ICO’s of the week: from April 16 to 22

We started the second half of April with more than 115 ICO’s.

Some of them have been analyzed before, and others we will publish their analysis in brief, but as you will understand, it is quite difficult to follow and analyze them all.

Below we list the “we have” found for this week that we enter, may be missing, and that of the listed, some are not reliable, so:

Investments in ICOs are high-risk investments, you may lose all or part of your investment. Consult with an investment specialist before you act. Dates can be modified without notice, or even canceled.

You have a reference manual here: Manual de como comprar y gestionar tokens: de fiat a token y de token a fiat, herramientas necesarias

And another investment manual and recommendations here: ICO’s, do I invest safely?

April 16:

3CCOIN Option investing in Composite Cellular Concrete (3C) industrial products.
ADOSIA Blockchain Integrated IOT Hardware and Advertising
ALPHA MARKET Online cryptocurrency hypermarket.
ALTAIR VR A VR platform for world discovery built on blockchain technology
ARQUTE G.A.S. Animation studio based on blockchain technology.
AX1 Capital appreciation mining token.
AXENS Aims to reshape global trade through its unique BlockChain technology.
BIORITMAI Personalized medicine of the future.
BITPROPERTY Tokenizing and digitalizing real estate investment via blockchain.
BOUNTY ANGELS (Pre-ICO) an automated marketing platform solution to reward bounty hunters
BRYLLITE (Pre-ICO) Beyond the boundaries of the game.
CARDIUM (Pre-ICO) Tokenize your everyday activity
CARGOCOIN Revolutionizing global trade and transport with decentralization.
CEEK Virtual-reality platform for streamed live events.
DCENTRAL CAPITAL (Pre-ICO) Ethical and inclusive co-operative Venture Partnership
ELYSIAN (Pre-ICO) A decentralized platform to build Ecommerce websites on the blockchain.
EO.TRADE (Pre-ICO) Leading Online Broker ExpertOption.com introduces 4 new products for crypto world.
EPIGENCARE Personalized skincare via direct-to-consumer epigenetic testing & product matching.
FIRST FAIR (Pre-ICO) A revolutionising all-in-one exchange.
FRIEND NETWORK Open source operating environment for blockchain and fiat tech and currency.
GLOBATALENT (Pre-ICO) The sports marketplace where you can just invest in your worldwide idols.
JWC BLOCKCHAIN VENTURES (Pre-ICO) a tokenization service ecosystem to support multiple industries
KELTA Decentralized computing power for scientific researchers, scholars, and cryptocurrency miners.
MARKET.SPACE Blockchain-based host aggregator for data storage, transmission, and direct content distribution.
MCOIN Cryptocurrency Accessible Even Without The Internet.
MONETIZR (Pre-ICO) A game reward engine for gamers and game developers
MOVI (Pre-ICO) Math Oriented Value Investing (MOVI) on Ethereum Platform connecting the whole world.
MTCASH a Decentralized and Blockchain-based eSports Ecosystem
MULTIVERSUM 4th Generation Relational Blockchain
MYDFS (Pre-ICO) Blockchain-powered daily fantasy sports platform
ONEM A global mobile ecosystem.
ONETOTWO Gaming platform
OPENPRODUCTDB Global full-featured open database of goods.
OPENPRODUCTDB (Pre-ICO) Global full-featured open database of goods.
ORCA Open banking platform for cryptocurrency users.
PINGVALUE Advertising services in smart cities based on blockchain 4.0.
PLAYBUNK Decentralized digital platform for distributing PC and blockchain games.
REDBUX Digital currency for the biggest revolution in adult entertainment
RENCAP B2B and B2C cryptocurrency payment solution.
RIX Decentralized AI cryptocurrency investment platform.
SAVE ENVIRONMENT TOKEN (Pre-ICO) A reward token that promotes the sale and purchase of eco-friendly products.
SHIVOM (Pre-ICO) Powering the next era of genomics through blockchain technology.
SMART TRIP PLATFORM (Pre-ICO) Connecting travelers and travel service providers to create unforgettable trips
SMARTER THAN CRYPTO A fully autonomous crypto index fund.
SPRINTX An ICO maker that will work together with SwitchX as a multifunctional exchange.
TASKFAIR A platform for home service on demand.
TAWARRUQ TOKEN Peer-to-peer financing and lending platform.
THE ABYSS Crypto reward ecosystem for gamers and developers.
THE DEAL COIN Decentralized P2P lending eco-system.
TRIGGMINE (Pre-ICO) An AI driven email marketing platform based on Blockchain
TRUEGAME Smart contract-based gambling platform.
UNITED CRYPTO MINING GROUP The best crypto mining solutions.
URBIT (Pre-ICO) Platform that enables the assessment of real estate, rents, sales, holiday rentals.
WELL Global blockchain platform for high-quality healthcare.
ZENITHCARD (Pre-ICO) Unified framework for blockchain based cryptocurrency deposit card.
ZPER Decentralized P2P (peer-to-peer) financial ecosystem based on blockchain technology.

April 17:

ALAX Blockchain app store designed for gamers.
AXLE FOUNDATION Asian crypto mining ICO, enabling everyone to mine.
BLOCNATION Unlocking the lifestyle payments ecosystem in Asia through blockchain.
ELIGMA AI-driven and blockchain-based cognitive commerce platform.
FLUX A decentralized global gaming ecosystem.
LIGOLEDGER Cyptocurrency tax calculations for everyone around the world.
MONETO (Pre-ICO) A loan service, through which users will be able to receive fiat money.
NCRYPTO (Pre-ICO) Crypto assets network that makes the complex simple.
NYNJA The 1st Intl Communications App w/ a Built-in Digital Marketplace & Crypto Wallet
RUSGAS Blockchain platform for a technological breakthrough in the gas industry.
VELIX.ID A blockchain platform to enable frictionless identity verification.

April 18:

ALTUMEA A Decentralized GPU Computing Platform
LIGERCOIN (Pre-ICO) Brings forth the union of Blockchain Tech and the world of Casino Gaming.
NEXUSLESS P2P content delivery network where anyone can earn income as an edge node.
ORGANICCO Developing asset backed tokens that will not be floated on exchanges.
PHONEUM Let your smart mobile device do the mining for you!
TTC Decentralized, incentivized social networking protocol.
WORLDWIFI A decentralized, free WiFi network powered by blockchain.

April 19:

DREAMTEAM E-sport & gaming recruitment and management network.
DUBTOKENS Protocol & dApp store for interactive video.
INTIVA HEALTH (Pre-ICO) Disrupting the medical industry with decentralized credentialing.
KASKO2GO (Pre-ICO) Blockchain community for safer driving.
PLAZA SYSTEMS Plaza Systems occupies the intersection of lifestyle and technology.
WEICROWD Token marketplace powered by its own exchange and accelerator.
YSIGN New blockchain-based global platform for free communication.

April 20:

ADSIGMA Digital display advertising platform based on blockchain.
AITHEON A.I., robotics, and human symbiosis.
AMBIT Next-generation mining infrastructure.
BUBBLETONE Platform that connects mobile operators, service providers, and end-users directly.
DANK SIGNALS (Pre-ICO) Solving the problem of user interaction with cryptocurrency.
DOGRACING Cryptocurrency value index betting dApp.
GEBE COIN (Pre-ICO) Token solution unifying the GeBe Group.
GOLDEX Blockchain-based digital gold.
HDXCHANGE (Pre-ICO) A p2p cryptocurrency exchange with no fees.
HUMANIXR (Pre-ICO) A DApp that seeks to incentivize human interaction.
IMIGIZE Ecosystem of the global online market of footwear and clothing based on 3D Contactless Fitting Service.
JOBCHAIN Blockchain-powered job & CV verification marketplace.
LEVELNET (Pre-ICO) First Distributed Cyber Security Platform
MIRA A platform for buying, holding, and exchanging cry
MOM.LIFE (Pre-ICO) Digital economy for Modern Moms based on 1M+ users of mom.life app.
NOBAR Complete crypto commerce.
PUBLIC REPUTATION NETWORK (Pre-ICO) Decentralization of Profits From Information Exchange.
RIPTIDE Decentralizing patient and customer data with RIPT powered software for the marijuana industry.
ROBET RoBET is the first platform for crypto sports betting and cryptocurrency exchange.
ROOMDAO (Pre-ICO) marketplace for travelers and suppliers.
ROOMDAO (Pre-ICO) marketplace for travelers and suppliers.
SMOKE NETWORK Decentralized, immutable dApp tailored to the needs and wants of cannabis users.
TRADETEX EXCHANGE (Pre-ICO) Commission-free exchange with its own native crypto currency.
UNIBRIGHT Unified framework for blockchain-based business integration.
XSEARCH Innovative research system.

April 21:

DREAMPLAY.IO (Pre-ICO) Licensed Gambling Platform on the chain with revenue share for token holders.
ENIAC NETWORK (Pre-ICO) A decentralized privacy coin based on blockchain technology.
EXCHAIN Decentralized Identity.
OPIRIA Directly connecting companies and consumers for direct exchange of personal data.
SOLUTION TOKEN Marketplace for the secure trading of personal data on the blockchain
STORWEEY (Pre-ICO) An online e-commerce platform which will be built using blockchain technology.
THE SUN EXCHANGE Streaming monetized sunshine directly to your wallet.
UULALA Facilitates the financial inclusion of under-banked Latinos.

April 22:

BRAINERZ (Pre-ICO) An ethereum-based playground for knowledge-based social games.
CARBONEUM Decentralized Social Trading Platform
DEVELOP[CRYPTO] A decentralized peer-to-peer freelance platform on blockchain with no fees.
IMPACTPPA Blockchain managed renewable energy from generation to payment.
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