ICO’s: AVATARA, move around the world without language problems

Innovative technologies that are changing the behavior of people and companies appear once every fifty or one hundred years. These technologies appear when they go from quantity to quality, giving rise to new projects.

Avatara is a new profession

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Avatara is a person who works for you for $ 5-50 per hour and translates live what you transmit. Avatara has a phone with a camera or video glasses with a camera and an Internet connection and Skype. Avatara connects with you through Skype and broadcasts video and audio in mono or stereo format. In addition to Skype, you can use other streaming video technology with video recording features. You can connect an interpreter to the communication channel by finding it on the Avatara site (if your Avatara does not know your language). In addition to glasses, the Avatara person can use a tablet or phone to interact with a representative via Skype.

Through the blockchain a secure transaction is made between the Client, the Avatar person and the Translator.

“Services like Uber or Airbnb do just two simple things that people need: they provide jobs for thousands of people and they reduce the prices of services all over the world: this is the secret of success of these companies, we do the same, Avatara does a global platform where customers and service providers can meet, the only difference is that we have created a new service that did not exist in the world before. “, Sergey Isakov, the CVO of the project.

Avatara is mainly a communication service, it helps people to improve communication. When communication improves, the speed of processes in the world increases. The changes in the world depend on the speed of the processes. People can realize their dreams more quickly. New technologies, gadgets, new architecture, new products are created faster. What communication technologies have greatly accelerated people’s processes? Mobile communications, Internet, Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram, … Now Avatara will continue this list of communication services. We are providing not only communication in itself, but communication “on demand” to ensure that the Client receives information and video content from anywhere in the world. In our Mission Statement, we say that we are connecting people from all over the world by improving communications. Avatara is a communication service. This is the first way we change the world: we improve communication.

AVATARA provides the opportunity for the media to receive news ‘on demand’ without correspondents employed. Not only the mass media, but all can receive live video broadcasts, talk to people in their language using the AVATARA-person and AVATARA-translator service. People did not have this opportunity before.

“Finally, we have invented a new model of the news agency: ordering any information from any part of the world in any sphere of human activities.” We can say that Avatara is an information agency, and the people of Avatara are the employees of the agency. Anyone in the world can send their request for information, there were no such news agencies in the world before.”

Today, mobile communication is already good enough for Avatara services, but even better technologies will start working soon. We expect the development of 2 technologies. The first: Elon Musk plans to launch its Internet satellites (SpaceX program) in 2019 and will give the world free high-speed Internet. The second technology: the appearance of quantum telephones instead of mobile phones. This technology will increase the speed and quality of the video transmission several times! South Korea has already prepared the first thousand phones for the launch. It is no longer a fantasy, but realities of our life. The quality of AVATARA services will also increase drastically with these new technologies.


The Pre-ICO from May 21 (15:00 GMT + 03: 00) until July 15 (23:59 GMT + 03: 00). The VTR tokens (aVaTaRa) have an initial value of 1 VTR = 0.00001 ETH, with an emission of 7,320,000,000 VTR and a discount bonus of up to 75% for the amount acquired.

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