ICOs: Cryder, Tokens for the taxi industry

Cryder is using latest blockchain technologies, to revolutionize the ride-on-demand market and to attract thousands of riders and drivers to use their infrastructure. Application and technology that is used behind its token are unique and innovative. The main target market is anyone willing to ride, or get extra income. Thus everything Cryder wants is to make this world easier.

The ICO presale of its tokens will begin on October 20, 2017

Dmitry Dmitriev, CEO and Co-Founder of Cryder tell us:

“As a start-up company, we are in a competitive market, with a great demand for innovation and promising ideas. So it is important, that potential drivers or riders, are able to engage into one of the most competative products in the industry. Such approach fits Cryder like a glove as we are striving to make ordinary people lives easier and cheaper”.

Innovative approach from any angle

Cryder is different, as it is tailored, to the target groups needs and by using innovative blockchain technology and other DApp possibilities it is also granting its audience, with the great sense of privacy, safety and invulnerability. All of the above is achieved, thanks to Ethereum smart contracts, light clients, whisper protocol and web3.js libraries.

How Cryder works

In simple words, Cryder is riding platform or better to say ecosystem, where driver and riders meet, but remain anonym. After downloading Cryder App, you will be able to become Cryder driver and to earn Cryder tokens. From the Riders perspective, the only additional step is that you will need to purchase Cryder tokens to pay for the rides. After purchasing tokens, you will be able to select your destination and all the nearby drivers will receive notification with pickup and drop-off point of your choice. After that, they will start sending offers, and you will be able to choose the offer, that suits you the best. After driver receives confirmation and arrives to the pick-up location, Cryder tokens will be reserved by the contract and will remain blocked till the end of the journey. After Rider arrives to the drop off point, payment in tokens will be approved after checking the destination point GPS coordinates by the community arbiter. If driver and rider, both are on a destination point, then tokens automatically transferred to the driver’s wallet. All of the mentioned operation are handled by the smart contract, and do not require any intervention from the 3rd party, thus all journeys become cheaper and more private.

Loyalty is rewarded

Loyal Cryder users, both drivers and riders, will be able to use the free, real-time application, compatible with any popular mobile operating system, to gain access to cheap, fast and reliable rides, for riders and loyal and trustful passengers for drivers. As already mentioned before, privacy and guaranty of payments are our top priorities and this is achieved by using Ethereum smart contracts.

Last but not the least are Cheapness and Decentralization, that are also achieved by using Ethereum smart contracts as well as reducing Cryder fees to ZERO. Yes, all Cryder users will be able to use its applications completely free, no extra costs for drivers and lower fees for riders, making it the cheapest and most reliable platform in the market.

More information in: https://www.cryder.io/

White Paper: https://www.cryder.io/files/cryder_whitepaper_en.pdf

Telegram: https://t.me/cryder_io_en

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cryder.io/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/cryder_io

BitcoinTalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2229732.0


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