ICO’s of the week: from April 2 to 8

We started on April 1 with more than 50 ICO’s and its first week continues with more than 80 ICO’s.

Some of them have been analyzed before, and others we will publish their analysis in brief, but as you will understand, it is quite difficult to follow and analyze them all.

Below we list the “we have” found for this week that we enter, may be missing, and that of the listed, some are not reliable, so:

Investments in ICOs are high-risk investments, you may lose all or part of your investment. Consult with an investment specialist before you act. Dates can be modified without notice, or even canceled.

You have a reference manual here: Manual de como comprar y gestionar tokens: de fiat a token y de token a fiat, herramientas necesarias

And another investment manual and recommendations here: ICO’s, do I invest safely?

April 2:

AETERNUM (Pre-ICO) Intellectual property rights for science.
AXENS (Pre-ICO) Aims to reshape global trade through its unique BlockChain technology.
BITRUST a decentralized, easy to use peer-2-peer insurance platform
BLUE WHALE (Pre-ICO) The Decentralized Ecosystem for the Self-Employed
COINJANITOR Restoring the lost value in functionally dead coins and reducing market dilution.
DUG COIN A Revolutionary Digital Money System
ECOS (Pre-ICO) Decentralized software for food quality control.
FORGECDN (Pre-ICO) A fog computing AI-driven decentralized CDN with blockchain-based payment system.
FURTHER NETWORK An innovative technology company aiming to disrupt the airline & travel ecosystem with blockchain
IP.GOLD (Pre-ICO) Maximizes the monetization of services delivered on IP addresses.
LEMOCHAIN Data Circulation Infrastructure connecting every day businesses.
LOANBIT This is a peer to peer network that offers a robust trading and loan platform.
NAGRICOIN (Pre-ICO) A project of an international biotechnology company, NagriTech.
ONE ”All in ONE” App of the crypto world.
P2PS Economic Value Integrated into Secure, Interference-Free Communication System
PAYTOMAT (Pre-ICO) Decentralized Franchise, Loyalty Program and DAO for Crypto Payments
QUANT OVERLEDGER Overledger empowers applications to function across multiple blockchains
QURREX integrating infrastructure of traditional stock exchanges with a decentralized network.
TERNIO A blockchain for digital advertising.
TOPIACOIN Building a secure, decentralized file sharing infrastructure system.
TRADEMINDX (Pre-ICO) Machine learning platform for cryptocurrency trading
TRIPAGO (Pre-ICO) Travel with fun.
UBCOIN MARKET Exchange cryptocurrency for real goods and vice versa.
UNITED CRYPTO MINING GROUP (Pre-ICO) The best crypto mining solutions.
VEIRIS (Pre-ICO) Computer Vision face & Text recognition for real-time KYC powered by blockchain.
VENDOREUM (Pre-ICO) Cryptoсurrency and ecosystem of services
WORLDOPOLY (Pre-ICO) A mobile game combining AR, AI, and blockchain.
XOV XOV is a secure and profitable environment providing innovative proprietary tech.

April 3:

BULLTOKEN Giving cryptocurrency investors an arena to work
COOL COUSIN A new travel agency optimized for Millennial and Gen Z travelers.
COUNTINGHOUSE FUND (Pre-ICO) Established high- yield foreign exchange hedge-fund starts new crypto hedge-fund.
DECENTRALIZED NEWS NETWORK A news platform aiming to create factual content.
FREEZONE The World’s first Free Crypto Economic Zone for starting and developing blockchain.
FUND PLATFORM Create cryptofunds and ICOs in a minute
HYBRID BETTING (Pre-ICO) An experiment involving human skill with numbers.
KINEKT TERMINALS (Pre-ICO) A blockchain agnostic integrated payment terminal.
OPEN BLOCK Uniting the Blockchain Community with Artificial Iintelligence.
SAFEIN (Pre-ICO) A wallet which lets you sign-on on any site without registration
THINKCOIN (Pre-ICO) powers TradeConnect, the multi-asset trading network on the blockchain.
TIHOSAY TIHOSAY is converting your cryptocurrencies into spendable capital.

April 4:

BASIC INCOME BITCOIN A platform for Universal Basic Income.
BITCOIN EMPIRE Collectible Trading Cards Facilitated by Nextgen Blockchain Technology
BRONIX Fair and transparent decentralized investment solution.
CRYPTO CASHBACK REBATE cash back and rebate portal for the crypto community
LAVENIR ICO A cryptocurrency lending platform devoted to sustainability and long-term growth
LIVINGOFFSET (Pre-ICO) A mobile app built on blockchain to offset carbon footprint.
MYDFS Blockchain-powered daily fantasy sports platform
OTPPAY AI & ML-based Crypto to Fiat Protocol (Buy, Sell, Exchange, Lend & Merchant Payments)

April 5:

ADSIGMA (Pre-ICO) A digital display advertising platform based on Blockchain
BETRIUM Worldwide betting exchange and sports betting service offering cryptocurrencies support, lowest fees, open API for developers and the platform for event organizers.
BIONIC Ethereum token created to lead the electronic markets.
HAPPYTOWN Investments in real estate
LIVECONTRACTS Legally binding contracts on the blockchain.
MCFLY.AERO Affordable city flights for urbanites.
SOCIALCXN SOCIALCxN is the decentralized influencer platform built on Block Chain technology.
THE 4TH PILLAR Changing the way HR industry works today.

April 6:

APOLLO18 efficient mining operation in the galaxy that rewards investors
BALTIC.FUND Invest in promising CEE & CIS Startups.
COINADVISOR (Pre-ICO) Trading platform for arbitrage, bot and a multi accounts management tool.
DIGITIZE COIN (Pre-ICO) Do you hate carrying coins? Convert them to cryptocurrency
ICO PASS Easiest way to do KYC checks
MANESTREEM World’s first On-Demand Beauty, Health, & Wellness Platform on Blockchain.
PHOTOCHAIN Photochain uses blockchain technology to reinvent photostocks
QUIFAS Quifas is a secure innovative cryptocurrency exchange built for the people
SCROLL NETWORK (Pre-ICO) Proprietary enterprise blockchain data storage solution.
SMARTO (Pre-ICO) Project aimed at creating a versatile mobile app.
STASYQ Adult entertainment platform on blockchain
TOKENCHANGER Blockchain platform for distributed financial applications.
TUDOLINK (Pre-ICO) Sharing Idle Computing Resources Based on Blockchain
XDAC Platform for creating and managing Decentralized Autonomous Companies

April 7:

JOINT VENTURES Blockchain Economy for Online Publishers.
LENDINGBLOCK medium for payment of interest by borrowers to lenders
LENDINGBLOCK (Pre-ICO) Medium for payment of interest by borrowers to lenders
REPU PLATFORM (Pre-ICO) Rating and feedback system based on decentralized blockchain technology.

April 8:

BAANX (Pre-ICO) Decentralised Cryptobank.
GOCHAIN Scalable high performance blockchain that supports smart contracts and DApps.
KASH (Pre-ICO) Innovative and secure wearable hardware wallet with membership benefits.
NEXIS Renewable energy blockchain crypto mining.
SOXAX (Pre-ICO) A social media platform rewards users for their activity on the platform.
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