ICO’s: Altindex, the Tokens investment fund

ALTINDEX offers the opportunity to have a diversified portfolio of the top 20 tokens by market capitalization, a fund designed for the medium and long term.

Altindex’s ALX token is automatically updated so that its value is directly related to the underlying assets that the index traces, and these are the top 20 tokens that appear in CoinMarketCap.

Altindex is ideal for new investors who do not want to have to worry about managing their portfolio or less experienced investors who want to invest in a simple way in the crypto market, since they do not have the necessary time or knowledge, investing directly in cryptocurrencies can be a great risk.

The rebalancing of the index is designed to replace every week the tokens that are no longer part of the top 20 and then new ones are acquired, in this way it ensures that the index is updated and avoid possible deteriorations in the cryptoactives. In addition, the automation allows the fees to be only 0.5% anual, the lowest offered in the market, a huge opportunity! To make matters worse, right now they are offering their token at a reduced price to benefit all the initial investors, although only a maximum of 150,000 ALX is sold.

A positive part of the project is that the smart contract of ALTINDEX allows the liquidation of ALX at any time without the authorisation of the administrators, something that conventional funds do not usually offer. The settlement is made automatically to the next update of the net asset value (NAV) of the fund.

ALTINDEX will have the guarantee of having x509 signatures of the hand of Lescovex with the contract that will store and verify the signatures of the certification entities and other trusted parties, which will allow to create legally binding smart contracts or the KYC process without need to save the user’s data. They also intend to implement the best security against cyber attacks. As well as security against DDOS and Sybil attacks, with a professional team in charge of managing and combating possible threats.

They firmly believe that they will appear in the market at a good time, Altindex has a good position for the next months supporting this assertion. The increase of institutional entities and the tremendous acquisitions and associations within the market will eventually continue to drive the capitalization of the market to new highs, specially those that present a real and unique value.

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