Hard Fork NavCoin 4.5.1

NavCoin auto performs a mandatory Hark Fork after detecting problems with your Community Fund option. It’simportant to update to NavCoin Core 4.5.1 before Friday 21 December at 00:00AM GMT toavoid disruption.

NavCoinis hard forking at block 2722100 tomitigate an issue with the Community Fund expired proposal states.

This bugwas discovered by NavCoin Community member Prodpeak who operates navexplorer.com

Helping the NavCoin Core developers identify and rectify potential issues before they impact the network is a vital role of the NavCoin Community and we are grateful for Prodpeaks assistance and encourage everyone to get involved in our beta testing programme

The issue has been successfully patched and the unit tests have been updated to confirm the issue is resolved.

It’s worth noting thatupgrading to 4.5.1 does not enforce the Cold Staking and Static Rewardconsensus changes currently being voted on by the network. The soft fork votesfor these changes will continue as normal.

To read the full change log please read the 4.5.1 release notes

You can download version4.5.1 from the downloads section of navcoin.org or directly from the NavCoinCore GitHub release

Jose Felip

Jose Felip

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