ICO’s: Ethic Hub opens its presale to start crowdlending

In the following days, anyone interested in participating in Ethic Hub will be able to request their first Ethix tokens and thus contribute with a positive impact project that promises to “break the borders of money” for the benefit of all the parties involved.

EthicHub is a Spanish platform, a native of Blockchain, which aims to decentralize the international crowdlending industry, connecting lenders from all over the world with small agricultural producers (borrowers) that are unbanked. At present, there are millions of these small farmers who do not have access to the traditional banking system and are therefore forced to look for alternative forms of financing, apart from traditional systems. A situation that forces them to pay interest rates above 100% per year.

Ethic Hub, which last December was awarded the Blockchain4Humanity award for the best Blockchain project in the category of Financial Inclusion, proposes “a new way of doing things”, generating a mutual benefit for all parties involved. On the one hand, the investor with social responsibility will have the freedom to choose the destination of their money and direct it to highly profitable projects that also generate a positive impact in developing countries. On the other hand, the small unbanked agricultural producer will now be able to finance itself at much fairer and more accessible interest rates because Ethic will enable a greater supply of financing for the benefit of farmers. This opens a new and unbeatable opportunity to optimize their productivity, increase the benefit they get from their crops and improve their quality of life, their families and their own communities.

In addition, Ethic Hub will provide farmers with a credit history in the Blockchain that will generate another added benefit for farmers because, despite being years paying high interest for cash loans, they do not have any type of record that certifies this good behavior.

Gabriela Chang, content editor of Ethic Hub explains very clearly the purpose of the project:

The pre-sale will be open for thirty days or until it is possible to raise the amount established to start operating and launch the platform and formalize the first loans. Ethic Hub also proposes a new way to carry out the ICOs called Ethic Token Sale, which proposes a development and sale of stepped tokens, depending on the growth and scalability of the project and this first round opens the four budgeted. Now, the minimum contribution is 0.1 ethers and the maximum is 100.

“For a commitment to the community because we prefer many small ethichubers, who identify with the project. We believe that this will achieve greater stability of the token and therefore the platform and ultimately the project. “

More information in: https://ethichub.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ethichubcrowdlending/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/EthicHub

Telegram: https://t.me/ethichub

BitcoinTalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2779268.msg28429332#msg28429332

Medium: https://medium.com/@ethichub

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxLXFp8x93-ua34yZdHR-lA?view_as=subscriber


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