ICO’s of the week: from March 12 to 18

We locate more than 110 ICO’s in this third week of the month of March.

Some of them have been analyzed before, and others we will publish their analysis in brief, but as you will understand, it is quite difficult to follow and analyze them all.

Below we list the “we have” found for this week that we enter, may be missing, and that of the listed, some are not reliable, so:

Investments in ICOs are high-risk investments, you may lose all or part of your investment. Consult with an investment specialist before you act. Dates can be modified without notice, or even canceled.

You have a reference manual here: Manual de como comprar y gestionar tokens: de fiat a token y de token a fiat, herramientas necesarias

And another investment manual and recommendations here: ICO’s, do I invest safely?

March 12:

CASHBAG The cash back cryptocurrency.
DROPD Dropd users will crowd promote and new stars will be born, in real time.
ENKIDU (Pre-ICO) World’s first decentralized global collaboration platform.
FIDUXA Fiduxa is a decentralized platform to provide a trustful certification of skills and competencies
FLIP COIN ONE A.i Trading Bots. Crypto mining
LIGHTCASH First Legal and Secure International System for Exchanging Cryptocurrencies for Fiat, backed by real gold
MENUVA A payment platform protected with escrow contracts accepting a variety of cryptocurrencies.
OHMSGOLD OG represents a digital asset on the blockchain as the cryptocurrency of Gold.
PRESALE.VENTURES (Pre-ICO) Virtual Decentralized Venture Fund and Seed Accelerator
PROVOCO (Pre-ICO) The 1ST Social Challenge Network Powered by Blockchain with Guaranteed Payments
RXEAL An awaited solution for global rental markets on blockchains.
SIGNALS Marketplace of data science powered signals for trading cryptos
SLTPOS Connecting Crypto Community World
STREAMITY Decentralized P2P platform for cryptocurrency to fiat currency exchange based on smart contract
SWAPY NETWORK (Pre-ICO) Decentralized lending & data for low-cost capital + data.
SWX (Pre-ICO) ensuring like minded consenting adults can meet
THOR Developing blockchain-powered gig economy solutions.
THRINTEL MARKET (Pre-ICO) The Blockchain Evolution of Threat Intelligence Sharing.
TRIAL TOKEN Crowd sourced litigation funding on the blockchain
TTC (Pre-ICO) A Decentralized and Incentivized Social Networking Protocol
VEHICLE LIFECYCLE BLOCKCHAIN A carfix and vehicle lifecycle blockchain.
YGGDRASH (Pre-ICO) YGGDRASH is a trust-based multi-dimensional blockchains.
YSIGN (Pre-ICO) ySign is a new blockchain-based global platform for free communication.

March 13:

BACE EXCHANGE (Pre-ICO) Giving the world simpler access to the digital asset market
BLOK NETWORK Revolutionizing the global on-demand workforce through blockchain
BUNNYTOKEN (Pre-ICO) BunnyToken is a payment solution for the $103 billion adult industry
GELIOS A peer-to-peer (P2P) lending platform.
HORIZON is a technology driven company that will use next generation, fixed wireless LTE to deliver its service offerings
MANESTREEM (Pre-ICO) World’s first On-Demand Beauty, Health, & Wellness Platform on Blockchain.
REWARDMOB Mobile eSports loyalty platform utilizing the speed and security of the Waves Blockchain
VACUUM (F) SPACE ENERGY Extraction of Limitless Clean Energy
XMONETA An Ethereum based financial ecosystem.
ZIPPER Mobile platform making cryptocurrencies and dApps

March 14:

ATLASDEX DISTRIBUTION (Pre-ICO) lets you exchange, send and share the top blockchain-based assets on mobile
BPAY Allows receiving cryptocurrency at your convenience – any place, anytime, while ensuring the speed and security of your transactions
CURRENT Current is an incentivized, blockchain-enabled str
EMYRON COIN The most secured decentralized self-regulated cryptocurrency.
KROSSCOIN World’s first mobile algo trading platform.
LANCECHAIN (Pre-ICO) decentralized marketplace for both freelancers and project owners, based on the blockchain ecosystem
MOXYONE White labelled debit card and payment infrastructure for all cryptocurrencies.
PIBBLE (Pre-ICO) Blockchain Based Monetized Image Ecosystem
TASKFAIR (Pre-ICO) A platform for home service on demand.
VIOLA.AI An AI-driven marketplace for dating, courtship, and marriage.
VRT WORLD A platform for global integration of developers, c

March 15:

300CUBITS Decentralized platform for container shipping industry.
ANTIQMALL A blockchain platform for buying and selling antiq
ARGO REALITY (Pre-ICO) entertaining space in augmented reality
BINKD (Pre-ICO) Binkd is a US-based Hybrid Cryptocurrency Broker and Decentralized Exchange.
BITBIX A blockchain-based social gaming platform.
BITGUILD Platform for games that live on the blockchain.
BOTGAMING Blockchain powered gambling platform for messenger bots.
CELSIUS NETWORK Borrow Cash with Crypto. Earn Interest.
CEYRON Token Paying Annual Dividends by Debit Card Worldwide
CREDIBLETOKEN The device credibility ecosystem powered by the Ethereum blockchain
CRYPTELO Cryptelo is a blockchain-based encryption technology company
CRYPTO WAYS Your way to wealth
DBRAIN Open blockchain platform to collectively build full-stack AI apps.
DEEPRADIOLOGY (Pre-ICO) Decentralized artificial intelligence technology that interprets medical scans.
DEHEDGE (Pre-ICO) A risk-hedging platform for cryptocurrency investors
DUBAILANCERS A skill renting marketplace.
ECOINOMIC (Pre-ICO) eCoinomic provides its users with financial management services of the digital assets
ETERNA COIN Investment Project That Utilizes Mining Farm As a Source of Revenue
ETHERTY Tokens that are backed by real estate properties.
FIRELOTTO A simple and understandable international blockcha
HEROESJOURNEY F2P and MMO mobile games which do not require fiat currency
ICONIC ECOSYSTEM An ICOs ecosystem built through decentralized assurance.
INTRO (Pre-ICO) BI Services for the participants of residential construction market
INVOX FINANCE (Pre-ICO) Invoice Lending Platform Connecting Sellers, Buyers and Investors
IPRONTO A Decentralized Incubation Platform
KARMATOKEN (Pre-ICO) Blockchain to improve the good in people
LOCALCOINSWAP (Pre-ICO) The world’s most inclusive and expansive P2P crypto marketplace
MATCHROOM Social gaming platform supported by blockchain technology
MAVRO Multi-level marketing systems on the blockchain.
MOVIECHAIN An Innovative and Decentralized Movie Distribution Ecosystem
OCTOBASE The Granny Wallet
OMINE.1 (Pre-ICO) Crypto mining (CPU, GPU, HDD) Investment Fund based on Ethereum smart contract.
ONCOPOWER (Pre-ICO) an autonomous, incentivized, and value-based global cancer platform
ONETOTWO (Pre-ICO) Gaming platform
PLAZA SYSTEMS (Pre-ICO) Plaza Systems occupies the intersection of lifestyle and technology.
PRIVACYSTAKE (Pre-ICO) An Anonymous Staking Platform That Pays Interest In Privacy Coins.
SECURE DONATION (Pre-ICO) A digital currency that people can donate or get donation fast and secure way.
SHOPIN empower retailers to provide a decentralized Amazon-like experience
SOCIAL MEDIA INCOME Real-Time solution to at home work.
SPOTLIGHT (Pre-ICO) The first and only, self-sustaining, socially-influenced, marketing platform; where your reach is your reward
TILX COIN first decentralized payment Cryptocurrency in the World of Magic and Art
UFOODO UFT Decentralized on-demand food delivery service.
UNIVERSAL LABS Decentralized personal cloud storage ecosystem.

March 16:

CONSENTIUM (Pre-ICO) Multi digital currency and group monetisation chat application
APOLLO18 (Pre-ICO) efficient mining operation in the galaxy that rewards investors
CEDEX (Pre-ICO) A certified blockchain based diamond exchange.
CRYPTO ANGEL An AI life assistant, designed to enhance human decision-making process.
GIFCOIN A profit-share token backed by a working betting website.
PIKCIOCHAIN The secure blockchain-based exchange for valuable
PMCOIN (Pre-ICO) Pool investment & Knowledgeable by contribution of educational reward system
SAMY First hybrid-decentralized platform to discover, create, analyze and measure campaign
STARTIONS The World’s Leading Lending Based Platform
SUCCESSLIFE A marketplace for premium personal and business de
TORUS DISTRIBUTED ENERGY Distributed energy platform that liberalizes energy and energy projects
VIVID disrupts interaction with cryptocurrencies and the communities around them.
ZONBYTE A free-to-use decentralized marketplace

March 17:

CONDUIT unleashing limitless super computing
SINTEZ Decentralized blockchain platform with smart inves
WIZZLE INFINITY A banking solution which brings cryptocurrencies to the masses.
ZPER (Pre-ICO) Blockchain based P2P Finance Meta Platform

March 18:

PMCOIN Pool investment & Knowledgeable by contribution of educational reward system
ARTHACOIN Sustainable-Lending Platform
DIGITAL WAY Develops and deploys industry 4.0 technologies using AI, IOT, and mobile
EDUCOIN (Pre-ICO) Educoin Empowering The Future Of Decentralized Learning and Education
EHEALTH FIRST (Pre-ICO) IT platform for personalized health and longevity management.
LSD Decentralized Marketplace for Sex & Tokenizing the Porn, Sex and Adult Industry
NAUTICUS (Pre-ICO) Better banking and eCommerce using blockchain technology
PORNX PROJECT fast online payments in the porn industry, based on the Lightning Network.
RUN2PLAY (Pre-ICO) Run2Play is gaming fitness by building the platform of the future for mobile, augmented reality, and virtual reality fitness technologies
WORLDWIFI A decentralized, free WiFi network powered by blockchain.
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