ICO’s of the week: from July 9 to 15

We continue July with more than 140 ICO’s.

Some of them have been analyzed before, and others we will publish their analysis in brief, but as you will understand, it is quite difficult to follow and analyze them all.

Below we list the “we have” found for this week that we enter, may be missing, and that of the listed, some are not reliable, so:

Investments in ICOs are high-risk investments, you may lose all or part of your investment. Consult with an investment specialist before you act. Dates can be modified without notice, or even canceled.

You have a reference manual here: Manual de como comprar y gestionar tokens: de fiat a token y de token a fiat, herramientas necesarias

And another investment manual and recommendations here: ICO’s, do I invest safely?

July 9:

4ARTECHNOLOGIES (Pre-ICO) An unprecedented standard of transparency, authenticity, and security for the art world.
Bitsive Exchange (PreICO) The solution to the critical problem of exchange hacks, limited functionality of decentralized exchanges and the risks of an OTC.
BlockFollow (Pre-ICO) A brand new social service for the crypto community.
BOTGAMING Blockchain powered gambling platform for messenger bots.
BrainerZ (PreICO) BrainerZ is the world’s first knowledge-based gaming platform operating on the ethereum blockchain.
BRYLLITE Global game asset transfer platform.
Code of Talent Micro-learning platform designed blockchain to uplift people’s motivation to learn.
Cornucopia (PreICO) Cornucopia is a privately-held index fund, dedicated to acquiring shares in private companies, ahead of their anticipated Initial Public Offering.
CryptoSouk (PreICO) The next generation digital asset exchange for traders of every skill level, making digital currency trading accessible to everyone.
DYNO Re-Defining the sports industry by building the first blockchain based marketplace for user driven sports and metabolic data.
ELEPIG Elepig is an exchange made for the people by the people.
eLYQD Decentralized ethereum based ecosystem marketplace that will be the framework for the vaping industry.
FONDOCOIN Fondo Network is a cryptocurrency trading platform using secured ICO (SEICO).
MyDFS MyDFS is a daily sports platform that uses the blockchain to connect sports fans around the world.
OBSERVER Decentralized Weather Data Platform.
TOEX COIN (Pre-ICO) Wallet designed to be safe in crypto world.
TrustedCars TrustedCars aims to change car ownership: with TrustedCars Flex client can choose any vehicle he or she wants from the available inventory of participating car dealers within the TrustedCars Flex network, digitally sign for it in the app, and client is ready to go.
TRUSTVERSE Wealth Management Platform with an Integrated Digital Estate Planning Protocol.
TycoonCoin (PreICO) TycoonCoin© TTC is different to ordinary cryptocurrencies in that it actively engages in the market place to raise its value.
VTOS Decentralized CDN & social network built in blockchain technology.
WEMARK (Pre-ICO) A blockchain-based marketplace for digital content, starting with stock photography.
ZetoChain Food safety blockchain software for global retail industry.

July 10:

Autobay Autobay is the first decentralized e-commerce platform to buy, sell & auction any vehicle with cryptocurrency.
Auto Block Auto Block is a suite of products including cryptocurrency that gives a control of vehicle purchases, data and valuations to the individual.
Bettium Analytical blockchain platform for P2P smart betting.
Bullion Exchange Provides a trustless, real-time, responsive decentralized cryptocurrency Exchange.
Centaure Bringing advancement to advisory & consultancy.
Clash & GO (Pre-ICO) Augmented reality strategy game with blockchain integrated.
COSMECOIN Future of cosmetic surgery and medical aesthetics
Eniac Network A decentralized privacy coin based on blockchain technology.
Ethereum Platinum Blockchain based real world asset trading platform.
FastBet Fastbet is an online casino project in which many games such as jackpot, roulette, dice and many more will be available.
iShook iShook is seeking to enhance its singular network to facilitate and host digital content and increase content creators visibility.
MarketC MarketC is a blockchain-based financial trading ecosystem.
Metabase Blockchain platform to build, scale, and monetize next-generation businesses.
MonetaryCoin MonetaryCoin is the cryptocurrency to implement a macro-econometric oracle feature to endogenously govern its own maximum supply once forged (i.e. mined) to an initial limit.
MOOLYACOIN (Pre-ICO) The coin for the global digital startup ecosystem.
MyDFS MyDFS is a daily sports platform that uses the blockchain to connect sports fans around the world.
LICERIO Your customer is your advertisement.
Online Revolutionizes the browsing experience by making it faster, ad free, and nontrackable.
PayBlok PayBlok is a cryptoasset that incentivizes B2B payments within the InstaSupply platform.
PearlPay (PreICO) Pearl Pay is a Virtual Money Logistics System that provides world-class and yet affordable mobile wallet white-label service for rural banks.
Planport Planport is building a decentralized business-to-business supply chain platform for Web 3.0 and Supply Chain 2.0.
Smart City Enterprise Blockchain tendering and rating platform for smart technology.
Swachhcoin Decentralizing waste management.
Trilliant (PreICO) Trilliant makes the highly lucrative cryptocurrency ATM business accessible to everyone.
TronClassic TRXC is an ERC20 token that serves as a digital currency. TronClassic is a platform for the future of trading market and online wallet .
Trust Platform Trust Platform is a set of core technologies and solutions that work together as an ecosystem with enhanced capabilities able to provide developers with advanced tools, enable the integration of blockchain and non-blockchain projects.
UChain The Next Generation Distributed Smart Network Blockchain for the Sharing Economy.
WallChain The biggest advantages to WallChain platform is zero fees, instant transactions, and unlimited scalability.
XBIT XBIT is a startup incubation platform built on blockchain technology, with attributes of social, sharing and copyright protection.

July 11:

Custom Deal Imagine your dream vacation. Feel like celebrity and create Your Own Rider List.
CZero The CZero Token aims to become the de-facto currency of choice for Electric Vehicle adhering community, a one of its kind Eco Coin.
Dipitto Dipitto is an international payment platform based on the markets of games, online gambling and international money transfers.
Dream (Pre-ICO) New work economy that creates a more efficient and rewarding way of working together.
eHarvestHub (PreICO) eHarvestHub is making fresh food affordable and accessible to consumers by connecting small farmers directly with retailers and. Independent carriers.
Gnome Invasion Gnome Invasion will launch a matching social card game that can bring excitement to any worknight or fun weekend and will further develop a card game as an app.
JCASH JiojioMe is a interest and hobby application that combines and benefit users, merchants (businesses) and advertisers on a single platform.
JSEcoin Consumer focused web platform built on top of a browser mined blockchain.
MONETARYCOIN (Pre-ICO) Econometric oracle, proof-of-stake forging and elective AML-KYC; mining supply is GDP linked.
OKEY DOKEY Smart and secure way to rent and sell things.
Plentix (PreICO) The advent of cryptocurrencies and the tokenized economy makes it possible to re-imagine the entire value chain of consumer, products, and producers.
SilkChain SilkChain is a blockchain platform for trading.
Stern Payment processing marketplace and fiat-to-crypto gateway.
WPP WPP platform is being created to reduce the cost of green energy to most parts of the world by transmitting power production data from wholesale renewable energy producers around the world into the platform.
XRT A revolutionary moblie payment platform in F&B sector. It can be utilized at hotels, restaurant, cafes, bars etc.
YUMERIUM An incentivised, open gaming platform
ZEROBANK (Pre-ICO) A global money transfer and exchange system based on Blockchain.

July 12:

ALLUXE (PreICO) The first global blockchain-based platform for buying and renting luxe property.
Attrace decentralised affiliate marketing platform
BiteCoin Network A large food delivery service network combined with power of the blockchain – That is BiteCoin in a nutshell.
BLOCK66 (Pre-ICO) Mortgage lending platform that leverages blockchain technology.
CZERO An electric vehicles ecosystem on blockchain.
EtherAce Speculation Platform EtherAce is a decentralized speculation platform.
GoldMA digitizing gold assets: Africa’s crypto-based gold royalty token.
HELIX ORANGE (Pre-ICO) HELIX Orange marks the start of a new investing era for a legally compliant ICO ecosystem.
Homelend Blockchain-based, peer-to-peer mortgage lending platform.
Safinus Revolutionary Platform for Investments in Cryptocurrencies and ICOs
Sports Ledger (PreICO) The first sports data analytics platform to leverage the power of Blockchain technology and Smart Contracts.
Thrintel Market The blockchain evolution of threat intelligence sharing.
ZeroBank (PreICO) We created ZeroBank platform to solve money transfer issues.

July 13:

CryptoHIT Decentralized platform for financial gaming projects.
EHO EHO is a smart textile for horses
LaborCrypto LaborCrypto algorithms match users with each other to hire and promote freelance work.
Lamoneda Lamoneda is a decentralized blockchain token network that powers and engineers a unique smart contract ticketing system otherwise known as.
Tip Blockchain (Pre-ICO) First indexed and searchable blockchain featuring usernames as addresses.
ValPromise Value Promise – The Deal Project, is committed to building a blockchain-based.

July 14:

Anything App Creation of the sharing economy of knowledge.
Avinoc AVINOC is a base data layer for decentralized and worldwide coordination of business flights within the general aviation.
Cryptov8 (Pre-ICO) UK domiciled and authorized bank using blockchain technology to bridge banking and crypto.
HEALTH FX (Pre-ICO) The Future of Healthcare. Smarter.
Module (Pre-ICO) Creating a unique token economy with a completely new platform that uses free storage.
Tokenaire (PreICO) World’s First Platform and Exchange to Tokenize People.

July 15:

ACA NETWORK (Pre-ICO) Aiming to disrupt the online advertising industry from Japan to the world.
ACCOUNTING BLOCKCHAIN Integrating blockchain into the accounting industry streamlining the supply chain and saving billions to businesses.
Akash Network Akash provides an open marketplace connecting companies with idle compute capacity to users who need it.
Akropolis Akropolis is a blockchain-based pension fund ecosystem.
AnkhLabs AnkhLabs melds artificial intelligence, big data and blockchain technology to add immutability to digital immortality, allowing users to preserve and share their essential traits and personality long after their physical death.
AVINOC A consistent, integrated and permissionless base data layer for decentralization and transparency.
B21 Personal wealth management solution for crypto assets.
BEANKH A blockchain based platform, utilizing the power of smart contract and artificial intelligence algorithm.
Bountie Bountie is a platform for gamers in Asia to make a living while playing their favorite games
BY THE WAY It’s a disruptive global platform that integrates the best of entertainment, rewards, marketplace and monetization.
Chain Works PIC is a reward-based, practical platform that utilizes blockchain technology.
CHOZUN (Pre-ICO) A global travel and loyalty ecosystem driven by crypto.
ContractVault Contract Vault is a platform that bridges the gulf between legal contracts and smart contracts.
Cosplay Token The world’s largest cosplay website is creating a protocol that empowers cosplayers to create their own personal token.
Craftcoin Craftcoin is the cryptocurrency of the craftbeer scene.
CURE COSPLAY Protocol that empowers cosplayers to create their own personal incentives.
Cybercoinium (PreICO) Platform for decentralized file storage and decentralized managed blacklist based on blockchain.
DECENTRALCOIN The utility asset that makes mining affordable.
EcoStart EcoStart is a public distributed cryptographic platform for creating applications and software solutions on an open blockchain for supporting environmental and nature protection projects.
EtherInc eInc Organization is a smart contract with predefined protocol (eInc protocol) and running on EtherInc blockchain, every eInc has a unique name and will be maintained by eIncNS (eInc organizations name service) smart contract.
EVENTA (Pre-ICO) Empowering organizers with 0% commission ticketing. Democratizing ticketing and its distribution via blockchain.
Fair Ninja Fair Ninja is the world’s first multi-national online classifieds platform that allows users to buy and sell goods and services.
FYSICAL Protocol layer for human mobility and the next generation of big data: how humans move through the physical world.
GOODWORK GOODWORK is an ecosystem for remote teams, it includes a network of coworking spaces, task management system and CRM-system.
GrowPayment (PreICO) The world’s first globally regulated marketplace for the cannabis industry.
GTURBO A token option for gas turbine production.
HOLDVEST Your universal gateway to the crypto markets.
Hyperion Fund Decentralized energy supply platform which helps households and businesses to acquire energy directly.
IXTUS Little Detective, an interactive edutainment platform, which takes current multimedia education.
MOLECULE A fully functioning car service aggregator on blockchain.
MYCRYPTOBANK Cryptobank for the crypto community.
N.Exchange Accommodate all of your crypto needs under one roof.
Neuromachine NRM is the world’s first decentralized expert and analytical platform for managing your crypto assets and exchanging information about the world of cryptoc
NOIZ CHAIN NOIZ is a decentralized ad network that aims to give control of advertising back to the community, while eliminating fraud, driving engagement and empowering social impact organizations.
LAPO Blockchain LAPO Blockchain is building a revolutionary financial platform empowering businesses, traders and consumers.
ORACOLXOR (Pre-ICO) Cryptocurrency for the world distributed locally.
PLANEX Where financial assets and crypto assets meet hedge funds.
Presale Ventures Virtual Venture Fund and Pre-ICO Funding Platform.
RegistryBlocks Registry Blocks is a fraud prevention platform based on blockchain technology, for decentralized registration of items and documents.
RUNS.COM Decentralized experience commerce platform built on digital trust verified by blockchain.
SEND A consensus price token designed for everyday use.
Simpex Simpex is a Fast, Secure and User Friendly Cryptocurrency Exchange, Instant Payments and Secure Wallet Application for Desktop, Mobile and Web.
SQUAREX (Pre-ICO) An ecosystem for construction and real estate market based on blockchain technology.
TRADELIZE An ecosystem for pro traders and investors.
TradeOne (PreICO) TradeOne is Decentralized Blockchain Investment and Trading Platform An easy-to-use trading.
TRENDS PROJECT A secure platform utilizing the highly successful concept of decentralization to simplify trading for everyone.
Varyon Varyon (VAR) is a general purpose payment token for the exchange of goods and services in the Blue Frontiers ecosystem, other ecosystems, and between token holders
VERIFIER Verifier is an innovative technology designed to verify identity, events, deals, and any other kind of data. This is a blockchain based solution that verifies data quickly, accurately, reliably, and securely.
VIDYCOIN (Pre-ICO) Vidy is the world’s first decentralized ad network, built on the ethereum blockchain.
Workchaincenters Workchaincenters will be a platform to rent, manage and develop office centers and shared spaces in the main cities of Europe and South America.
WPP (PreICO) Green Energy Token Backed by Billions in Projects.


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