Goodbye BitcoinDark, hello Komodo Platform

Welcome Komodo: the BTCD or BitcoinDark 2.0

For many of us, it will be difficult to see the lists of cryptocurrencies and not find BitcoinDark. Famous crypto coin for its privacy and anonymity, whose intention is to be able to have total control of your finances in a same free platform of third, being the base of what is going to be Komodo.


In 1993 a group of activists published A Cypherpunk’s manifesto, a paper exploring the fundamental importance of privacy for an open society in the electronic age and the need for cryptography to protect it. The power of the Internet, smartphones, and social networks have led to the reality of mass communication, and with it, the ability to gather information about others on an unprecedented scale.

“Privacy is not a secret. A private affair is something you do not want everyone to know, but a secret affair is something you do not want anyone to know. Privacy is the power to selectively reveal yourself to the world … privacy in an open society also requires cryptography. If I say something, I want it to be heard only by those whom I intend to do. “

The democratization of information

Information is and will always be power. When information becomes freely available and distributed among the largest number of people, the power of the financial, political and technological elites to which it was previously confined is inevitably threatened. They will not allow it voluntarily. Therefore, in the words of John Gilmore, the guarantees of the freedoms which we consider so fundamental to an open society must be made by the laws of physics and mathematics, not granted as a temporary privilege by the authority of a state.

Current Mining in Komodo

Komodo will use Zcash, the zero knowledge tests – the best available privacy technology – along with a new consensus method called test consensus work (dPoW).

In order to create a cryptography as secure as Bitcoin, but as energy efficient as possible, Komodo was conceived as a NXT style test of cryptoneda stake that would be based on notarial nodes to ensure its security in the Bitcoin block chain . However, in order to minimize the necessary changes to the Zcash baseline and to support 100% anonymous transactions while still supporting dPoW, Komodo will be released as a crypto-toned work test with notarial nodes (PoW / DPoW).

Using PoW as the initial consensus mechanism, it is easily ensured that in the case of a malfunction with notary nodes, the network can seamlessly transition from dPoW to the creation of decentralized blocks via PoW. In addition, changing the Zcash code to become a PoS consensus would only bring unnecessary work without real benefits.

Will Komodo remain energy efficient? The answer is yes. Komodo will use the same hashing algorithm as zcash, Equihash, which makes ASIC development unfeasible and keeps mining in the hands of CPU and GPU owners.

Currently it can be mined with GPU with the spectacular equihash algorithm, giving some 310 solutions / second with an AMD rx 580 8GB and with 312 solutions / second in Nvidia 1060 6GB with a weighted consumption of between 120-160w per card including the expense of the Cpu and components.

The BTCD can be exchanged for the Komodo currency after the ICO has finished. Everyone will have a full year to do the exchange.

Many new features bring us Komodo who wants to be a security guard between users and third parties making a powerful layer of security and achieving the total decentralization of services such as electronic portfolios, exchanges, Dapps, etc.

BarterDEX: Decentralization of the Komodo platform

The Komodo team in recent months has been “working in silence” for the consolidation of its technology. This technology includes the long-awaited BarterDEX that allows users to exchange multiple currencies through atomic operations. Currently, under rigorous testing, as well as an advanced version released for advanced users, BarterDEX can become the first major and decentralized atomic trading platform. Komodo is currently looking for developers of all currencies in the cryptographic space to help integrate their currencies into the BarterDEX network.

Another technology close to completion is Jumblr. Jumblr is a decentralized merge service that uses the privatization technology to support Zcash to mix all the crypto coins that are added to the wallet called Agama.

Next Mission of the Komodo Platform

Changes in society occur in waves and some are bigger than others. Perhaps, to the surprise of many, we are not referring to the blockchain technology here, but rather to something that is even more significant, although it is still in its infancy. We are talking about an evolution in the organizational structure.

  • Amber: government agency with rigid hierarchical structure
  • Orange: global corporation with clear top to bottom line
  • Green: organizations driven by culture
  • Turquoise: spontaneous self-organization

For the most part, our society is still rooted in the orange organization mentality. However, there is a significant and growing number of twisted organizational structures, forging a new and progressive path. The Komodo team is one of these, innovating at the forefront of this organizational evolution.

The wonders of a self-managed environment

Komodo team is not experimenting only with blockchain technology, but also with the organization’s own structure and culture.

His first official debut has made it known in its official page, marking a before and after on the Komodo platform.


Komodo presents its decentralized platform ICO (Dico). This technology guarantees coin developers to launch a transparent coin offering while maintaining investor privacy through Komodo’s built-in privacy features. For the first time in the cryptographic history, it is possible to issue and distribute native crypto coins without a trusted third party.

The strategic partner of Komodo Platform, Monaize, will be the first to use this revolutionary technology. Its ICO will be the first of its kind and will also put Komodo Platform in all the sights.

It is amazing to see how the evolution of people in the way of doing and deciding things is significantly changing the financial lives of people around the world, without barriers and without limits.

Bitcoindark will disappear say at the beginning of 2018 replaced by the brand new Komodo platform. Starting a project with many of the original developers and new ones who are already working stealthily on improving multiple aspects for other crypto coins.

For now, we can exchange 1 BTCD = 50 KMD

Now beginning to undermine this criptomoneda assure us the developers that in months or one or two years can increase its value x100, a complete achievement if it is met. It is true that before summer had a price of no more than 1 $ and in the month of August in late touched almost 4 $. A good investment seeing the great work they are doing.

For my part, investing in Komodo now that its price around $ 2-3 is a good option. Start mining for a period of time and get yourself a few coins, I see it as a future work and it can turn out to be one of the best crypto-mining yields of the date.

If we want to download the multi-portfolio Agama should be in this official link:

BitcoinDark …. we’ll miss you!