ICOs: MeeTip, the cryptocurrency of meetings of interest to the Match group (Tinder TM)

MeeTip is a new cryptocurrency that will be used in OutMySphere to offer drinks to your soul mate or your friends and tip the employee of your choice, and much more.

What is OutMySphere?

OutMySphere is a mobile application that allows you to instantly meet people in bars, restaurants, nightclubs, cafes, casinos, gyms and other establishments, direct competition from the Match Group, Inc. apps

As a reminder, Match Group, Inc. is a US Internet company that owns and operates several online dating sites, such as Tinder, Meetic or PlentyOfFish … Match Group is the global leader in dating. The leader in appointments, without doubt, there is no need to expand it. But we have to admit that they are not even beginners in terms of Blockchain technology.


Some reliable sources claim that this is clearly in line with the group to invest in Blockchain technology, in a way that would help revolutionize dating. Coincidence? I don `t believe.

MeeTip, which recently launched its ICO, is clearly focused on meetings by allowing the decentralization of beverage orders and tips. It will be possible to directly offer a drink to a stranger in a bar through the application or interact through an encrypted messaging service. Above all, these two possibilities caught the attention of the Match Group.


A year ago, the executives of Match Group and the OutMySphere company that owned the MeeTip cryptocurrency had already met, confirms one of them.

The executive in question remembers a constructive meeting. The Match Group has concluded to closely monitor the progress of the start-up.
The contacts seemed to have been made when the ICO of the company OutMySphere was only in the state of a possible option for the development of its project.

The CEO, as he knows it today, has chosen to choose the path of the ICO instead of a support from Group Match, which displeased them because it underlined the lack of understanding of the executive (preferring anonymity so as not to generate tension).
And we understand why if the Match Group plans to have the MeeTip in their hands, we can already see the benefits obtained. The MeeTip would commonly become the reference currency for meetings and could be used for any purchase in all similar dating applications (Tinder, Meetic and many others).

It is not so much a will, but dating applications will have no choice but to adapt to the digital revolution and integrate Blockchain technology to keep pace with its competitors.

But, what has been the final result?

OutMySphere has repeatedly stated through press releases that it prefers to focus on its ICO for the time being.
The Match group took note but there is no doubt that it is about to make an offer after the ICO. Unfortunately, we will not know more. The executive with whom we have been in contact did not want to reveal more details.

it’s a situation that’s worth seeing

Can we use MeeTip, a new cryptocurrency of meetings and relationships in existing dating applications?

Time will tell, but I’m sure the MeeTip seems to have a lot of determination to spare. Everyone is free to make their own opinion, but there are not many assumptions to consider. The Group Match simply wants to stay in the game and sees an opportunity for their products to evolve using the MeeTip cryptocurrency, or the project really starts to scare them.

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