ICO’s: BitProperty, Platform for collective investment in commercial real estate, from $1000

BitProperty Platform is an ecosystem that fully covers the cycle of investing in high-yield projects and helps prospective real estate objects from all over the world to find financing. Within the ecosystem, there is also an investment fund that deals with real estate investment.

The project will start in Russia where blockchain technology will be used in investment commercial and residential real estate for the first time. Such projects now exist only in Germany, the United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom.

It is the most favorable conditions to buy Bitproperty Tokens during the period from March 30th to April 15th. Tokens will be sold with a 35% bonus until officially ICO starts. The Official ICO starts on April 16 and ends on May 31, 2018.

Bitproperty is a platform for investing from $ 1000 in commercial and residential real estate at the early stage of the construction. In the near future, the investment in the real estate will be available for ordinary citizens of any country.

The investment process in the Bitproperty platform will be legal and very simple: you just need to register, choose the property you like, buy tokens from $ 1000, and then you become an investor.

The market of office real estate in Moscow (Q4 2017)

The volume of commissioning of offices increased by 29% comparing to year 2016 and amounted to 408 thousand square meters. The largest objects of both recent quarters and the whole year were two complexes in the Moscow-City MIBC: the Vostok tower of the Federation business center and the IQ quarter.

The total volume of transactions in 2017 exceeded the forecast and reached 1.28 million square meters. It is increased by 21% over the last year.

High-quality offices of classes A and B+ are still attracting attention of Russian and international companies. At the same time, the leader of the transaction volume in the past year was the B+ class (55% in the total demand structure), as for the class A, it was accounted only 35%. The most percentage of deals that were made outside the TTK is 40.

If you do not like the profitability, you need to go to the platform, open your account, sell the property tokens, and then you will got your money back with a profit. Of course, there are still many questions about the project, but technically everything is already implemented and working. Moreover, competitors from other countries have also launched beta versions of their platforms that they are developing and working on. The Bitproperty platform has a team of professionals behind it.

You can contact anyone on the team and visit the website at BitProperty Platform, facebook, Telegram o BitcoinTalk.


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