ICO’s: MARAchain, Secure Digital Documentation Exchange

The European Union has established a series of guidelines to protect the information of companies and population of the territory, called GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). This regulation, which must be complied with since May 2018, establishes a series of rules and sanctions for those companies and professionals that have activity in the European territory.

The objective of MARAChain is to allow the Secure Exchange of Digital Documentation through the transmission of encrypted and secure documentation, avoiding third party access and offering access management to these creditable transfers, through an auditable, verifiable and secure P2P transaction. These transmissions are made through a distributed network of nodes, located in the main European CPDs, guaranteeing the availability of 24×7 information, as well as protection against the loss of information thanks to the redundancy of our network.

The exchange of digital documents, at all GDPR, P2P levels with the option of temporary storage of the same, through blockchain technology and the use of programming languages that allow the rapid development of applications or applications, such as PHP7 and Node.JS ., make it possible for the MARA project to fulfill the following characteristics:

1. Scalability: in storage and development, given the open-source nature of the technologies used.

2. Security: The documents are compressed and encrypted by a double AES256 system, preventing the opening and reading of said documents by another person who is not the addressee and / or sender; the technical staff will not be able to access the content of the transmitted documents, therefore these will only be accessible by the participants. In case of loss of credentials, the received and sent documents will not be accessible. Security Certifcation

3. Verifability: Every document sent is verifable at any time, without the need for signatures or verifcation codes. Only the document must be “uploaded” to the verifcation area, and the system will indicate if the document has been stored in the system, informing of the sender, date and time of sending. This verifcation will be carried out even if the document has been deleted from the data warehouse. Transmission Certifcation

4. Auditability: Any person or entity has access to the record book (not the documents), allowing to know, in real time or real-time, the use of the system as well as document transactions. Given the private nature, the intervening data will not be displayed.

5. KYC: A Sender may send documents to any person, reporting exclusively to the recipient’s email address. If this is not listed, you will receive an email notifying of the existence of a document in the system. In this case, the system will ask for ID or Passport accreditation, as well as a photo of the person with said document (selfe), to proceed with the verifcation of the identity. Once verifed, the user will receive access credentials to the platform, where you can read all those documents received.

6. Access: Registration of access to each document sent through the system is enabled, allowing the sender to know if it has been read or not by the recipient. Reading Certifcation

7. Speed: Document transactions will be performed immediately and without human intervention, allowing the sender to have delivery certifcation.

8. Redundancy: Given the distributed nature of the BlockChain technology, all information and / or document stored in the system will be replicated in each project server (never less than 3 servers), which have certifcation of location within the Union European Union, an essential requirement for compliance with the GDPR at the lowest level. In this way, in case of loss of a server for several reasons, the system will not be affected.

The MARAchain team

Behind the MARAchain project are professionals:

  • Gustavo Fumagalli, Data Protection & GDPR
  • Manuel Huerta, Cybersecurity & Forensics
  • A.J. Melián, Online Software Engineering
  • Ana Karen Zapata, Communication and Marketing

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