ICOs: CanYa, world-wide service market based on cryptocurrency

Canya.io presents itself as a global and decentralized market of services between equals.

CanYa is a hybrid between a crypto-currency payment layer within the chain using CanYa Coins, and a fast off-chain service that allows users to find and reserve services, and service providers list their skills and services.

A reliable payment system

The integrated CanYa purse offers users the option of spending foreign currency for services, protecting users from currency fluctuations, ensuring that $ 100, is $ 100.


CanYa launched a beta in a small Australian city in late December 2016, and then in a large Australian city in January 2017, getting +8000 users and +4000 providers.

Spend and win cryptocurrencies in more than 200 services

CanYa is a full-featured application that makes it transparent, incredibly easy to spend and easy to use. It can be easily accessed by scanning profiles, spreading jobs, opinions, and qualifications, calling in the application, verifying skills, billing, and payments, availability, and calendar, free to vote, free to recommend.


The sale of coins will take place in four stages and will begin in November 2017. Each stage will last until it runs out. The stages will not progress until the previous one is fulfilled, and in the end, all the unsold coins will be frozen. Stage 1 will begin in mid-November and you can join your white list through the website with a 60% discount.

There will be 100,000,000 coins in circulation. 60,000,000 coins will be available for sale. 20,000,000 coins will be allocated to the rewards group, which will encourage users to use the platform.

More information in: https://canya.io/

White Paper: https://canya.io/assets/docs/WhitePaper.pdf

Telegram (comunicación): https://t.me/canyacoin

Telegram (comunidad): https://t.me/joinchat/GI97FhDD1lf6dh-r9XRdvA

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