ICO’s: LENDLEDGER, solve trillion-dollar credit gaps

A open network that is designed to help small businesses in emerging markets access more capital

LendLedger uses the blockchain to create credit profiles for small businesses in unserved segments and allow lenders access to these digital records and gauge creditworthiness

Small businesses and informal sector borrowers struggle to get credit from formal lenders. Why? It’s a catch-22. Many borrowers simply can’t get a loan without a track record of their creditworthiness from an institutional lender. But they lack the documentation to obtain such a loan in the first place.

Most borrowers in underserved populations are unable to obtain a loan without documented credit history, relying instead on monetary support from family, friends, and local moneylenders. In some instances, borrowers are compelled to withdraw money from their own personal savings in lieu of a loan from a traditional institution, in turn costing them financial security.

A new open network named LendLedger is trying to bridge what the company says is a multi-trillion-dollar lending gap using blockchain technology.


Co-Founders Gautam Ivatury and Manish Khera built the network on the premise that although borrowers in emerging markets may not have traditional credit history, they have a plethora of data from their everyday transactions that should prove their ability to take on a loan.

LendLedger aims to improve this process by opening up data sharing between data providers, lenders, and borrowers, effectively expanding the flow of data and money. The network uses blockchain technology to quickly and confidentiality record loans, repayments, and details of transactions. Meanwhile, open APIs provide the interface to effectively exchange data. According to the founders, this model results in a more open, trustworthy, and equitable lending system.

According to Ivatury and Khera, borrowers are able to control their own data, access better, cheaper loans, and establish credit history. Data providers receive additional income and financing for clients. Lenders, meanwhile, access untapped markets, lower lending costs, and smaller loan losses.

Ivatury and Khera both have impressive track records in the banking and microloan space, with an experienced team to back them up. To date, LendLedger’s software for data providers and lenders has processed tens of millions of dollars in loan requests resulting in loans to borrowers in 400 cities across India.

More information on his website http://www.lendledger.io/


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