ICOs: Moonlite, green mining on an industrial scale

MoonLite presents an opportunity to hold a token in a new-generation, industrial scale cryptomining operation that is focused on efficiency by employing Artificial Intelligence and Custom Algorithms, and profitability by using low cost and clean energy sources.

The MoonLite Project will operate several industrial-scale data centers in the Crypto-Currency Mining industry, and plans to start with predominantly Bitcoin, DASH, Litecoin and Ethereum mining using 100% sustainable green energy.

100% of the energy they will consume is generated using hydroelectric, geothermal and wind sources. The MoonLite project will base its first mining operation in the data center of the world capital, Iceland, where the average tariff for industrial connections is 0.043 USD per kWh. Data centers enjoy a contractual supply of the cleanest energy available, and at a fixed rate of several years, and additionally do not need to provide a comprehensive cooling infrastructure due to the Icelandic climate.

They have the best operational team to supervise and maintain effective data center operations, and have the most experienced and qualified board of advisors to help plan and execute a smooth launch. They are very selective of who they invite to be part of their team, and only relate to the best talents.

Its operations will combine several emerging technologies and systems, such as Artificial Intelligence and sophisticated custom algorithms, which will work in synergy to maximize the benefits and efficiency of large-scale cryptocurrency.

The proceeds from mining operations will be split as follows:

1. Liquidating a percentage into fiat currency to cover operational costs, ad-hoc re-investment into operations, and to engage in other crypto & blockchain investment opportunities.

2. Retaining a certain percentage of crypto-currency, to be kept in cold storage for the appreciation and investment value. A smaller percentage will also be traded by a highly experienced team of in-house crypto-traders to maximize returns.

3. Retaining a certain percentage of crypto-currency to be used for planned equipment purchase and expansion.

The ratio will be placed to a vote by token holders on a quarterly basis, but will begin with a 60:20:20 split. All voting will be executed by secure.vote, a decentralized blockchain governance voting system.

Operations are set to begin in August 2018, and we aim to be, in time, one of the larger crypto-mining companies globally.

Construction of data centers:

Phase 1: Bitcoin 28,000Ths | Litecoin 504,000Mhs

Phase 2: Bitcoin 56,000Ths | Dash 15,000Ghs | Litecoin 504,000Mhs

Phase 3: Bitcoin 120,000Ths | Dash 30,000Ghs | Litecoin 1,008,000Mhs

In summary

The MoonLite Project aims to add value to all token holders by employing the latest technology, implemented in the most efficient manner and directed by the most appropriate team to meet and exceed all performance and growth objectives.

They will only use 100% clean, green and sustainable energy sources.

MoonLite will embrace youth, technology, fun and aspires to be a preferred employer of the best talent available. We adopt the Blockchain technology and we will continue advancing in the company and the equipment in parallel.

They are a blockchain company and we believe in the transparency of 100% of the public. All operational, investment and executive decisions are sent to public voting, where the token holders have the last word. In addition, all financial, cryptocurrency and commercial records will be audited independently annually, and the results will be published publicly.

MoonLite issues the MoonLite (MNL) tokens through an audited and tested intelligent contract, created to work in the Ethereum ecosystem.

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