ICOs: Decentraland

Carlos Martín, CEO of CryptoBirds, sends us a new personal analysis of a curious and interesting ICO.

– Topic: Registering your virtual land in Token format

-Name: Decentraland
-Analyst: Carlos Martín
-Date ICO: 08/08/2017 07:00 am Spanish time

– Of what goes ?: To understand the potential of this ICO it is necessary to do a quite big assumption exercise. The creators of decentraland present us an open but finite 3D world, whereby anyone who believes an identity can at least walk, have parceled out their entire world in what they call “lands” finite spaces that can be acquired, this “Land” In the end it is a token, if you have a “Land” you have a defined parcel of that world. Let’s say that a Land is something like registering the property of your land. We also have a “currency” of the world called “MANA” (Ether token), with this currency you can do three things, buy land “LAND”, buy other types of goods or hire services in the virtual world. The wholly virtual world is mounted on open source and stored decentrally using blockchain technology. The developers assure that in your field you can mount whatever you want, anything, be it static 3D scenes, dynamic 3D scenes (there is a varied physics engine), applications of all kinds, etc.

IMPORTANT: In this ICO what is intended is to sell the MANA, before the end of September you will be able to reclaim the land “LAND” with every 1000 MANA, when a land is claimed, the MANA will be burned.

– Fixed Price: 1 MANA = according to Bonus from 0.024 $ to 0.04 $ – 1 LAND = 1000 MANA. 1 LAND = 24 $ (For the best price of MANA).
Collection: Maximum 20 Million $.
40% of the total supply (MANA) distributed during the ICO.
Maximum market-cap at the start if all 50 M $ is collected. Keep in mind that when the lands are reclaimed MANA will be destroyed and the supply will come down.
Bonus? 0.024 $ on the first day, rising steadily each day at a rate of $ 0.002 to $ 0.04.

– Something else ?: The team has been working in this world for quite some time, in fact, they say that this would be a third version of the platform, this version of their virtual world called IRON AGE. They have experience. As advisors, among others, this is one of the CEO of Aragon Aragon as a company appears as a partner on the web, being a community may come to be used the Aragon platform for its management although in the WP does not talk about anything this. Also, they have as an advisor to the CCO of Golem and as the partner the start-up district0x.

-Postive: In the WP they emphasize in several occasions the freedom to create absolutely what you want in your parcel, making incapable on the possibility of monetizing it with different businesses. As a simple example, they comment the possibility of being able to mount publicity panels if your plot is located in a point of quite an influx of users. But the possibilities are endless, they place no limitation, they could set up casinos, shops, and a long etc. They also encourage users to create collectible objects (more tokens) with 3D rendering in decentraland. Here the success of the project will be in a number of users that move, although it is not ruled out that a bubble occurs to Second Life. If it has already happened with this platform, imagine with all the tools that we have to be able to trade now.

-Negative: WP gives very simple examples, there is little information about the virtual world, there are hardly any images or anything like that (assuming the project is so advanced). There is a lot of information on the process of acquiring the plots, as well as on how many there will be, important to calculate the MANA that will be left after the acquisitions. The team is Argentino, the LinkedIn are very good, but at the moment it seems rather scarce (4 members) and although they have a lot of experience in blockchain it is not so in the development of video games, which is key in this type of projects.

-Conclusion: More than a service this is a speculative game. Recall that there are a lot of users of teenage cryptos who have moved Doge, and surely the success of RarePepe, this can be a good project for them, in the end, it is what gives people …

-Web and Whitepaper: https://decentraland.org

-Social networks:

Slack (1875 members) https://slack.decentraland.org/
Telegram (244 members) https://t.me/decentraland
Twitter (2107 followers, 950 following) https://twitter.com/decentraland