ICOs: Cash Poker Pro, playing with the blockchain

For lovers of the great game of Poker, we offer an analysis of the ICO Cash Poker Pro, which presents in a fast and confidential way the management of money through the chain of blocks.

Topic: Decentralized modern poker room

Token Name: CASH

Date: pre sale (stage 1) 26 of August 2017 18:00 UTC

Description: Cash Poker Pro is a modern poker room with a network structure and a mechanism for fast and confidential money transfers based on the blockchain technology. The mission of our project is to create a decentralized online poker room where users can trust. In today’s online casino and poker sites use a centralized random number generator (RNG), which is influenced from the outside. For example, the owner of the resource can influence the process and the outcome of the game, have access to the server and the software code. This system causes distrust from users. Cheating with cards or the “bloody hand” in card games is often mentioned. Decentralized system and Blockchain technology can solve this problem.

Positive: The primary objective of our project is to bring an online poker room for messengers (WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook) to the market. This is an unoccupied niche, which gives start-ups like ours a chance to find customers among more than 100 million users.

Price: One CASH token will be sold for USD 0.05. Funds raised during the presale will be invested in a full-scale advertising campaign for the future ICO, during which one CASH token will be sold for USD 0.50. It is expected that it will cost more than USD 1 after the ICO and the launch of the Cash Poker Pro online poker room.

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Remember that this article is not an investment incentive, consult with investment specialists, it is considered a risky investment.

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Jose Felip

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