ICO’s: Brisk Pass, decentralizing transportation

BRISK PASS can alter the transport infrastructure by decentralizing it. There is not a single ICO in the market that approaches simplicity and the ICO BRISK PASS plan.

A case of a simple user to show how Brisk Pass will work all over the world:

George is in a local residence in Berlin, and travels to London. Take a local bus from your home to the train station in Berlin and pay with the Brisk Pass application using BriskCoin. Then pay your train ticket from Berlin to London using Brisk Pass. During his two-hour trip from Berlin to London, he asks for a cup of coffee and pays using Brisk Pass again with the on-board payment system. Once you arrive at the London train station, take your preferred shared-trip service to take it to your destination and pay for the shared use of the trip using the Brisk Pass. George did not have to worry about paying or buying different passes or dealing with more than one currency or supplier.

Brisk Pass is a GLOBAL transport access pass with an integrated cryptocurrency wallet called Brisk Wallet that uses its own exclusive cryptocurrency called BriskCoin to pay for services and/or transfer funds.

Long commutes and lack of access to transportation are frustrating realities across the world. Billions are spent daily on public transit by commuters, but even with the increasing prices of commuting, our methods, modes, and frequency of travel have continued in similar patterns.

In most cases, we have to use different transportation service providers for a single trip and use multiple modes of payments such as cash, prepaid cards, membership cards, etc. These methods are expensive, inefficient, outdated and carry large carbon footprint.

The revolutionary Blockchain Technology has opened new doors for true globalization and continues to show us new ways of solving old problems, and we have found the solution to solve transportation problems for the world with the help of blockchain technology.



Brisk Pass app will decentralize global transportation payment system with the help of integrated cryptocurrency called Brisk Coin, and it will offer four solutions that will change how you commute:

Pay As You Go

Brisk Pass will enable users to spend for their commute on-demand as and when they need too, without any worries of prepaid balance limitations or losing the balance in case of expiry.

Global Access

Brisk Pass will negate borders, languages, local currencies, exchange rates and other limitations associated with current system. Brisk Pass & Brisk Coin will enable you to pay for any public transport worldwide without the need to purchase any local pass or exchange cash to pay with local currency.

Not Just a Transportation Pass

Brisk Pass comes with its own cryptocurrency Brisk Wallet utilizing Brisk Coin for transferring/receiving money, exchanging it with other crypto/fiat currencies and paying for services or products, making Brisk Pass a limitless solution.

Go Green

An approximate carbon footprint of plastic card industry is around 70,000 tons worldwide, and the number is increasing rapidly. Using Brisk Pass travelers will no longer need to use disposable plastic cards and will reduce carbon footprint significantly.

With the patented back-end solutions, Brisk Pass will enable transportation providers around the world to maximize the profits & minimize the operation cost, hence delivering services to public more efficiently and cost-effectively. Brisk Pass technology will give access to people with total transparency on how much they spend on commuting. Sending, receiving or exchanging cryptocurrency will be easier and fast with the help of Brisk Coin & Brisk Wallet. Brisk Pass will eliminate the need to prepay for any public transport, or having to pay with different payment methods and holding multiple passes.

The Company

Based in Heidelberg – Germany, Brisk Pass GmbH was founded in 2015. The company’s main focus was to develop state of the art public transport transaction front-end/back-end software system built for the future needs. The idea evolved significantly after the introduction of the blockchain technology and the smart contracts, and we decided to work on redefining the way people will pay for transportation. Now our vision is to introduce an affordable, singular & global platform for using public transit. We have worked closely with our partners in the transportation industry and successfully tested beta version of Brisk Pass. They intend to be the first payment option in the world to travel daily and really decentralize transportation.

Why should you contribute to the brisk coin?

Brisk Coin is a cryptocurrency that is created to become the standard of payments for transportation & services around the world. Once Brisk Pass Payment Platform is live, users will be able to use Brisk Coin and pay for transportation globally.

Transportation providers and end-users will all interact in a true unified environment globally with the help of our platform determining the price of Brisk Coin. Eventually, it will lead to an increased usability of the platform and will affect the price of Brisk Coin in trading markets & exchanges.

The launch of the ICO on November 11, 2017

More information at: www.briskpass.com

Telegram ICO Channel: https://t.me/BriskPassICO

Telegram BriskPass Channel: https://t.me/briskpass

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/briskpassico

Twitter: https://twitter.com/briskpass



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