ICOs: FlipCoin, reducing the gap between the consumer and the crypto

The company CoinFlip, launches its ICO FlipCoin with the purpose of expanding its network of ATMs.

While the cryptocurrency ATM network is not as expansive as the online exchanges, ATMs do provide a location where users can take advantage of a quick registration process and the convenience of being able to exchange cash for cryptocurrencies in a matter of minutes.

Speed, the convenience of acquisition, and a fair price are three sought-after components of cryptocurrency exchanges. In order to increase general awareness and encourage mass adoption, these facets need to be optimized. These are core values at CoinFlip as we are actively trying to expand the ATM network across the country and eventually, the globe. People should be able to make bitcoin and other cryptocurrency purchases without hassle and time constraints. The easier it is to freely exchange fiat for cryptocurrency and vice versa, the faster the overall crypto sphere will grow.

At CoinFlip, we feel that the exchange of different coins (like bitcoin and ether) into fiat currency should be a seamless and intuitive process. We are an established company in the Midwest that adheres to Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering compliance protocols. Our goal is to create a global network of cryptocurrency ATMs that allow users to easily convert their highly-available fiat currency into relatively unobtainable digital assets and vice versa.

From a CoinFlip cashier (and web page), you can acquire 3 of the main cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ehereum, and Litecoin.


FlipCoin ICO (ATM) by CoinFlip

FlipCoin tokens will be treated as a membership token that will provide benefits to those who have access to significant discounts, consulting, cryptographic networking events, and educational literature/videos created by CoinFlip (among other things).

The two biggest draws for purchasing FlipCoin are for customers and potential business partners. Paying $100 grants purchasers a lifetime discount on all CoinFlip domestic wire (2% fee) and ATM (3.5% fee) purchases. These fees are roughly 1/5 of what some of our competitors charge. Paying $5,000 grants aspiring ATM operators the right to waive CoinFlip’s usual $10,000 upfront fee for initial setup, brand licensing, managed tech support, customer service assistance, and compliance consulting.

Purchasing these tokens allows for a mutualistic relationship between the buyer and our company. The buyer pays upfront in order to help us expand our operations and make the token more useful, and in return, he or she receives an unheard-of discount that can pay for itself in as little as one purchase or one year in business.

Your funds will also be used to generate adoption in the crypto sphere as a whole because our company seeks to make crypto more accessible to the average consumer via a familiar purchasing model (an ATM) with a familiar asset (cash).

Token Sale Goal: $5 million

Total token supply: up to 50 million

Presale: 10 million tokens at $0.08 per token (ends September 17 at 02:00 UTC)

Sale: 30 million tokens at $0.10 per token

Last Chance: 10 million tokens at $0.12 per token

Destination of the tokens:

  • 55% Expansion (30% Crypto Inventory, 15% Marketing, 10% New Machines)
  • 20% Compliance, Accounting, and Legal
  • 15% Core Team Annual Salary
  • 10% Software Upgrades

More info:

Web: https://www.coinflip.tech/

ICO Web: https://www.flipcoinsale.com/

White Paper: https://www.flipcoinsale.com/Whitepaper.pdf

Slack: https://glacial-harbor-23630.herokuapp.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/coinflipatm

Facebook: https://facebook.com/coinflipatm

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