ICO’s: EXUMM, a currency for e-Commerce, public and P2P

Exumm Labs Limited opened on June 30 Cycle of Contributions and Different types of Packs for the financing of its project Exumm.com, a project that aims to create a great application directed to electronic commerce based on Blockchain, encouraging its use through tools intuitive and easy to access.

The purpose is that millions of people can exchange products in a decentralized way through our portal which is already in an advanced and proven development. With this application we will attract users to the blockchain world in a natural way.

According to the words of Javier Olivares Revero CTO in EXUMM:

“After the feasibility test has been developed, Exumm opens to the community the option of collaborating in the growth of this company with a vision that focuses on initiatives with high social impact and mainly, those that have the capacity to contribute in the promotion, growth and strengthening of the technological and financial formation of the people Corollary of these objectives, is the approach and the promotion of new sources of income for digital communities throughout the world. “

Considering that despite being the e-Commerce industry that has been in the market for more than 18 years, we know that even its focus and scope has not adapted its solutions for micro, small and medium enterprises or for independent salespersons and above all to local commerce; and the few companies that have done so do not provide benefits to promote and encourage the use of the platform. For which we have developed tools that increase the usability of the tool and the blockchain in general.

1) e-Commerce: The Exumm Project has developed an e-Commerce platform, which will be available in its beta phase on September 20.

The main features of our platform are:

a) To be an integrated system, which on the one hand offers the buyer an exquisite and intuitive design product of a finished “UX” work and on the seller’s side, multiple easy-to-use tools that allow it to manage, expand and integrate your business to the online market and cryptocurrencies.

b) Allow free construction of a network of referrals and obtain important benefits through this, which distributes 70% of commission charges for purchase or sale in a network of five depth levels.

2) Local Commerce: The Exumm Project presents an innovative proposal aimed at empowering small and medium enterprises through the daily use of cryptocurrencies. Local Commerce consists of a complete and simple tool aimed at integrating a business, such as a bakery, hardware store, distributor, etc., in the digital market, but at a local level, allowing its visualization by users of the service, providing tools payment, delivery, scheduled withdrawals, reservation of time, circuit for wholesale businesses.

It will be the merchant who opens his profile for free in our tool, later, he will be the one who exposes his offers and at the same time assumes the costs of the commissions. In this way, the merchant will have control over his final gain.

3) Payments Via POS: This project has developed its own application to make POS payments, free application without maintenance cost and with low commissions. This tool aims to integrate seamlessly with the other products of the ecosystem and proposed by the Exumm Project and It has the following characteristics:

a) Allows using the Smartphone as a payment issuer, but receiving payments in the account associated with the platform.

b) It works as a collection and payment terminal, but does not access the balances or issuers or receivers granting a greater protection to the security of both parties.

c) It allows to manage multiple devices as a payment terminal from the Platform
exumm.com, likewise it allows to review, organize and program all the movements in the different devices in a centralized way, from the same app or from the web platform.

On the other hand, if a device is lost it allows its immediate disconnection.

4) Reselling in social networks: Consists of the possibility that users earn cryptocurrencies promoting products in their social networks, this without paying a previous registration, but rather, the profits come from the commissions obtained from the sales of the products. After all, whoever practices resale is earning income by helping the seller to expand the reach of their product and make a sale.

5) Exchange: within the same ecosystem offered by the Exumm Project, the possibility of exchanging cryptocurrencies received as payment and exchanging them for other cryptocurrencies or Fiat money in a peer-to-peer manner is contemplated. This in a service that ensures low commissions, not robotic and a system that allows to agree an exchange with another person, ensuring the deposit of Fiat money in the user’s bank account.

6) Cryptocurrencies and Exumm Coin: Our Products will operate with the cryptocurrencies most used today: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin. We will also issue our own cryptocurrency, the Exumm Coin. The issuance of this cryptocurrency has two main objectives: the first one is its sale prior to its departure to finance the project, and second is to create a currency that unlike many, does not pretend to be the substitute of Bitcoin, but rather seeks to be the quintessential currency when talking about micro payments, e-commerce, and low commissions.

About Exumm Coin it is possible to say that:

a) 2500 million units will be issued, where a large part of them will begin to be sold in Packs as of June 30, 2018.

b) Those who buy those Packs will receive courtesy, Exumm Coin extra, in addition to acquiring it at a very low price.

c) For the taxpayer, the acquisition of Exumm Coins will mean having a currency that is backed by a huge ecosystem of innovative products in the field of cryptocurrencies, the taxpayer will acquire a currency that will pay lower commissions than the rest in the group of systems that constitute Exumm, understanding that one of the determining factors in the value of a cryptocurrency, is not the speculation that falls on it, but that the value of a cryptocurrency is given by its use and by operating in a certain system.

This is because cryptocurrencies are not fiduciary money, on the contrary they must be classified as merchandise money, that is they fulfill a function beyond those that are specific to money, serve another purpose, that purpose is to operate in a certain system or ecosystem, and the more valuable that system becomes, the more the value of that currency increases.

Therefore, the value of Exumm Coin will be determined by the scalability and development potential of this project, with its referral system, Local Commerce, e-Commerce and other products, which place the usability of cryptocurrencies at the center, which is today a market need for hundreds of millions of people who are marginalized from the traditional system, and by hundreds of thousands of people who today are users or enthusiasts of cryptocurrencies but who do not have the opportunity

to use them for what cryptocurrencies were really conceived, that is, to be a means of payment, decentralized, free of arbitration and of low cost.

Exumm Coin will be an Alt Coin of limited stock and with a single issue. The structure of BlockChain that will be used will be that of Ethereum with token ERC20; the visualization of the book will be public access but its manipulation will be public / private, since it will be accessed only through our service APIs or public APPs, both with authorization in our registries and DNI compliance systems.

For more information visit his website Exumm.

Jose Felip

Jose Felip

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