ICOs: Forty Seven Bank, the universal bank (of fiat and crytpocurrencies)

Forty Seven Bank is a new and unique concept in the world of nancial services – a modern universal bank designed for users of both cryptocurrency and traditional at currency, built to seamlessly integrate the old and new, paper and digital, at and crypto.

Imagined by a team of professionals drawn from the worlds of banking, nance, and IT, Forty Seven Bank will be delivered by specialists with expertise, experience and a proven track record in the licensing of payment systems and development of electronic nancial institutions.

Forty Seven  Bank will provide innovative, secure, and user-friendly nancial services and products for every type of client base – individuals, businesses,  developers, traders, nancial institutions, and governments.

The Forty Seven project is founded on three key principles – Relevance, Convenience, and Security.


Forty Seven Bank incorporates and deploys the most up-to-date innovative technologies available, such as blockchain, biometrics, smart contracts, and machine learning. This allows Forty Seven Bank to bring all the services of traditional banking to users of cryptocurrency and bringing to users of traditional at currency all the benets of disruptive new technologies.


Forty Seven Bank introduces the concept of a ‘multi-asset account’ which gives customers access to and control of both crypto and at assets in one place, through one simple, easy to use interface. While the use of biometric identication and blockchain allows users ease of access and the capability to manage multi-asset accounts from anywhere in the world via smartphone, or ATM and without the need for a card.


Forty Seven Bank will be recognized by international nancial organizations, and conform to all regulatory protocols and requirements, including the European Union’s Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2). The bank will also be compliant with Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML)  policies, guarding against exposure to actors and representatives of the “grey” market.

High-end encryption and biometric ID verication will be employed to protect and secure the integrity of customers personal and payment data.

Cryptocurrency and the technology driving it is changing the infrastructure, institutions, and processes of banking and will continue to do so over the coming decades. Forty Seven Bank is a bank

tailor-made for this future, positioned to connect the crypto and at markets, unite them under one roof, and offer customers the best of both worlds with a bank designed for the digital age.

Your initial sale of coins (pre-sale) begins today October 30th.

Learn more at www.fortyseven.io

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