ICO’s: Altindex, the first automated index fund of tokens

ALTINDEX is the world’s first token index fund. It tracks an own index similar to the Ibex 35 or the S & P 500, designed by experts and automated by the CRIX team (CRiptocurrency IndeX), an index designed for the cryptocurrency market and developed by the University of Humboldt and the University of Administration of Singapore.

ALTINDEX provides a way to track the performance of the ERC 20 tokens as a whole with only holding a single crypto asset, ADEX.

The blockchain technology and the hybrid fund offered by ALTINDEX allows operating with an annual fee of 0.5% compared to 3% offered in the conventional market.


Why buy ADEX and do not actively trade yourself?

Currently there are thousands of tokens, the choice paralyzes, adds cost and requires a lot of dedication time.

ALTINDEX offers the solution. Being an automated index fund, ALTINDEX will automatically buy and sell the top 20 tokens of the moment without the owner of the same being updated or worried about having the necessary knowledge that the market requires.


ALTINDEX is an autonomous system that uses a complex mathematical formula to track the 20 tokens with the highest market capitalization of the moment and weights them up to a maximum of 10% per token, which is done to prevent a single underlying asset from dominating the portfolio. The index is periodically balanced, that is, every week the parameters are updated and, based on the result, tokens are bought or sold, in this way ALTINDEX ensures that it is always updated.

The ALTINDEX fund is intended for long-term investors but the owner of ADEX has the option to liquidate at any time and exchange them for the proportional participation of the net asset value.

It does not require any authorization to withdraw the tokens since the smart contract executes the order automatically.

The owner of the token sends a request for settlement from the platform or smart contract, and this is automatically executed at the next publication of the net value of the assets. ALTINDEX uses a forward pricing policy to ensure that it is settled by the real value of the index fund and not by a slightly outdated one.

The smart contract used by ADEX allows the price of this to be higher than the NAV (Net Asset Value) of the fund as a function of aggregate demand, but never lower. This offers security to the investor knowing that their ADEX tokens are only speculative to a certain extent and that in reality they always offer a price linked to the value of the underlying assets.

The pre-sale of the tokens begins on July 1, 2018, at an initial price of $ 0.90

97% of the funds of the ICO will go to buy the top 20 tokens of the moment and the remaining 3% will go to operational and maintenance costs.

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3 thoughts on “ICO’s: Altindex, the first automated index fund of tokens

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    31st May 2018 at 9:43 pm

    High ratings of the project:

    Our rating 6.2 (this is the average)
    icobench 3.4 / 5
    ICOmarks 6.1 / 10
    TrackICO 4.6 / 5
    ICOholder 3.4 / 5

    except site:
    ICOrating 1.1 / 5

    I found the project interesting and I looked everywhere for information about this project.
    One of the few articles about the pretek – on this site.
    There is practically no information on the Internet about the project.

    I think the project will be able to shoot a lot.
    I’m expecting 2-3x

    Also I did not find on the site:
    Vicent Nos (Advisor) – strong specialist!

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    2nd June 2018 at 8:51 pm

    This project seems amazing, I’m willing to invest.

    Does someone know when will the pre sale start?

    I’m very interested, thank you.

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    2nd June 2018 at 8:58 pm

    Me extrañaba no haber visto esta ICO aquí antes, hace meses que la sigo y creo que tiene mucho potencial. Como puntos fuertes diría.

    Un whitepaper con mucho contenido técnico y muy elaborado, además creo recordar que nunca han dejado de actualizar y mejorar el contenido.

    Un producto necesario, simple y aparentemente rentable. No creo que haya mucho margen de error tal y como se presenta Altindex, las altcoins y especialmente los tokens, a mi parecer tienen mucho margen de crecimiento respecto a otras criptomonedas, como por ejemplo Bitcoin.

    El equipo. En el equipo he observado varios puntos interesantes, para empezar, los dos cofundadores son jóvenes, no me parece mal, de hecho creo que los mejores proyectos empiezan con gente joven, pero cuando he visto el equipo de Advisors y desarrolladores “se me ha caído la baba”

    En fin, a ver cómo se desarolla, pero espero mucha ganancia con esta ICO.

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