Goodbye Andorra

After holding four previous events in Madrid, Granada, Almería and Málaga, Andorra hosted the second edition of the Blockchain CIBTC International Congress last weekend. The most advanced robot in Spain was presented and the experts present debated issues related to new technologies.

After the marathon of events held on the occasion of this 2nd International Blockchain CIBTC Congress (Blockchain Tropical Coast International Congress), it leaves us with 500 attendees, 18 speakers, 4 panels and discussion tables, 14 sponsors and collaborators, 15 media partners; as a participation figure.


The congress made its second edition in Andorra, after a first edition in Spain, which was a success. The event was not focused only on Blokchain. Experts from the sector also talked about other topics related to new technologies, such as the internet of things or artificial intelligence.

Punctual to his appointment, the conference began at 4:00 p.m. on Friday, October 5, after the presentation of the event, the first workshops began, being the first of them the Nem Blockchain vertical solution that is presented as “a business solution to empower the Blockchain economy. It targets those companies that want a blockchain solution that is easy to use, flexible, secure, fast and compatible with current business systems. ”

The event continued on Saturday in charge of several professionals from the sector who offered activities such as a robotics workshop, one of neural networks or discussion tables on the current landscape of cryptocurrencies and their regulation.


Alejandro Regojo, founder of the Bitcoin Gold company, highlighted the importance of this congress to meet face to face with the people and companies with which they contact in a world that qualifies as “virtual”. Defend that Blockchain is the future to find safe technological solutions in all areas.

Andorra is an attraction for the companies that participated in the congress and that want to be located to develop their projects. This motivation is attributed to several reasons. Andorra has low taxation, Spanish is spoken and has good geographical characteristics.

Both the attendees and the organizers are eager for an upcoming edition.

Enric Martí

Enric Martí

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