HardWallet de Monero in brief

In September 2017, Monero’s HardWallet project was successfully funded with a little less than 1,000 XMR, which was taken over by Michael Schloh under Kovri.

The project can be followed and collaborated from Taiga: https://taiga.getmonero.org/project/michael-rfc-hwallet-1-implementation/ and from Reddit.

The purpose of the tests is to improve the product, where participants will follow a test plan and report their findings.

Numerous images of the plate that serves as a starting point for the final product disclosed by the network, show that the HardWallet can be connected to a mobile phone through USB OTG (On The Go). However, the device can eventually use a battery power source or even make use of solar energy.


the first model of HardWallet de Monero


When asked about the most important steps that have been completed, Schloh replied:

“On the wallet, we are a strong team of sixteen with many bases covered: technical writing, project management, quality assurance, hardware wallet design, hardware, hardware wallet design and firmware coding. concrete steps, we acquired machines for production, we configured communication systems, we produced two models of first generation and we tested finished wallets with cloned firmware”.

In the Reddit publication, which updated the Monero community on the progress made, Hwalguy responded with:

“The short version is that the few people who work in this are producing things that are not relevant to sales or e-commerce, which is good because it reduces the risk of our project failing.” The project fails if there is not at least one viable hardware portfolio design (grade version) after six months”.

“Once a hardware portfolio design exists (along with the documentation) a product is an order away (from a manufacturing store) but does not yet have firmware, housing, email support, mod options (cables) , stickers), packaging and other sales and marketing stuff.This might help you understand the scope of the project we are talking about.We invite you to contribute sales / marketing / commercial logistics if you are eager in that way, in which case eventually You can answer your own questions about delivery estimates ;-)”

Obviously, while there is constant progress with the personalized Monero hardware wallet, there is still much more work to be done. Although the foundations of the device are a work in progress, there is room for many contributors to join, for example, working on a business and strategic plan.

Jose Felip

Jose Felip

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