HardFork bitcoin: August 1 Special

23:39 GMT – August 1

block 9, 478566

With just 21 transactions and 9kb in size, we finished this Bitcoin Hardfork special.

20:52 GMT – August 1

block 5, 478562

The difference in mine time between the first 4 blocks is substantially different, as is the block occupied amount (almost 2mb in the number 2, and less than 100Kb in the following), as well as the BIP 9 signaling. Accompanies in some Segwit blocks, but not at all….

20:37 GMT – August 1

block 4, 478561

20:33 GMT – August 1

The blocks in Bitcoin CASH begin to be mined “faster”: block 3, 478560

20:12 GMT – August 1

Is verified and adds the new block (2) to the Bitcoin Cash chain (478559), with 14.39738726 BTC (actually BCC).

It is found by the ViaBTC pool, and signs it with the message “/ ViaBTC / Welcome to the world, Shuya Yang! /” and mark with BIP 9

Block details 478559: (2mb)

Transaction count 6,985
Input count 9,232
Output count 13,762
Input total 28,115.71194190 BTC 7,591,242.22 USD
Output total 28,128.21194190 BTC 7,594,617.22 USD
Fee total 1.89738726 BTC 512.29 USD
Fee per kB 0.00099083 BTC 0.27 USD
Generation 12.50000000 BTC 3,375.00 USD
Reward 14.39738726 BTC 3,887.29 USD


17:00 GMT – August 1

More than 2 hours after the supposed fork, Bitcoin CASH (BCC) is unable to calculate a new block with the difficulty of the inherited network.

15:50 GMT – August 1

Reached block 478558, Bitcoin’s main chain continues to mine blocks (now for 478562), while Bitcoin CASH does not confirm any new block. No confirmed HARDFORK yet

15:00 GMT – August 1

First impressions of HF:

Bitcoin loses value and raise the altscoins as ETH
BCC price 400$
DDOS attack to Bittrex and Kraken.

14:25 GMT – August 1

The fork block for Bitcoin CASH has been activated and created. 6 orphan blocks are needed to confirm that there are two different block chains.

Today, August 1, is a very special date for the Bitcoin world. Announced publicly, today at approximately 14:20 GMT the block chain will be divided into two, Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin CASH (BCC).

We will try from bitcoiner.today to track in real time what happens, reviewing in turn, as it has reached this point.

Jose Felip

Jose Felip

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