ICO’s of the week: from June 11 to 17

We continue the month of June with more than 170 ICOs.

Some of them have been analyzed before, and others we will publish their analysis in brief, but as you will understand, it is quite difficult to follow and analyze them all.

Below we list the “we have” found for this week that we enter, may be missing, and that of the listed, some are not reliable, so:

Investments in ICOs are high-risk investments, you may lose all or part of your investment. Consult with an investment specialist before you act. Dates can be modified without notice, or even canceled.

You have a reference manual here: Manual de como comprar y gestionar tokens: de fiat a token y de token a fiat, herramientas necesarias

And another investment manual and recommendations here: ICO’s, do I invest safely?

June 11:

BOUNTIE (Pre-ICO) Get paid to play.
Cache (Pre-ICO) When you purchase Cache, you are supporting the platforms we are building – some of which are already built.
CARBONEUM Decentralized social trading platform.
CARMEL Tech Education Platform helping Software Developers grow through tokenized challenges.
CMBToken Coinmarketbrasil should prove the decentralization of operations in ERP systems, validating data by leveraging automated smart contracts to enterprise systems, using blockchain protocols.
CODE OF TALENT Micro-learning platform designed blockchain to uplift people’s motivation to learn.
COINYSPACE A community platform for cryptocurrency users to make crypto accepted across the world.
CrypStock “CrypStock is a crypto asset management at a whole new level! Token holders will be entitled to the profit share.
DAC COIN Community building crypto coin
DAV Building the infrastructure for the internet of transportation that enables vehicles to discover, communicate, and transact with one another
EXCHAIN EXCHAIN is a decentralised blockchain-based advertising platform, which allows advertisers to execute digital advertising campaigns and to track, verify and audit ad spend. For publishers and service providers EXCHAIN replaces the traditional insertion order mechanism to allow real time processing of revenue payment.
GoNetwork GoNetwork is creating a mobile network infrastructure for Ethereum
INTERNATIONAL CRYPTOX A state-of-the-art Ultra-Scalable Simple, Secure and Compliant Crypto Exchange.
Leonardian Leonardian is a marketplace providing connection between Clients who need assets and services in the digital domain and the Providers who offer such.
MEvU MEvU is a decentralized wagering platform using smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain
MIN (Pre-ICO) MIN is a decentralized protocol and native token that enables professionals to charge fairly and accurately for their time.
MyDFS MyDFS is a daily sports platform that uses the blockchain to connect sports fans around the world
OBSERVER (Pre-ICO) Decentralized Weather Data Platform.
Ojooo (Pre-ICO) Offers companies advertising space and user data through the app and portal, based on blockchain technology.
PARKINGO Implementing blockchain within its company processes and continuing international expansion.
PAYPERBLOCK (Pre-ICO) Building a smarter future by developing a freelancing platform for blockchain experts.
PREVISIONE (Pre-ICO) Global blockchain platform for an accurate prediction market.
TaTaTu The TaTaTu Platform will be a fair and transparent social media and entertainment blockchain-powered platform.
TipSmart (Pre-ICO) Aims to convert loose change into digital currency.
Tixico (Pre-ICO) Tixico is a new blockchain option for the people who are interested in acquiring tickets for many types of events like sports or music concerts. It offers fair prices, safe ticking and uses the blockchain technology, which powers the platform and enables it to make transactions that are fast and 100% secure.
TRIGGMINE An AI driven email marketing platform based on Blockchain
TRUSTEDCARS FLEX Changing car ownership by turning dealerships into mobility service providers.
Vite Vite is a decentralized platform for event creation, promotion, and ticket sales
XBrick XBrick is a cryptocurrency exchange owned by X Bockchain Pty Ltd

June 12:

ALLUXE (Pre-ICO) Global blockchain-based platform for buying and renting luxe property.
BiteCoin Network BiteCoin network is the world’s first decentralized, cryptocurrency-backed food delivery network.
BLOCKSTORAGE A new way to store files in any blockchain.
eHarvestHub (Pre-ICO) eHarvestHub is making fresh food affordable and accessible to consumers by connecting small farmers directly with retailers and. Independent carriers.
GOToken GOToken is a token fot ParkinGO,a mobility platform that aggregates and facilitates the travel experience for customers, private and corporate
HIVE POWER Create energy sharing communities on the blockchain.
HOWDOO A decentralized social platform for users, content creators, and advertisers.
ICBCoin The first cryptoplatform in the world which united the cryptocurrency, banking service and forging.
PAVO Bringing together the cutting-edge technologies of IoT and blockchain.
Payiza Simple and innovative cryptocurrency exchange with fiat pairs.
PEER MOUNTAIN A decentralized ID protection, trust, and compliance ecosystem.
Safinus Safinus Mission: to make cryptocurrency investments accessible to a wide audience of newcomers, while at the same time allowing experienced investors and m
SLATE (Pre-ICO) SLATE is a blockchain-based entertainment utility protocol powered by a multilayered network. The decentralized system will deliver video and facilitate live event ticketing on the blockchain
SMARTAIM Sighting system based on artificial intelligence
Spotcoin (Pre-ICO) Spotcoin is the economic platform to bridge the gap between legacy financial markets and emerging digital currency ecosystems.
STERN (Pre-ICO) Payment processing marketplace and fiat-to-crypto gateway.
Swytch Swytch is a platform for producing and tracking of renewable energy sources
Tutellus The platform that pays you for learning

June 13:

ALPHACON A Blockchain-based Healthcare Big Data Platform.
Bitmillex Bitmillex is developed to create solutions to the demands of various categories of traders and investors and aggregate these solutions to a
ODEEP Allowing the traceable production of 100 million litres of drinking water.
PIGZBE Tangible piggy-wallet for children ages 6 and up, powered by Wollo.
TIP TOKEN Uses smart contract capabilities for global, instantaneous tipping.
Vio Vio Main Sale via Quoine ICO Mission Control. Listing on Qryptos directly after ICO.

June 14:

AEN Token (Pre-ICO) An incentive-based adult entertainment network of the world.
AGENTMILE (Pre-ICO) Leasing platform powered by Al.
Baanx Baanx is cryptobank Network which uses Smart Contracts to share bank licenses and сreate сutting edge, branded cryptobanks.
ENKRONOS (Pre-ICO) A Fully Trusted Blockchain Credit System for Data Driven Campaign.
Hybrid Betting An experiment involving human skill with numbers.
LIQUIDITY NETWORK Off-chain payment ecosystem, more flexible and efficient than Lightning/Raiden.
LOVAR Artificial intelligence investment platform.
URBIT (Pre-ICO) Platform that enables the assessment of real estate, rents, sales, holiday rentals.
Veio (Pre-ICO) Provides a decentralized system for renewable energy reward based waste managing platform.
WEEDO An eco-friendly cannabis facility heated by mining and powered by solar energy.

June 15:

ABACASXCHANGE Allows you to trade, exchange or transfer any asset anywhere anytime.
AEN (Pre-ICO) The AEN team aims to be the first global incentive based adult entertainment network of the world powered by Bitcoin Technology.
Agrolot Agrolot Project is the decentralized platform on the B2B market.
Akropolis Akropolis is a blockchain-based pension fund ecosystem
Alicoin Cash Alicoin Cash is an investment system with decentralization of smart contracts based on blockchain technology
ALTAIR VR VR platform for world discovery built on blockchain technology.
Anti Derivative The token takes the best of both worlds to address the issue of the biggest financial market in history.
AQWIRE Cross-border real estate transaction platform powered by blockchain
ARTICLEX Publishing platform for the blockchain era.
AutoBlock Literally revolutionizing both used vehicle valuations as well as car data, our proven and bespoke systems will serve motor industry.
B21 (Pre-ICO) B21 is a fintech company headquartered in Gibraltar and is the developer of a personal wealth management platform exclusively for cryptoassets.
BASIS NEURO Brain-computer interfaces to train your brain with VR.
BeANKH (Pre-ICO) A blockchain based platform, utilizing the power of smart contract and artificial intelligence algorithm.
BEAT The cryptocurrency for the world of sports.
Beaxy Exchange (Pre-ICO) Beaxy aims to create the ultimate all-in-one cryptocurrency exchange, with more tools at your disposal than ever before, and a user experience.
Blockchain IoT Network (Pre-ICO) Discovery helps brands track products through their supply chain through use of IoT, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technologies.
BOUNTIE A platform for gamers in Asia to make a living while playing their favorite games.
BrainerZ BrainerZ is the blockchain playground for social games
Casper API (Pre-ICO) Casper API is an easy way for DApps developers to have decentralized cloud storage and CDN on any blockchain with smart-contract.
Chain Works (Pre-ICO) Contents Creators, Copyright holders, Uploaders, and every users gets compensated.
Chainconnect Decentralized Ecosystem for Automated Crypto asset trading, Dapp sales and a Fiat/Crypto currency Exchange.
CHECK-CAR Blockchain platform for the market of car diagnostics and selection.
CHERR.IO Winners of FutureHack 2018 during WEF in Davos, Switzerland and also most inspirational project from Slovenia.
CODSET (Pre-ICO) A cryptocoin associated with a reward motivation coding training platform.
CoinSeason Canada’s First Government Regulated Cryptocurrency Exchange and Trading Platform registered with FINTRAC.
CONNECT SOCIAL puts its users in control of their data and privacy and rewards users for creation/curation
CONNECTY Platform for finding knowledge.
COTI COTI is a payments transactions network that was built from the ground-up to solve the payments challenges of today.
Crowdif CrowdIF is a path-breaking, first-of-its-kind cryptocurrency trading platfrom which is capable of harnessing the power of the Collective Intelligence.
Crypto Hunt Game CryptoHunt is an Augmented Reality game with a focus on adventure, face to face interaction, cooperation and physical activity, with an added educational and financial incentive for players
DirectHome DirectHome is the decentralised real estate platform that offers cashback and rewards contributors.
DISCOVERYIOT (Pre-ICO) Blockchain 4.0-based IoT network, created by connecting millions of smartphones.
Emotiq A smart contract platform emphasizing scalability and privacy.
Engyo (Pre-ICO) Engyo seeks to be the preferred method for donations in the online ecosystem.
Enkidu Next generation teams and payment splitting. Possible only on the blockchain.
FairNinja (Pre-ICO) Multi-national online classifieds platform that allows users to buy and sell goods and services using cryptocurrency.
FANTOM FANTOM is the DAG based smart contract platform. With FANTOM platform, team aims to solve the issue of scalability and confirmation time of the blockchain technology
FarmaTrust FarmaTrust is a web-based, peer to peer platform designed to keep an immutable record of every legitimate drug ever produced
FIC Network Fixed income infrastructure for blockchain assets
Fintechnics (Pre-ICO) We are bridging the Crypto and the Financial world.
FINX FINX is the world’s 1st comprehensive decentralized bank.
GAMB (Pre-ICO) Germany’s #1 e-commerce platform (Gambio) is building a self-governed and decentralized ecosystem, driven by smart contracts.
GOODWORK Ecosystem for remote teams.
GreenX Ecosystem that enables investors to discover & invest in lucrative renewable energy project.
HELIX Orange HELIX Orange is an ICO platform for investors and ICO projects built on Blockchain Technology.
INSTANT ASSET Revolutionizes the real estate industry by developing an IAT Platform on blockchain.
KIMERA Using AI and Blockchain to proactively make P2P connections across ANY industry.
KINGCOIN A booking platform for travel with a built in payment system.
KOBAN COIN A crypto-gold being launched by Koban Coin Global.
KOIOS Marketplace to connect AI developers directly to consumers.
KryptEd KryptEd strives to create an ecosystem, supporting cryptocurrency and blockchain education through e-learning and physical academies
LaborCrypto (Pre-ICO) The global freelance peer to peer ecosystem that shares revenue.
Lamoneda (Pre-ICO) Lamoneda is a decentralized blockchain token network that powers and engineers a unique smart contract ticketing system otherwise known as.
LAPO Blockchain LAPO Blockchain is building a revolutionary financial platform empowering businesses, traders and consumers.
LOYAKK VEGA Blockchain-enabled platform for B2B engagement.
Mesmr (Pre-ICO) A secure media ecosystem, powered by blockchain.
Neon Exchange NEX is a platform for complex decentralized cryptographic trade and payment service creation.
NiQBiX NiQBiX wants to create technological cities, by creating an organized grid combining with micro-payment technology and a decentralized energy production network
NOIZ AD NETWORK An AI and blockchain ad exchange network providing transparent data to all parties.
NTOK NTOK is a blockchain online education platform.
NYNJA Utility token powering the e-commerce, freelance and virtual marketplace.
ODYFUND Fundraising platform linked to a Humanitarian Crypto Emergency Fund.
OkeyDokey Smart and secure way to rent and sell things.
OneLedger OneLedger is a cross-ledger agnostic protocol that enables high-performance scaling using a sharded and modified practical Byzantine Fault Tolerant consensus scheme
ONLINE (Pre-ICO) Revolutionizes the browsing experience by making it faster, ad free, and nontrackable.
PLANEX Where financial assets and crypto assets meet hedge funds.
Presale.Ventures Virtual Decentralized Venture Fund and Pre-ICO Funding Marketplace
REGO Powering the next generation blockchain based global real estate platform.
Rolecoin RoleCoin is a digital currency that tracks, measures and rewards the skill and career development progress of its recipient.
Safe.ad End-to-End Encrypted Email & File Storage ICO
SBInvestitions (Pre-ICO) We are registering a pioneer company
SID Token (Pre-ICO) SID (Share Internet Data) is a peer-to-multi-peer decentralized internet sharing eco-system platform.
Smart of Giving Model to generate funds for charities.
Solarex Solarex energy solution aims to become the largest sustainable solar energy provider in Africa
SOUNDEON Music platform that covers all aspects of the music industry.
SRT The project aims to provide small to medium refineries with new technology.
Stellargoldcoin Stellargoldcoin is a solution, which could allow users access transaction methods to various platforms and mining sites
STRYKZ STRYKZ tokenizes fantasy sports, starting with football and their own platform Football-Stars. STRYKZ vision is to bring sports fans all over the world as close to the real action as they can get.
TAURUS Fully decentralized trading protocol for crypto-derivatives.
TOUCH SOCIAL Social media platform based on the Ethereum blockchain.
TRAXION Aims to be a better bank in a blockchain-driven environment
Tripterium T50 Peace of mind cryptocurrency investments to mainstream investors.
Trivver Product placement of 3d objects into XR environments. Ads that live within the context of their environments and dynamically adjust in size.
UNCHAINET Connecting available computing resources and clients who need them.
Unified Exchange Cross-Exchange Platform With the Power To Socially Unify Blockchains.
USAT (Pre-ICO) We are an Australian organisation utilising blockchain technology to decentralise the intellectual property processes.
Valena-SV Valena-SVCoin is a Blockchain technology, which integrate in real time the manufacturer of Valena-SV, distributors, industrial enterprises, logistics companies, construction companies with a fleet of special equipment, car owners, and laboratories, which testing the state of lubricant
Varanida Building a better Internet through a decentralized advertising and content solution
Windmill Enterprise (Pre-ICO) Enterprise Data Integrity Powered by Blockchain.

June 16:

Alphacon Alphacon is a platform to distribute healthcare data and provide personalized solutions to solve problems where individuals are alienated from existing health care big data and platform industry.
ANTAVIRA ANTAVIRA blockchain credit risk management platform is a new project of SCORISTA.
BEAXY EXCHANGE All-in-one crypto currency exchange.
BiteX Community impact meets global efficiency.
BLOCKVEST Cryptocurrency index fund of the top 30 cryptocurrencies.
CryptoAds CryptoAds Marketplace is a decentralized marketing and advertising platform built on Ethereum blockchain
CVERIFICATION (Pre-ICO) Blockchain-based recruitment and background verification platform.
CyteCoin CyteCoin is the solution on the market that empowers brands, content producers, event organisers, advertisers, KOLs, sponsors, merchants, and audiences to capitalize in AR/VR/360
DARCMATTER Uses NEMs blockchain to remove opacity and inefficiencies in the investment industry.
DIAMOND HORSE Backed By Our Funds Diversified Crypto Portfolio – One Coin Multiple Assets.
DREAM New work economy that creates a more efficient and rewarding way of working together.
FIND.EXCHANGE (Pre-ICO) Decentralized money transfer platform based on blockchain for fiat/cryptocurrencies.
HeroesJourney HeroesJourney™ is a new concept in the world of F2P and MMO mobile games.
INNOVATIVE BIORESEARCH Developing novel AIDS cure research and decentralized clinical data.
MB8 Coin MB8 Coin will be used as the fuel for the existing Multibuy loyalty rewards network.
Opiria Opiria & PDATA is a decentralized marketplace to create a passive income stream by selling personal data
Path.Network (Pre-ICO) Redefining internet visibility through Blockchain.
PeruCoin PeruCoin is a platform for promote the knowledge of cryptocurrencies in Peru through the purchase of a factory, the placement of mining machines and guided tours to show how they work
Poseidon Poseidon is a non-profit foundation which empowers consumers to rebalance their carbon impact when they buy everyday items

June 17:

BRAINERZ Ethereum-based playground for knowledge-based social games.
CVerification (Pre-ICO) Blockchain-based Recruitment and Background Verification Platform: The future of CV, certificate, and record exchange.
GOEUREKA A travel company utilizing blockchain to build a hotel booking platform.
Ligercoin Liger is an EcoSystem for the offine and online casinos, online fantasy sports and sports betting using the blockchain technology
OSA Decentralized OSA DC is a decentralized, AI-driven blockchain platform that collects and analyzes data from retailers, manufacturers, consumers, and open data sources in real-time.
Viola.AI The First Blockchain-Powered Relationship Registry and Love AI.
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