FUD: Samsung Baltic stores will NOT start accepting cryptocurrencies

[Update July 26th 2018]

We’ve never claimed that we enter into partnership with Samsung HQ. We announced about the possibility to buy Samsung products with cryptocurrencies in its Baltic stores.

Ina Samovich, CEO: «CopPay provided its solution to the Baltic premium reseller of Samsung that sells mobile phones, tablets, TVs and other products under its brand. The reseller is a separate legal entity and was exited to add an additional payment method for its customers. The official agreement was signed. We activated CopPay Payment Gates in Samsung Stores and trained personnel to show how it works, even a few transactions were made. In addition, we were preparing a mutual statement with representatives of Samsung PR division. Unfortunately, after Samsung officially announced that it doesn’t have any plans for the crypto and blockchain payments, the reseller decided to suspend cryptocurrency payment method.» 

After the rumor circulating last week that Samsung was partnering with CopPay, the Blockchain startup based in Lithuania, so that customers could pay for purchases in the store with cryptocurrencies, the electronics giant announced that it does not accept payments encrypted in the Baltic countries.

A spokesperson for Samsung told reporters that the alleged association was false and said:

“Our official response is that the rumor is not true.”

The company would have seen CopPay install its commercial cryptocurrency platforms in 31 Samsung stores across the Baltic. Customers were promised the opportunity to pay for Samsung products in bitcoins, litecoins and ethers.

Samsung’s confirmation that it does not accept encrypted payments is another example of the fake news that appears in cryptocurrency holders.

Jose Felip

Jose Felip

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