ICO’s, do I invest safely?

This is a manual to invest in ICOs with a certain anti-fraud guarantee that only you can do yourself so that they do not steal from you.

Yesterday I read in a Telegram chat to assure an expert in ICO’s that the avalanche of offers that now average about ten a day will arrive very soon at two hundred a day, and I believe him.

Many we lay our hands on the head thinking that this does not hold, especially the most veterans in this world that came at the beginning or at the earliest and that are the voices that I hear the loudest predicting the world cataclysm and arguments are not lacking, at the time they claim that Bitcoin is the subject and everything else preached, and in a way it was the Big Bang but the most reactionary of the ecosystem also think that, like the original cataclysm, new worlds are being formed at an exponential speed by the proximity of the detonation and that we are still in the very first phases of that expansion.

The learned say that there is no market for so many ICO and that 90% or even 99% are going to go to hell before I do not know what time while new, often ignorant, see that just like traditional companies the percentage of success or failure will depend on what they offer and that, like other markets, many projects can coexist with each other and, although it is true only a few will be in the Top 10 and will be worth trillions, the rest will have value and nothing despicable because this is still in its infancy and there is not only room for everyone, but there is also room for many more, and the scenario of more success than those in these first years are released is present today.

In any case, it is that both of them have their part of the reason and neither everything is white nor all black. It is true that there are many ICOs that do not provide solutions today to real problems, but there are others that are disruptive and that the blockchain is an immutable registry book that will promote the creation of thousands of operational and global projects in which we can trust

If we believe that this will be the case and we want to participate in the bet, our logic should prevail and we will take the basic measures necessary to do so with minimum guarantees of both security and solvency. You will be the manager of your heritage and that requires study and caution.


Study and information:

To be aware of our favorite ICOs, we advise you to join a Telegram group where you can spend some time getting familiar with the ICO world, see and analyze answers and collate data with your friend Google as help, such as https://telegram.me/icocountdown in English with 7800 components and https://telegram.me/ICOSpanish in Spanish with almost 2000 members. Spend some time observing and asking, what you really do not find on your own will give you the confidence to understand more and more and above all be up to date with the ICOs and the peculiarities of those that are commented.

To be aware of the news there are several channels among which I highlight:

ICO NEWS https://telegram.me/ICOAnnounce channel with 29600 members where we have the ICOs that are coming out and their links to their websites and social networks

ICO MARKETS https://telegram.me/ICOMarkets with 18600 followers that offers a follow-up of the active ICOs

ICOsCrypto https://telegram.me/ICOsCrypto that offers articles of interest of “SOLO ICOs”

ICO.es https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAECKh6-ptiE25aozmQ in the same way.

All of them give many keys of total interest if you want to start being up to date.

We have more helpful tools in the form of an app that is widely used and I recommend two:

https://www.icoalert.com/ for PC

ICOlert https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.goodbarber.icolert for mobile

In them comes information complied with past, present and future ICOs and we can devote time to their detailed study.

A pearl of information about the ICOs and especially with their famous podcasts are the team of CRIPTOBIRDS https://telegram.me/CryptoBirds that with Carlos Martín de capitan give some analysis and some essential data for the increasingly overwhelming offer that we have currently. It serves as sample of its task the selection of sites that they propose to us to accede to all type of reports:


Crypto Birds: WEBS SELECTION ICOS DIRECTORY (Update 20/09/2017):

Category A (It is not necessary to pay to list ICOs)

https://icotracker.net/ – One of the most complete in terms of information. They have a scoring system for each ICO.

http://www.smithandcrown.com/icos/ – Selection of ICOs with complete reports.

http://icorating.com/ – Very selective and with full reports.

https://www.icoalert.com/ – One of the most ICOs listed, good to find treasures but be careful with Scam!

https://www.coinschedule.com/ – Information is shown based on very intuitive and quick to see cards. Simple scoring system

https://github.com/avadhootkulkarni/UltimateICOCalendar – A user of GitHub has this selection where he tells very briefly that each ICO goes. It is interesting because you can discover ICOs that are not in the previous websites.

https://www.ico-list.com – Selection of ICOs based in China.

https://www.reddit.com/r/icocrypto/ – Reddit thread where the latest ICOs are discussed.

https://www.coingecko.com/ico?locale=en – Clear information and a lot of ICOs.

https://www.worldcoinindex.com/ico/calendar – Quite a lot of ICOs.

http://www.tokensalecalendar.com/ – Focused only on Ethereum tokens.

Category B (Paying any ICO is listed)

http://www.icocountdown.com/ – Selection of ICOs (and some depreciable coins) They simply show a countdown but the profit history with your good selection. They have a group in telegram where the main developers are

https://www.ico-list.com – Selection of ICOs based in China.

https://tokenmarket.net/ico-calendar – We do not know if you have to pay or not to enter.

https://cyber.fund/radar – We do not know if you have to pay or not to enter.

https://www.coinstaker.com/ico-calendar-list/ – We do not know if you have to pay or not to enter.

https://cointelegraph.com/ico-calendar – We do not know if you have to pay or not to enter.

http://icocrowd.com/calendar/ – We do not know if you have to pay or not to enter.


Please, if anyone else knows another web of selection of interesting ICOs that share it in the group of ICOs @ICOSpanish.


By the way, Magazine also on paper dedicated to ICOs: ICO CROWD Magazine. I find it very curious that there is a printed magazine on such a specific topic and I like to see that someone takes the trouble and energy to prepare such a painstaking edition.

Nobody should invest a single cent without knowing at least basically what it is about what we are going to finance. All the information we need to know comes from the White Paper of those ICOs and they usually contain what they want to do, what they want to collect, how and when they distribute the ERC20 tokens or their own cryptocurrency, (Not everything is an ether token, there are some with dashboard) and the Road Map of times of execution of the parts of the project, who forms the team, etc … Losing a little time entering their web pages and visiting the profiles of those involved in social networks and LinkedIn will give us a little more judgment in the decision.


We already have the ICO chosen, how much do I invest?

The wisest answer is everything you are willing to lose tomorrow and if the money you need to eat or touch it. My mother used to say that “playing by necessity implies losing out of obligation”.

The most advisable thing is not to invest more than 10% of our portfolio in any project and the fact of diversifying in different projects increases the chances of hitting some while the ALL IN technique has more danger than crossing a street with the red light .

Above all, if they are our first ICOs, slow and measured will make us right or at least not wrong so much.

In what currency to invest will depend on the requirements of each ICO and without giving several alternatives because the one that gives you more anger. The most normal thing is to accept Ethereum and Bitcoin, but many accept also Litecoin, Dash, Waves and others and even many through Shapeshift that facilitate direct change.

What precautions should I take into account?

ALL THAT HAPPEN TO YOU AND SOME MORE. We are in a world for many new ones where the facilities for deception are many and very varied because the disinformation forms troops of fools that fall directly into the clutches of the friends of your Crypto.

Tips for identifying fraud:

As usual information, caution and checking everything will give us certain guarantees.

Visiting pages such as http://www.badbitcoin.org/thebadlist/index.htm will give us an idea of the amount of scam in this crypto world. In this list of websites and businesses considered scam within the world of cryptocurrencies there are about 4,400 domains and it grows every day.

The systems they use to deceive us are multiple and ingenious.


Hackers like to take advantage of personal emotions and needs, which explode through phishing attacks. Phishing is a method that cybercriminals use to trick you into revealing personal information, such as passwords or credit card and social security data and bank account numbers. They do this by sending fraudulent emails or directing you to a fake website.

Lately clonal sites have proliferated original webs of ICO or exchanges or anything and an error to not realize can have lethal consequences for your computer and your purses and keys.


Regrettably, computer criminals also advertise themselves on Google.

Another very fashionable way is to steal the data from the pre records that have to be done in certain ICOs and send us a fake email where they usually appeal to our greed and feeling of opportunity offering an additional bonus if you send to an address that puts you in the mail.


In this case the hook consists in giving you 2000 KNC by ETH when you really got 2160 KNC by 3.6 ETH. The fomo and the feeling of loss of opportunity do the rest and many fall into that phishing that forwarded you to this page. https://tokensale.kyber-network.co/ Eye, which comes out as a dangerous site, in red.


In this other case you receive an email from the ICO Everex Team and you can clearly see the wallet to which you are requesting the contribution 0x21918461C6aecA5EAEc825B4746D64a0D4028dF6, if that account is entered in etherscan-io and you check this https://etherscan.io/address/0x21918461C6aecA5EAEc825B4746D64a0D4028dF6 where it is clear that it is a scam and still look at the amount of deceived that have fallen, to date 135 ETH stolen in that account.


In this case the real Team reacts and sends this email denouncing and warning of phishing unfortunately I do not arrive in time for many.


Always take the precaution of not trusting any mail with irreparable offers and check the proposed address in etherscan.io. Usually what looks like an INCREDIBLE OFFER is usually.

There is a way to find out the fake accounts and avoid falling into their scams and is consulting the list of Ethereum phishing sites: https://github.com/MetaMask/eth-phishing-detect/blob/master/src/config.json. There appear the increasingly numerous clone pages of the originals with intent to steal unwary.

Extra protection, the unlinking of accounts:

The good thing about blockchain technology is that it is public and this can also give clues to criminals and they can know all the content and movements of your accounts just by entering it in a block scanner like etherscan.io. In the case of ETH, if you manage to link that account and your data with your identity, you will be at risk, so it is no more than the account we give to whoever asks for it is virgin and one for each ICO.

The procedure is simple, we have the main account (example mayetherwallet) that we use as a reservoir to have liquidity and we create a new one for this operation and from the first we send to an Exchange the amount to be contributed so that once it is available we pass it to the new portfolio created and from there to the ICO account. In this way whoever wants to keep track of your contribution will reach the Exchange, but from there it will NOT reach yours and your movements will not be known.

And finally, one scammed by confident:

In this anonymous and sordid world, there is no shortage of the false Samaritans who help you “disinterestedly” when you have problems and they nail you back. Serve this forum coach chat as a painful example.


If we take into account all this we are somewhat more protected and will give us some more guarantee to enter insurance in the ICOs than going blind.

The publisher of bitcoiner.today is not responsible for the opinions or recommendations expressed by its publishers. Investments in ICOs are high-risk investments, you may lose all or part of your investment. Consult with an investment specialist before you act.

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