How useful sharing economy really is?

The sharing economy is a new stage in the development of economics; it is not about buying goods but exchanging them. This saves a lot of money for the ‘borrowers’ and makes money for those ready to share goods or render a service. Both sides profit.

Sharing can work in almost all areas of life to not only use resources but use them more effectively. The following examples show how successful this has been for different industries.

Share space

Roost is a service based on mutual assistance and preservation of ecology. The site provides free parking spaces and storage premises. The project aims to provide a more efficient use of empty spaces. For example, when someone falls ill or goes on vacation, they can share their workplace or home parking space. A similar process happens with storage space. If someone from another area needs to leave a bike somewhere for a couple of days and another user has a lot of free space in a garage they can connect and use otherwise wasted space.

Save on electricity

The Ohmconnect application is designed to significantly save on electricity consumption. The application calculates the total power consumption of electrical appliances in the house to optimize usage and costs. Only the required amount of energy is used, and the rest is sent back to the grid for redistribution to other consumers. It can save over 10% on consumption, so power stations can make tariffs cheaper and spend less on energy production, thus taking care of the environment.

Save on internet

World Wi-Fi is a global project that aims to provide free internet to all parts of the globe. The project is a great example of sharing economy; it satisfies the needs of each and every participant.

If you choose World Wi-Fi you get absolutely free Internet access just for watching a short advertisement first. Any owner of a Wi-Fi router can install World Wi-Fi software, share his connection and earn cryptocurrency for each ad watched on his network. You don’t only save on your usual Wi-Fi subscription fee, but also earn extra!

Advertisers will be able to reduce their costs, as the cost of placement is 15-20 times lower than other sites, and the project will allow much more specific targeting options, even down to house number. Imagine only seeing ads that are relevant to you!
Thanks to World Wi-Fi, every participant saves time and money.



Make your money work

Zopa is an English Financial service that lets participants earn money on any savings or extra funds they have. In short, the service lets you loan your savings to another user for a certain period of time and charge a small amount of interest.
Both sides profit because:
-There is no need to collect the large number of documents required by banks
-the interest rate for the loan is low
-it’s a passive income stream

Save on the gym

GoodGym, an application created in England, encourages people to engage in active lifestyles (jogging, sports, swimming, biking, skateboarding, etc.) outdoors without visiting a gym. In addition, every user registered on the application helps other users while jogging or cycling. For instance, if an elderly woman needs medicine, a user plans a jog route via this address, delivers the medicine and gets a reward. Users get the following benefits:
1. No need to pay for the gym.
2. Health benefits while jogging or walking on the city streets.
3. Rewards for completing assignments.

Ahorre en el gimnasio

GoodGym, una aplicación creada en Inglaterra, alienta a las personas a participar en estilos de vida activos (correr, practicar deportes, nadar, andar en bicicleta, andar en monopatín, etc.) al aire libre sin visitar un gimnasio. Además, cada usuario registrado en la aplicación ayuda a otros usuarios mientras trota o monta en bicicleta. Por ejemplo, si una mujer anciana necesita medicamentos, un usuario planifica una ruta de trote a través de esta dirección, entrega el medicamento y obtiene una recompensa. Los usuarios obtienen los siguientes beneficios:
1. No hay necesidad de pagar por el gimnasio.
2. Beneficios de salud mientras trota o camina en las calles de la ciudad.
3. Recompensas por completar tareas.

What is the secret of success?

The sharing economy, which allows people of all professions and hobbies to use resources wisely, is developing all over the world. Each project allows users to benefit from participation in the sharing economy without having to invest upfront, while making the world a more friendly, convenient, clean and financially profitable place.

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