ICOs: Climate Coin, fighting Climate Change

Spanish entrepreneurs create the first cryptocurrency to champion the fight against climate change.

Climatecoin, the first cryptocurrency will be launched on November 1 of this year, which will allow anyone in the world to participate in the fight against Climate Change, and at the same time obtain an economic benefit for it.

Recently the Blockchain system is hogging all the press and newsreels all over the world. The ICO fever, International Coin Offerings, a kind of IPO, but on the Internet, is boiling, with more than 1,500 mm USD collected so far this year around the world.

The creators of CLIMATECOIN intend to open an avenue of investment for anyone in the world, so that their money is invested in companies with projects or environmental solutions, and to combat Climate Change. They pretend that these companies can be competitive, and for this, they not only contribute to them with investment but with advice and using blockchain technology, as the purpose is to invest mainly in companies that embrace this technology in one way or another in their processes. Investors, deriving from the profits that the organization obtains, will receive quarterly dividends, and also if they keep it without selling it, an important appreciation of the same is expected. If investors wish to maintain investment in the long term, the currency should be appreciated as one of the few supported by tangible assets, and in turn because the Organization has introduced a reinvestment program in the market, so that each time acquire a stake in a company, a percentage is dedicated to buying Climatecoins in the market that are blocked “in infinitum”.

They are also in the process of officially signing an agreement with the United Nations so that they can also benefit from the companies that go to this Organization, have advice from their many experts, and that the companies that they acquire have the necessary certificate to be able to sell as an additional revenue path for them.

The creators want the coin to become a world reference in the fight against climate change, and for this, they have established their headquarters in Switzerland in the Crypovalley, Silicon Valley species for coins and where they have left the most successful projects so far. They will also create headquarters in Spain as they are nationals of our country, and in NY where they will also have offices.

In this type of project is invested through an exchange of Bitcoins or Ethers for the currency in question. In this case the Token CLIMATECOIN, or CO2 that is its symbol in the coins exchange houses, will work in the same way and can be exchanged for Ethers (Ethereum), although on its website, it is explained in detail that it has to make one person who does not know this world to participate in the sale.

The funds raised will be blocked, and guarded by a curator, that is, a person of recognized prestige in the blockchain or business world, and whose signature is required for its disposal. These funds can only be arranged by the organization after a Due Diligence by one of the great world auditors, which proves that the project in which it wants to be part is correct.

Investors can be sure that their funds will not be used for anything other than investing in projects that can help change the world. Also, the purchase process is very safe, because the CLIMATECOIN website is guarded by one of the greatest security experts that exists.

The team consists of James Haft as CEO, American business expert in Venture capital and environmental business, Juan Boluda as COO, an entrepreneur with extensive experience in business management, Ana Karen Z.S. CMO, marketing and media expert, a communications director Antonio Liu Yang and an investor relations manager in Russia.

They are also advised by professionals such as Emanuelle Lagarrigue, CSO of Schneider Electric, Gonzalo de la Peña Cifuentes co-founder of Invertia, Antonio Benedito Former CEO Solgas / Repsol Gas, Pedro J. Garcia, Vice President of Solmed Alliance, Jose Lindo, expert of the UN, specializing in impact investment and Andreu Rodriguez i Bonaire, one of the greatest block block experts in Spain.

On November 1st, the official sale will be opened on https://climatecoin.io and anyone will be able to acquire the CO2 tokens of CLIMATECOINs from a euro 1, although previously and from October 23, it will be possible to go to a Pre-sale of the coin without need of exchange of coins, in “Fiat currency”, that is to say, by bank transfer, with a 25% discount for an investment of more than 100 ETH or approximately about 24,000 euros.

More information on the web: https://climatecoin.io

White Paper: https://climatecoin.io/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/CLIMATECOIN-WHITEPAPER-1.pdf

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/climatecoinofficial/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/infoclimatecoin

Medium: https://medium.com/@Climatecoin

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCa5Q35bRxMZDBcEAEgfisKA

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/CLIMATECOIN

WeChat: weixin://dl/chat?climatecoin

Slack: https://climatecoinofficial.slack.com/join/shared_invite/MjMyNDM0NTk1NzQ5LTE1MDM4MzAyNDEtOTI1MGE3MGVjNQ


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