next generation of sharing platforms
BITSCHOOL Artificial Intelligence powered Personalized Learning Platform
BLOCKHIVE Digitalized loan agreement on blockchain
BlockNubie An ecosystem assisting blockchain-based startups including advisory, development tools, and capital.
BlockLicense Ecosystem The BlockLicense Ecosystem is a decentralized system running on the Ethereum Virtual Machine that enables licensing, pricing and distribution of creative content
BLOCKSHIPPING GSCP The first real-time blockchain registry of the world’s 27 million shipping containers.
BotGaming BOT is an utility token based on ERC20 standards. The key feature of the token is its’ use as ingame currency. It will be a purely utility token.
COALICHAIN Decentralized governance platform delivering accountable democracy.
CROSSPAYS (Pre-ICO) Global marketplace and social network economy.
Cryptofitnessclub online blokchain platform for fitness professionals and enthusiasts
CRYPTOHUNTERS Distributed crypto capital company.
flyCARE Medical, wellness and personal care accessible to everyone, anytime, anywhere in the world.
Gainz Token The Gainz token platform is a ERC-20 token & Ethereum based smart contract network that currently works with a real FitBit device.
GLOBETOKEN The hive of true transactional value.
HAI Project The HAI project aims to create the hybrid artificial intelligence (Hybrid Artificial Intelligence) capable of solving problems in Financial, Cyber Security, and Business Intelligence sector.
Hirefreehands The hirefreehands token ($HFT) is an ERC20 utility token designed to be used by clients and freelancers within the platform.
INCX The INCX Platform will enable users to easily manage all their wallets and passwords by implementing a user-friendly and secure global address book, thereby providing ease of use to users.
LENUSCHAIN (Pre-ICO) Create and manage HealthSpaces to analyze bundle health data.
Litenett Litenett.com is a new European social network with decentralized payment system on Blockchain for the audience of hundreds of millions users.
LUMENUS Lumenus is the Indonesian Token built on Stellar Platform. Lumenus aims to build a platform that will utilize blockchain technology into all aspects of life.
MEDICOHEALTH The biggest doctor-patient environment based on blockchain.
Metabase (Pre-ICO) Blockchain platform to build, scale, and monetize next-generation businesses.
nedscoin nedscoin is bringing change to the global online betting industry by providing unprecedented trust and transparency.
NURSETOKEN The Token That Solves The Global Nursing Shortage.
ODEEP Backed by two expert companies in blockchain and traceability the ODEEP Token gives access to a fully traceable water produced on board our bottling vessel
ORSGROUP ORS Hypersmart Contracts provide access to more than 1,000 proprietary algorithms and hundreds of software solutions to the Crypto Community for boosting their business models (www.orsgroup.io).
PeerAtlas Join The Revolution Make Medical Information Free
QUANTOR (Pre-ICO) Marketplace of investment algorithms and educational platform for cryptocurrency.
QuiGig Bringing insights and simplicity to the Gig economy.
Rego (Pre-ICO) Powering the next generation blockchain based global real estate platform.
Rose Link Rose link brings Fiat and crypto into one platform and integrates it into social media.
SHOP PROTOCOL Enhancing value exchanges between brands and shoppers.
Showcoin We will unite people of show business on one unique platform, which is already existing.
SMART VALLEY Powerful tools of project assessment, global expert community, secure ICO investments – in one platform.
SleekPlay SleekPlay harnesses the power of Blockchain computing to create a Unique monetization model that is profitable to developers and users of the network.
SONIC Sonic was incepted to revolutionize the music industry passing the power back to fans and musicians.
Squeezer The world’s first software development platform offering microservices for the blockchain to build decentralized serverless applications.
Superfruit The SuperFruits project was established by a group of experts from the agricultural and logistics sector who are dealing with growing superfoods.
Swace Swace, a unique social gaming platform that will revolutionize the way young, upwardly mobile people engage with great brands.
TAWARRUK TOKEN Your key to ETH personal financing
Travelsurfing a social platform for providing travellers with temporary accommodation.
Trivver Inject 3D objects as ads that live within the context of their environments and dynamically adjust in shape, size, lighting.
TrustedCars Flex Award-Winning German Company is changing Car Ownership forever by turning dealerships into innovative mobility providers.
VERNAM The future of insurance
VIVALID (Pre-ICO) A decentralized and community-driven ledger of collectibles and arts.
VIBEO Vibeo is an instant messaging/social app with blockchain technology.
WEALTHINITIATIVE Platform for the digitization, valuation and tokenization of non-bankable assets
WEEDO WEEDO – The first Eco-friendly Cannabis plantation heated by the mining and powered by solar energy, which utilizes a cryptocurrency bound to the cost of one gram
YOLO EXCHANGE Instant approval KYC compliant verification exchange.
Zeew Drones, Robots & Artificial intelligence
ZEXT Drones, Robots & Artificial intelligence

May 15:

Abeona (Pre-ICO) Cryptocurrency designed for travelers.
Advanced Miners Mining project using new 12nm chip ASICs.
AIGCOIN Marshalling the world’s AI development expertise through education and crowdsourcing.
Aimedis (Pre-ICO) Aimedis is a working medical ecosystem, founded by doctors, enhanced by blockchain & AI
AQWIRE (Pre-ICO) Cross-border real estate transaction platform powered by blockchain
ArchiCoin ArchiCoin is a distributed storage that using the stable cryptography.
Arround a communication and entertainment platform in augmented reality
Bitcoin Crown Cryptocurrency for online games.
BitScreener BitScreener unifies the domains of 2000+ cryptos and 100,000+ stocks in a single tracking and analyzing platform.
BitStump BITStump is building the market data infrastructure for cryptocurrency and blockchain assets. It will be the first platform for data feeds in the space.
BLUPASS Blüpass is an Ethereum based token in the insurance industry.
Bravocoin Bravo Coin is a breakthrough in Blockchain technology working to better manage commercial transactions within the Sports & Entertainment industry.
BRICKS4US Bricks4us is the cryptocurrency that integrates: cryptocurrency investors with landowners, builders and suppliers in order to create a network of accommodation for rent, which will allow users to access habitational units in strategically located buildings with services.
Check-Car (Pre-ICO) Blockchain platform for the market of car diagnostics and selection.
CHERRIO (Pre-ICO) Blockchain Solution for charitable donations.
Coins4Favors (Pre-ICO) Building a global decentralized P2P marketplace for mini-jobs and favors.
Connecty (Pre-ICO) Platform for finding knowledge.
CRYPTOADS MARKETPLACE A powerful advertising platform built on Ethereum.
CRYPTOFLIX Movies streaming and film funding platform powered by blockchain. CryptoFlix – When Hollywood meets crypto
CryptoPolice CryptoPolice is a platform that helps bring together community and technology in order to safeguard online users against fraud.
Dating with Benefits Dating with Benefits is a blockchain-based sugar dating platform.
DERMAVIR Dermavir is a Dendritic Cell-Targeting Therapeutic Vaccine Technology Platform.
DIRECT HOME Where no property is out of reach!
Double Land Double Land is a unique MMO Economic Blockchain Game with an exciting story, where you can develop your own business while simultaneously earning money.
ECOGEM CLUB (Pre-ICO) Hybrid power plant generating green energy, mining plant
EDEN a group of engineers creating dApps
ETHernitymining a mining project operating on green energy.
FansUnite (Pre-ICO) Protocol for sports betting applications on Ethereum.
GESE (Pre-ICO) A counterfeit protection platform based on blockchain technology.
Global Spy Global Spy is a blockchain-based professional research service that provides users with a platform they can use to analyze cryptocurrencies and other markets
Goodwork (Pre-ICO) Ecosystem for remote teams.
GPCC GPCC – Decentralized service that utilizes the advantages of blockchain technology for protection intellectual property for all types of media files
Greenish Coin (Pre-ICO) Fixed monthly allowance plan.
GreenX The GreenX Network is a blockchain ecosystem that was created with the objective of enabling both individuals and institutions.
Hala (Pre-ICO) AI Platform for business with a decentralized knowledge base on the blockchain.
HIGHER Innovative platform changing the rules of the game on the market of sale and delivery of marijuana.
HUBEZOO Introducing the first quantum blockchain.
Hydrominer (Pre-ICO) Selling a security token with a prospectus according to European financial law.
KASKO2GO (Pre-ICO) Blockchain community for safer driving.
KLEROS Secure Blockchain Dispute Resolution Layer for virtually everything.
Koban Coin A crypto-gold being launched by Koban Coin Global.
KRYPTOSEA The most complete crypto ecosystem in southeast Asia.
Leap With Alice The passionate educators tool for the creation of interactive content, enhanced w/ AR. Creations are exchanged in a P2P marketplace using the ALICE token.
LIGO Cyptocurrency tax calculations for everyone around the world.
MOBEETEL worldwide mobile operator using its native cryptocurrency for payment
MONEDA Invest with style.
mvlchain Incentive-based Blockchain Mobility Ecosystem
NOBAR NOBAR is creating the first-ever crypto commerce to provide a holistic solution to the purchasing problem with cryptocurrency and crypto token
Neuromachine NRM is the world’s first decentralized expert and analytical platform for managing your crypto assets and exchanging information about the world of cryptocurrency, based on blockchain technology.
OFNOG AI based Unique Crypto Trading Solution
ÕPET FOUNDATION (Pre-ICO) Bringing AI into education, and helping students to achieve their potential.
OSA Decentralized (Pre-ICO) AI and blockchain in retail.
Parsec Frontiers MMO game with a virtual galaxy blockchain.
PAYBLOK (Pre-ICO) Incentivizes B2B payments within the InstaSupply platform.
PEP NETWORK (Pre-ICO) Decentralized & Personalized Content Ecosystem for personal expression
QYKBAR QYKTrade is a world’s decentralized network to buy, stock, consume and trade alcohol
RAWG Video game discovery platform that converts your skills into goods and services.
Smart City Enterprise The Smart City Enterprise Project is an Enterprise Sales, Integration & Consultancy Business running based.
SMART CONTAINERS (Pre-ICO) Leveraging blockchain technology to empower the new logistics ecosystem.
SmartO Project aimed at creating a versatile mobile app.
SOCIFI Gif Providing expert WiFi monetization solutions in 67 countries.
SupplyBloc SupplyBloc Technology is a blockchain integrated system that offers complete transparency, trackability, and optimization of interactions.
THINKCOIN Powers TradeConnect, the multi-asset trading network on the blockchain.
TEAMMATE (Pre-ICO) The TeamMate Network aims to integrate the health, fitness and wellness industries into a unified blockchain ecosystem.
TOPIACOIN Building a secure, decentralized file sharing infrastructure system.
TouchTrader TouchTrader aims to disrupt the financial software landscape by providing a “plugin” trading ecosystem that is intuitive, fun, and user-friendly.
Trimpo (Pre-ICO) Blockchain-based e-commerce ecosystem that aims to unite customers, merchants, and suppliers.
TRIWER Aiming to revolutionize the way you do shipping.
TRUEPLAY Fully functioning platform for integration of blockchain into gambling projects.
U RUN IT (Pre-ICO) The only gambling platform 100% managed by its community.
VERNAM The world’s first 0% commission insurance on the blockchain.
WeGold Travel blockchain to fuel aspirational travel in Asia.
Whalesburg Software bundle for cryptocurrency miners.
WHITE RABBIT A blockchain based video streaming platform that rewards the videos your stream.
xDAC (Pre-ICO) Platform for creating and managing Decentralized Autonomous Companies
ZAN COIN A bold, innovative way to get paid fast, to invest and participate in software development and sales.

May 16:

ACRED The Loopnet of blockchain, targeting Asian CRE market.
ALT.ESTATE Protocol to tokenize real estate, and platform to trade tokenized property assets in fractions.
AXENS Reshaping global trade with unique blockchain technology.
BITTIX A blockchain platform for building video games.
DOCTOR SMART Innovative platform for digital healthcare and wellness services.
DYLYVER (Pre-ICO) A ride-sharing platform and an on-demand delivery marketplace.
Energy Premier The future of electricity trading – Energy Premier Coin (EPC). It’s a faster, cheaper, safer way to trade electricity.
ETHernitymining We are the very first project that offers a mining hardware group bulk purchase through a token sale.
Fashion TV Coin FashionTV presents the first blockchain-based platform for models, fashion & luxury lifestyle
FIXY NETWORK Facilitates people to use cryptocurrency in their day life
FOX TRADING (Pre-ICO) Aims to improve and modernize algorithmic trading platforms using blockchain.
FTV COIN DELUXE Blockchain-based platform for models, fashion, & luxury lifestyle.
GOCHAIN Scalable high performance blockchain that supports smart contracts and DApps.
HAZEIAN The Future of Decentralized Trade.
Investa Investa offers a unique platform of complimentary crypto services which work in tandem to enable our users to manage and invest their Crypto in a managed portfolio.
JOYS DIGITAL (Pre-ICO) Legal payment service provider for tokens.
KRYPTED Gamified and decentralized crypto education platform.
NYiGDE Blockchain-ecosystem, using a smart contract and automatic conversion of assets.
PRODUCTIVIST (Pre-ICO) connecting manufacturers to their clients
SANDBLOCK (Pre-ICO) Enables businesses to convert loyalty points, coupons, and vouchers into crypto assets
THANECOIN Decentralized property market.
TIP TOKEN (Pre-ICO) Uses smart contract capabilities for global, instantaneous tipping.
TRADINGENE First trading algorithms marketplace for Crypto investors.

May 17:

Bitmillex Bitmillex is developed by experienced traders and experts in cybersecurity and the use of blockchain financial solutions.
Goldchip Mining Asset (Pre-ICO) Decentralizing the opportunity to invest in multi-million dollar gold mining projects.
My Smart Property Buy and Sell Real State
RUN2PLAY (Pre-ICO) a blockchain fitness platform utilizing AR/VR and proof of stake
UNION Ecosystem for collaborative savings, and lending, on Blockchain

May 18:

A7Core (Pre-ICO) Enables a more direct relationship between brands and their consumers.
Beercoin Beer-based cryptocurrency.
Cryptonod Cryptonod is a system of multiple intelligences, where the power of deep neural networks and the power of human intelligence combined together.
CurrenExchange Trading platform for digital assets that includes a fiat-to-crypto gateway.
GLOBATALENT The sports marketplace where you can just invest in your worldwide idols.
GreenHashes Cryptocurrency backed by carbon credits & mining power.
HASHRENTAL Decentralized hashing power marketplace.
Kora Network Kora Network is an infrastructure for inclusive community owned financial systems.
MEGA CRYPTO POLIS (Pre-ICO) Dесеntrаlized city builder game on the Ethereum blосkсhаin.
MOS Lottery MOS Lottery goal is to build transparent, fair and decentralized lottery platform based on Ethereum Blockchain
PROJECT X OPEN SOURCE Decentralized blockchain and cryptocurrency.
Tradelize An ecosystem where ProTraders gain a unique trading toolset and investors achieve investment results equal to those of the best ProTraders
Tripago Tripago is an upcoming decentralized travel platform targeting trillion dollar travel industry, built on top of the Ethereum blockchain technology.
VANIG (Pre-ICO) Integrated e-commerce and supply chain ecosystem powered by blockchain.

May 19:

BITCHORD Blockchain-based platform for guitar players
Cryptocashbackrebate First Cashback & Rebate Portal For Cryptocurrency Community
Dank Signals Dank Signals ecosystem is tasked with solving the problem of user interaction with cryptocurrency exchanges.
EtherWhiteGold allow the community to use ETWG as a means of payment in different areas of entertainment such as virtual casinos.
GOODWORK GOODWORK is an ecosystem for remote teams. It includes a network of coworking spaces, task management system and CRM-system.
INPACTOR New ecosystem of smart, reliable, transparent, and measurable humanitarianism.

May 20:

Bettium Betium is an analytical blockchain platform for peer-to-peer betting,empowering users with a variety of innovative capabilities.
BolttCoin Blockchain-based social health gamification platform.
CryptoRobotics CryptoRobotics is a freemium cross-platform desktop trading terminal for macOS and Windows, iOS and Android for major cryptocurrency exchanges.
Hupplat Blockchain for Books – Crypto Gain for Authors and Readers.
KROW NETWORK Network connecting employers and employees using blockchain to store information.
KURECOINHUB Offering cryptocurrency community a seamless and secured mode of transactions.
KuwaitKoin KuwaitKoin Is First Kuwait And World Blockchain Email Service.
MAHALACOIN A key link in the FORUS Global Digital Exchange.
MCV-CAP We will make cryptocurrencies useful for you in daily life
NOUSPLATFORM (Pre-ICO) A global platform for investors and decentralized
SAVE ENVIRONMENT TOKEN A reward token that promotes the sale and purchase of eco-friendly products.
SilkChain Improving international trade.
UTRUM An Incentivized Review Platform
Vanywhere Giving people access to the world’s largest collection of skills.
VoxelX Blockchain Powered Medical DICOM-Platform
W12 (Pre-ICO) DAICO marketplace.
WTO Foundation WTO Foundation aims to create the best digital asset platform for those interested in digital commodities.
Yodse Global ecosystem, directly connecting manufacturers and customers of industrial goods
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