ICOs: Airfio, Decentralized banking on ANN blockchain Technology

Airfio brings a new revolution in the crypto banking and fintech industry. It is an exclusive platform launching a new application by integrating neural networks (NN) with blockchain technology. The application is proposed to streamline the process and operation of Fintech industry, where higher security and seamless interface is considered a priority. It presents borderless transactions and backed by everyone from superior to an individual.

Airfio with intensifying vision has proposed specter of introducing 21 products by 2022, 7 of which will be introducing by 2019 gradually.

Airfio Card

Master Card by Airfio is yet another revolution in crypto banking industry that proposed to affluence its customer using their funds efficiently and smoothly from any corner of the world. Cryptocurrency transaction should be as easy as holding cash and buying something immediately, the Airfio’s Master card is built with priority of fund’s security, contactless payment, auto exchange rate (with regards to time of the payment) and instant dealings. Just by linking the card to your cryptocurrency wallet, you can buy, transfer, invest, withdraw and spend cryptocurrency without any hurdles.


Assistant Application

Ask our Assistant anything and it is ready to help. It is an advanced blockchain based banking application, performs leading-edge actions featured as payment reminders, new function translator to local language and more prominently works as a guide throughout the process.

Airfio is shortly launching its own Assistant application to help users’ complete transaction with seamless functionalities.


ATM Networks

As an additional and smart initiation, Airfio is exploring an innovative feature – “its own ATM machines”. Users can easily cash out the money using Airfio’s ATM through an account associated with it. The projection is to set 2000 ATMs by end 2020 across 7 countries of world, including, Europe, UAE, USA and UK. However, decision on countries with regards to ATM network is yet to be finalized and there shall be more to add by end 2020.

QR code withdrawal facility makes instant withdrawal as it doesn’t require wallet or PIN code. Just show code (from your phone screen) to ATM QR code and you are all set to go with your pre-decided withdrawal. Biometric technology has also integrated for a hassle-free transaction in our crypto ATM. The system also allows you to buy tokens/cryptocurrencies using Cash at ATMs.


Lending program

Save now, lend later and get rewarded. Airfio’s lending program is lucrative opportunity to earn additional coins/income. Users will be rewarded for their holdings and are given priority on future company’s services.



Airfio has developed its cutting-edge and first ever fintech decentralized exchange application which has planned to introduce to the market in Quarter1 2018. It supports more efficient, transparent and productive trading thus deep research is set to place. Since the application is based on neural networks / AI technology, the highly advanced and protected transactions is given a precedence.


SD Kit

Airfio’s potential is endless. The software development kit is exclusive for Merchants/ developers leveraging them to create new and unique product. Those new products will then be offered to market and among Airfio’s audience to connect it to millions. En masse, API of Airfio that is integrated with developer’s App, will be distributed across thousands Airfioers and thus offering great business potentials to partners and developers.


The ICO begins on December 5, at an initial price of $ 0.55 per token

More information in: Airfio

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/airfiocoin

Twitter: https://twitter.com/airfio

Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/101404194271997518992

Medium: https://medium.com/@airfio

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/arfcoin/ 

Telegram: https://t.me/arfcoin

gitHub: https://github.com/airfio


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