ICOs: LightBitAtom, an advanced cryptocurrency trading platform

With more than $ 600,000 raised in the ICO still active, LightBitAtom is preparing to break into the market of the exchanges in a safe and efficient manner.

LightBitAtom has a solution that can easily overcome all vulnerabilities of existing exchanges by introducing a new decentralized multi-crypto exchange (DEX). It has an automated commercial execution p2p system designed to facilitate the purchase and sale of multiple cryptocurrencies around the world safely and with a lower exchange rate compared to other platforms. No identity verification means that users will have a high degree of privacy and protection against identity theft.

What makes LightBitAtom unique is the next generation technologies that the company implements. This secure but easy to use platform is powered by Lightning Network and cross-chain atomic swaps that eliminates the need to trust a third party. The result is an exceptionally fast transaction speed and client protection against counterparty risk. In addition, there is no single point of failure due to the decentralized nature of the system.

It is important to note that, unlike other exchanges, LightBitAtom does not require opening an account wallet and transferring funds to start trading. Customers can feel safe using their own offline digital wallets to buy and sell cryptocurrencies and store their money.

An important point is the quick registration and the start of work with a couple of clicks. No verification is required. Unlike other exchanges, you do not need a wallet account.

Details of LightBitAtom ICO

The ICO, which began on May 21 and is scheduled to close on July 15, has already raised more than $ 600,000. The total supply of LBA tokens is limited to 1,205 million, with 87% of them to be distributed in the ICO. The exchange rate of 100 LBA is set at $ 1, with bonuses available to first users. The developers of the project expect to reach a maximum limit of $ 8 million. Keep in mind that all unsold tokens will be destroyed.

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